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US Embassy In Norway Reports Artists For Death Threats

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 06:14 AM
US ambassador in Norway reports artists for death treats against George W. Bush. The artists may have to go to jail.

From US reports artists for death threats

The American embassy in Norway has filed an official complaint against the Norwegian rap group Gatas Parlament for death threats against President George W. Bush.

The group has established the website where the goal is to collect money for a bounty on the American president. The American embassy has reacted by reporting the artists to the police.

The police have launched an investigation, and the artists may face jail time.

Click the link for the full article...

I don`t like the american ambassador in Norway
( as you can see here: ).
But this time I agree with his actions. It`s not ok to threaten to kill anyone, no matter who this person is.

[Edited on 2004/11/2 by Hellmutt]

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