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Playing the Ultimate FPS Video Game - Can we stop the next school shooter?

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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 03:02 AM
There is a connection between the shooters of the last 15 years and this is not about the government or drugs and they could very well on another level in another thread be involved but this is about connecting people and finding a real pattern.

Every two years since Columbine, in the same time frame, there is a school attack AND suicide. You will find other factors but this is to put the wheel in motion for you.

This could have happened to any child and not just Adam Lanza. There are more and that should be our fear. The truth is there is but we are not being told. Since Columbine, there have only been a few schools shootings that were similar that ended in suicide. Strangely enough, if you look closer, they each occur 2 years apart within a few wees of each other until 2010 and a new cycle starts after ten years…or was someone close. My findings have unfolded a contest of sorts between these shooters but the question is how they were chosen. Each one is having a greater effect. Similarities across the board but one thing ties all of them together. The internet. Something ‘pushed’ each of these cases . Children were killed that day and families were shattered. This we know. But it was not the guns or video games. Please look at Mr Lanza so we can identify the next one on the list…and share when we have that feeling.

Is it the ultimate video game? It is about trying to achieve the lasting #1. It started with Columbine. Between 1999 and 2007 there were 5 shootings, 2 Years apart almost to the day. They are the only ones where there was an attack and the final order was known to be suicide…and one who did it after the fact to complete the cycle to be added the list even though the count was so low.

Take a look at the latest 20 year old monster who killed 27 others and wounded 2. He had a K/D ratio of 27 to 1 and killed 94% of his targets hit. Never has another shooter in history come close to this. He almost accomplished what the next will attempt to achieve…and that is 100% of all targets dead and a count higher than 32, Mr Cho’s record. For the record, he had a 60% fatality rate and had a two hour gap…

The average life of a little boy who was left behind in the end by everyone who loved him ended on December 14th, 2012. His estranged…and finally his mother, all left or were kept away. His mother made sure there was separation if you read how she controlled everything he did. People may say she was a good parent then but why would she introduce weapons to her son with diagnosed SID. Makes no sense. He may have had problems but each time there was help and he seemed to be pulled away by his mother. This disorder is similar to how the MSM described Seung-Hui Cho. He was diagnosed with basically the same thing as Adam. If they are not predisposed then what is the trigger? Medication…New moon phase affecting the head…or just plain evil. There were really no other warning signs which is a great fear to law enforcement. None of them were torturing animals. Etc. They did have the internet though…

He was different but he was not teased...just odd. We all know people like this though. He had birthday parties and played sports. Also, contrary to popular belief based on early information he knew Sandy Hook .Mom was not a teacher but it was the safest place he ever had because he went there and when pulled out Mom would return after hours. Unfortunately this is where they chose to end the life of Adam. The second witness saw something and none of that information needs to be released right now.
Something of the magnitude of these shootings does not occur in thin air or from one instance and ‘snap’ unless romantically motivated but this was evil, to hurt as many people as possible. . It was not the games. It was not the divorce. It was not the SID(Sensory Integration Disorder, his only true diagnosis) or the was Nacny Lanza’s sudden release. The trips…the dinners…she was with someone else and not Adam. He fell further into the internet and not only the games but the social aspect which is where the conspiracy comes into play. Fantasizing. Who was he talking to that would not only allow his mother to start to pull away but that he would allow this. He could not allow this. Everyone, no matter how screwed up you are, has at least one friend. People marry inmates they have never met. There is a level of crazy you never want to meet.

She let go of her son with someone new but who was this person? I cannot find a name but would this person not be of great interest as to how this happened? He would know about Adam. Where is he?
Was he expected by Adam to be in bed with the mother that morning? Loading the car with the weapons his mother had and making sure he had enough ammo he set out to make sure he could save those who were lost like he was…or was he searching for something or someone that day.

The last thing heard on the police tape was ‘life of Adam’. There is no denying that everyone knew who he was in that town. He had been there for over 15 years and this was not NYC. It was a small town and he had issues. To think that the was never talked about dinner tables is absurd. If not as a threat, then for compassion for someone who was never going to be able to be on his own or would fade away. Someone you would know you would not see at a reunion…ever.

This boy became a man and he had a job at a local computer store. He drove. He was not a recluse as many media outlets are reporting. His connection to the outside world was computers. Why would he ‘destroy’ the hard drives in such a fashion. He would know better. Wiping them would have taken 20-30 minutes and then drop them in sulfuric acid. He methodically picked her favorite gun and shot her with it but with something else he was so clumsy. The loud noise and the slamming of a hammer on the HHD would also be not in line with the SID he is reported to have had. Methodical not loud noises. It could explain the ear plugs but them would people have not remembered seeing him wear them like when getting your hair cut? He killed almost everyone he shot and that was 29 people all together. The secret witness has still to step forward.

In looking into his case, I have found many coincidences between these killers but suddenly one clicked. There is a timeline and it seems like a game. Easter Time…every two years…there is an attack and a suicide. After ten years or when the FBI was closing, they changed seasons and/or holidays. Christian Holidays also. I am not making that connection per se but the dates that are followed seem odd. I know the reasons behind the Columbine date but that event was the spark for some reason.

(to be continued)

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 03:03 AM
4/20 - Columbine - Shot and killed multiple people then killed themselves 12/21. The original hackers of death here. A/V geeks who ran the school server and networked their computers…for video games. The Harris levels?

On the way to juvenile hall, Williams said that he did it because he was dared to by his friends. Santana High Shooting. This guy is another Adam Lanza if your read up on him. He wanted to kill himself, but was unable to. He told officers that he was by himself. In the end he shot fifteen, two of which died. Sometimes you just cannot kill yourself so there is another chance. We will see this again also.

Shot in chest cannot kill himself 0/5 Jason Hoffman- Hung himself in jail.
These 2 were less than 7 miles away from each other. A separate buddy system and there is no solid evidence they knew each other and with one gone there never would be.


4/23 - Red Lion Area Junior High School shootings -James Sheets – removed a computer…for no reason he opened fire and had 3 weapons. He was not after one person.


3/25 Red Lake Massacre – Jeff Weise – we know he was into computers, he was an ATSNN member.? Like Lanza, he woke up, shot his care giver and went to a school. Medicated.


4/16 - VTech – The kill leader but not the most accurate. Adam Lanza was only minutes away from killing 40 plus which would have given him the record. Now…who am I describing in the following, Cho or Lanza (At three years of age, Cho was described as shy, frail, and wary of physical contact.[45] While early media reports carried speculation by South Korean relatives that Cho had autism,[46] the Review Panel report dismissed this diagnosis.[47] In eighth grade, Cho was diagnosed with severe depression as well as selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that inhibited him from speaking) We also have proof and admittance from the police for the first time I can find that they know he talked to someone. Link
Someone is on the case and next year it is stopped…

April 30th 2009 Covina High School Shooting. It would have been earlier but Spring Break hit. Now, if you think there are no kids who either turn the other way, empathize or in some cases sympathize and we do not know, read the following article.
"The reason why no one reported it is because the few kids they did show it to, they were their best friends, and they felt like they didn't want to get them in trouble, and they were afraid," said principal Claudia Karnoski.”
Was the FBI working with the correct sites now just as with terrorists? Hoping there is someone that is not under the radar? I think so because a new date had to be chosen so in 2010 and time between. It was not lengthened, it was shortened. It was decided the best way was to find classrooms full of people. Not open areas like the past…Columbine…etc. There is none reported but not that they could not be stopped and silenced.
Thanksgiving to Christmas…Just like the spread of Easter each season…4-6 weeks to choose the perfect day. Still the one to beat is Cho.33 is the magic number in the mind of these players, not killers.

On November 29th 2010 Samuel Hengel enters a school and takes more than 20 hostage. 2 guns and a bag of ammo. Instead of shooting the school children he shoots himself. Again, this is not evil born but created and/or pushed. Many people when faced with the fact of life or death and then fear of no turning back end their life but some cannot not. That is how I am defining the ones who are in this game.

Two years like clockwork come around the countdown starts until 12/14/2012. The next target is Newtown. The home of the AR-15. The safest place in America. It all changed in the blink of an eye and there is information we are not told but do we need to know why? If you need a reason why, it is because you have children. You fear is that you know they are out there.. First rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club…do you know the second rule? Good answer. Now, imagine what the first rule of gun club is?

Does this mean that we should expect the next major shooting in the holiday season 2014? Let’s hope I am wrong.

Count per year
2000- 4
2001 -3 Santana and Granite Hills - suicide
2002 –
2003 – 2 Red Lion - suicide
2004 -2
2005 – 2 Red Lake -suicide
2006 – 5
2007- 3 VT Tech - suicide
2008 – 4 –
2009 – 6 April 30th Covina High School Shooting. It would have been earlier but Spring Break hit
2010 – 8 - suicide
2011 – 6
2012 -9

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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 04:16 AM
You people should stop looking for scapegoats
American society is suffering from societal decay and its all our #ing fault.
The American people need to look at themselves in the god damn mirror because your collective apathy and overall dickheadedness combined with the rampant anti-intellectualism thats being encouraged is whats causing all this mayhem.

Its the elephant in the room, the human race as a whole is going through a great recession, BY CHOICE. For the longest almost every single moment of my existence not being lost in the process of creation, imagination and learning has been just one large annoyance because then I have to listen to the loud noise of collective idiocy that is our current society.
Its time to face the facts, we have become collectively depraved.

A generation of the motherless and fatherless, raised and taught by the state.
Cold, ignorant, greedy, Materialistic, Entitled to the world.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 04:25 AM
interesting post..
but it looks like you are unintentionally setting up a killboard

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by OmegaOwl

This is a known fact. This post is about how they are connected. This post is about specific shootings at specific times. I am not looking for blame and I looking for a connection that would answer other questions.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by skalla

I am trying to show a pattern. coincidence. When you can find those, you can find connections. They are there.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 09:11 AM
This is a mod for half life 2

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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 12:01 PM
Plenty of crazies before video games came along, plenty of crazies afterwards.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 01:12 PM
No. Not the games. Read the whole thread. It is not the games to blame or the culture. Does no one see a pattern? Outside influence. It has become easier and easier for people to find like minded people for whatever reason that may be. I just find it odd that every two years there is a shooting and suicide that is planned. Not spur of the moment love angst...Wanting to kill as many as possible.

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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 04:28 PM
Reply to OmegaOwl

You people? Just who are you people? If you engaged us people maybe you would know. Sorry you want to place blame and not find a solution. If you do not know there is a problem by now there is no hope for you.
Thank you for using this thread as a soapbox though. As much as the starbuck drinking, iphone having, xbox playing generation is the same as the hippies who smoked pot and slit the belly of a pregnant actress it is just a different time and a different crime.

Face what fact? I am giving them. But this is not about misplaced narcissism, this is about what I feel is something more. A game. I mean, this is a conspiracy site last I checked.

Its the elephant in the room, the human race as a whole is not in recession but cocooning. Withdrawing by choice. Each day you log onto the same places and hear the same things and complain and fight for the same ideas.

Its time to face the facts, we not have become collectively depraved we have been collectively empowered and old we can do one ever told some people there are boundaries.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 04:32 PM
I would think that if they're looking for the "ultimate" first person shooter that they would seek a confrontation with other armed individuals. It would seem they would seek out places like police stations or banks.

I think that the motivations is a lot less simple then that, though.
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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by forgetmenot

A FPS does not need to be about confrontation. It is about the killing and how many how fast without dying.

posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 08:25 PM
A list of mass murderers who committed their crimes before the era of computers, who had no involvement with computers in their daily lives:
DATE - NAME - Killed / Wounded
1927 - Andrew Philip Kehoe - 44 / 58
1928 - Leung Ying - 11 / 4
1935 - Charles Layman - 6 / 1
1949 - Howard Barton Unruh - 13 / 3
1958 - Charles Starkweather - 10 / 0
1966 - Charles Joseph Whitman - 15 / 32
1967 - Leo Held - 6 / 6
1969 - Robert Kenneth Smith - 2 / 10
1972 - Edwin James Grace - 6 / 6
1973 - Mark James Robert Essex - 9 / 13
1974 - Anthony Barbaro - 3 / 11
1975 - James Urban Ruppert - 11 / 0
1976 - Edward Charles Allaway - 7 / 2
1977 - Frederick William Cowan - 6 / 4
1978 - Leslie Bernard Torrey - 0 / 17
1980 - Priscilla Joyce Ford - 7 / 22
1982 - John Felton Parish - 6 / 4
1982 - George Emil Banks - 13 / 1
1984 - James Oliver Huberty - 21 / 19
1984 - Tyrone Mitchell - 2 / 12
1986 - Patrick Henry Sherrill - 14 / 6
1987 - Ronald Gene Simmons - 16 / 4
1988 - Richard Wade Farley - 7 / 5
1989 - Joseph Thomas Wesbecker - 8 / 12
1989 - Patrick Edward Purdy - 5 / 31
1990 - James Edward Pough - 11 / 6
1991 - George Pierre Hennard - 23 / 20
1992 - Eric Christopher Houston - 4 / 10
1995 - William Kreutzer, Jr. - 1 / 18

Once you hit the Vietnam era of the late 60's, there was a mass killing almost once per year. Only counting those that occurred in the United States.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 03:20 AM
Your thread is well timed with some recent news. The titles of the articles speak for themselves. By the way, many questions remain about Sandy Hook and the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting. It appears the only people who were motivated to carry out these crimes were politicians. It's quite possible (and probable) in my mind that these events were false flags. But of course you have to accept that 9/11 was a false flag before you can consider this possibility (and it's surprisingly sad how many people are on a conspiracy forum and yet remain in denial over 9/11).

Report: 58% of US adults blame violent games for violent behavior

FBI Profilers Don’t Believe Violent Video Games Cause Violence
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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by esdad71

Maybe this has something to do with the demonizing of homosexuality by religion?

Will we ever know if these people were dealing with internal conflicts and anguish brought on by religious idiocy?

It would make alot of sense.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:00 AM
Or maybe its just down to the fact that when pissed off people have access to guns they gone on a rampage and kill people. I'm not saying they wouldn't be able to kill people if they didn't have access to guns it just they wouldn't be able to to kill so many people so easily.

People get pissed off with other people , there's no way to avoid that . Add a murderous weapon into that equation and you end up with multiple deaths.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:09 AM
My point is not that it is the games. I say that a few times. It is the connection that these shooters had. I know there were others but something, a pattern emerged after Columbine. Kids knew they could and be stars. Before Columbine you will be hard pressed for anyone to know a name. It was the internet...not the games...or the meds. It is, however, to a coward the ultimate FPS to live, breath and smell it. They control their own death also and for good reason.

Religious sense? All of the shootings fall within the specified days of Easter or rebirth if you want to add that. So it could go deeper. I have many ideas but those I cannot prove but the second shooter aspect. What if there is someone who is recording these during each one. With alot of these there is prior planning and stocking up. If guns were not available they found them. Even crazy people have friends and these folks had the internet...

But each one that I listed ended in suicide, each two years apart. After one was stopped by the FBI, the dates seemed to change for those who committed suicide. I think the killing of themselves is more than crazy, it is needed so they will never talk and it dies with them. This is the ultimate F$%^ you.

Sometimes a person is simply crazy, but whey you have a pattern there is more there. Weiss's Buddy...and there are others who were thought to have someone else that was never found. (check, there are many more shootings as I listed but I am connecting specific ones in a pattern)
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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by Wertdagf
reply to post by esdad71

Maybe this has something to do with the demonizing of homosexuality by religion?

Will we ever know if these people were dealing with internal conflicts and anguish brought on by religious idiocy?

It would make alot of sense.

is everything religion with are on every single friggin thread that has nothing to do with religion , spouting some really need to find some way to release the tension on your vendetta before YOU become the very thing you are "preaching" about........sounds like you have some serious pent up aggression that needs to be dealt with.........

Stick to the topic

As to the OP , the only thing I see here as a common factor is the degradation of the moral fabric of society.........the fact that parents dont raise their children anymore the school system does.......and that people are WAY WAY WAY too medicated..........we have found a pill or a scape goat for every single problem we have as a society instead of actually DEALING with it........

I heard an advertisement yesterday for "Shift work disorder" no seriously, and that you should talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for a new drug to help with it..........REALLY?

thats the problem.......
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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:38 AM
Stop making them famous. That would help. Stop drugging them. That would help. Start spanking them in school when they deserve it. Stop punishing the victims of bullies in school, punish the bully, he knows he deserves it. The victim does not deserve to be punished for defending him/herself. Stop romanticizing violence with movies/music.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by ManBehindTheMask

Simply suggesting that the hate religion preaches might be a motivation isnt unreasonable. It would make alot more sense than "computers".

Maybe you consider the gential mutliation of infants to be "good moral parenting", but i would disagree. With almost half of the nation praying to a magical bearded man in the sky... having the school raise the children seems like a step forward. I dont see this "moral decay of society" you speak of.

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