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"Good", "Bad", "Neutral"; "Heaven", "Hell"... and what would a Neutral Realm look like? (I

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posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 06:50 PM
Its like guides or overseers
if you can visualize the energy within this energy containment device being poured into it. Visualize the first parts/elements/energies that exited the Original containment device into this containment device known as the Universe as the elders. Now as the pour is finished / completed visualize the last to exit the containment of Origin the younger energies.

With this in mind why is it hard for some to accept that the elders were here first and so some may guide or oversee the younger energies that may be going thru experiences the elders have. This in turn helps 1 personally accept Higher/More advanced/ energies in many forms/kinds potentially existing/interacting with younger developing Souls/Spirits/Internal energies through out the Universe, just may take time to find some energies.

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posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by arpgme

Actually you don't have to believe there is some other Higher Up, there are athiests who strive to have integrity and altruism, and to be good for the sake of being good. My grandfather was one all his life until he was old age when he made a death bed promise to his dying sister and took a trip to the Holy Land and had an experience there in a little tomb. But he couldn't stand churches.

He was always a very good man with integrity and social justice/compassion, and would give the shirt off his back to someone, and had a nearly photographic memory. He was my best friend, and my favorite person in the world.

But, whatever is, is. And what is, is Infinite Progression, with grades and infinity is a very mind boggling, never ending, thing. Its not infinite void, but infinite something, energies, and places and things, in infinite variety, and so if you can conceive of a universe say, there are infinite universes, and infinite varieties of universes. And then you have to say, what is BEYOND, and again, there are infinite places that are not the universe, Beyond them. And when you have reached the highest levels of alligning with your HS, if you then metaphorically exit from the infinite inwards computer screen, to the real world, the Beyond, where your Family the Higher Ups and Designers of this Holographic Reality are, its no where near the end, for there are infinite Beyonds, and schools, and Designs and every time, you bump ahead, they bump ahead, and they exit out of their screen to the next place.

It never ends, like Infinite Fractals, yet, it is still ALL AT ONCE.

We have a Family who are Love, and we are not alone and our souls are so happy with our Family and family. Our souls are unhappy mainly with us, always wanting to be perfect and pure.

So the little cloudy areas are the ones in lower frequency spots for a time, trying to clear up. But its all at once and as you clear up you are inflooding more of you.

We're in all steps simultaneously, as there is No Time, like infinite snapshots, that are eternal, and can be viewed, rewound, fast forwarded even, as if its a dusty old DVD on the shelf.

Time travel? Its locale travel to the snapshots.

So, even if you dont see Family, you see yourself and your Greater Oversoul is a tough task master at times, for we have to face ourselves and we're not just this 0.000000000000000...............1% here.

In infinite progression, our Family are more progressed, so you turn up up up up up up up..........depending on the level to infinity, on all that makes increased consciousness and awareness, from intelligence, to love, to compassion, to feeling everything, to understanding, to creation and talents, to sights, colors, there are infinite colors, flavors of ice cream.

Your oversoul, exists in the eternal now, outside of time and I see this as the GM in a game that can go to any scene, past/present/future, and work on any detail. Yet even so, in infintiy there is always a grade fo Higher Ups, ahead, and then again ahead, so that we are not the gods we think we are. And most people believe all is connected with a Divine Spirit of Love between all soul who are there already.

Its always about others and giving. Giving always unblocks receiving, and growth.
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posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 08:02 PM
Intention is a duality of do or not do; in such a realm of existence where everything is in balance, there would be no reason to move; to be hungry would upset this balance. So the feeling of hunger and satiated cancel each other out in this realm of balance so it cannot exist there.

Chaos cannot exist either; much like a still pond has balance, the water fills and fits whatever container or situation that may arise; even though in such a place there would be no arising and passing away. If a rock is thrown into this still pond, the pond just accepts the rock and returns back to calm abiding naturally...again in the middle realm this situation also cannot exist.

If taken to be a state of mind in a realm of be-ing like Earth; where these things do exist; then the container, and rock both apply. Possessing a body dictates that it must eat, or decay from starvation. Not eating is an extreme; that would lead to an unbalanced mind and eventually death, overeating the same. So in this state of mind; has activities requiring intention...due to having a physical form; these must be carried out to keep balance, or else the calm abiding mind will be upset. But like the rock hitting a pond; balance will naturally return to the calm abiding mind, from phenomena entering through the sense spheres of the body.

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I think there is just too much seriousness. I felt the energy of "Peace" and "Love" and I am starting to think that Humor (laughter) is the highest energy.

Imagine if everything in life were funny to everyone? People would take life less serious (and therefore the problems less serious - and therefore no struggling/greed - ruling elite) if there are problems people will laugh at them instead of cry and find them humorous.

I noticed that on the "light" side and on the "dark" side there is just something way to serious about it all. Look at how often a child laughs compared to an adult? Yes they have their sad moments but they are more "flowing" as they eventually find something else to laugh about and care on with their day without a "mission" or "worry".

If you can feel energy (which I think you can), compare the energy of a horror movie, to a movie of a super hero saving the world, to a comedy movie that is just absolutely hilarious. I like the energy of the comedy movie the best (although the others can also be great)...

Maybe this is also why the Ancient Greeks/Romans did comedy in their stadiums at the most depressing moments...

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by arpgme

The funny bone, yes its a gift. I had Guidance when I was very down due to family discord, and blaming self for not knowing what to do, and not responding isn't good. Anyway, fell into an unaccustomed, longer depression of a few days, and they were there. Also the sun came out of very thick clouds, at the same time, though it was gloomy for days on end as well. Family, and telling me to use humor, and to be gentle, relaxed, take it all in a more relaxed state, send love, be supportive. I didn't get hit by a big humor stick in this life.

More ponder deeply on things and light up with love. And relief. And recognition. Had a friend share his NDE with me, and during that time, was flooded, sort of flooded, surrounded by as if a field, but flooded, by Dad, I knew he was Dad, kept asking myself who is my Dad? An angel? Creator? Who? And he said, it was time for me to come home, and when he said that, the biggest sigh of my life, and I just sagged and started nodding as he somehow continued talking to my soul, but no longer was allowed to know the words, yet my soul knew them, and just so happy, so relieved.

Its been a big push ever since, each day, to find out, to seek what the next step is.

One thing about Higher Ups is the humor, literally light as a feather. Whereas I have cried a river in this life. The thread in my signature on the Holographic Universe came out of a conversation with my son. For when I contemplated infinity by reaching within quickly. Psi is fast, zenmind, without thought. Yet you can't consciously do it, or i can't. Its sometimes you just reach in auto mode like a child who never thought they couldn't in a flash. And there was my HS, who I had experienced several times in my life. Had a month of downloads on infinity, such as this lifetime was like the clip holding the infinite roll of film in, and the infinite snapshots, all non linear.

My son was 18-19 then I believe, and we were discussing infinity. and how logic can us tell us some of this. But I hit a snag and asked why is it this way, why something and not nothing? To which My son said because it is this way, it just is. And that wasn't satisfactory, so said, well of course that can't be the reason.

At that moment this Old Man guide, who was there in another moment, in maybe the white room as some call it, during meditation. He was going to give me a life review. But in any case, at this moment, this giant old man, stepped out of the sky (I saw this vision) and laughed with delight and humor (at students getting into weird topics). Now my son has shared sightings of crafts with me, and had his own memory glimpses too, but we didn't share a contact experience consciously together.

At this time it was shared. He bolted straight up in shock. I knew, he had also seen, heard the laugh, of this old man. So testing him said simply, "he laughed!". My son nodded still shocked looking.

I gather we are meant to be seeking. Pondering subjects like infinity.
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posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Wow that is interesting. It is always an honor to hear someone's personal NDE. Who do you supposed the great giant old man with laughter was?

If a creator did make this all existence, I think this creator would have to be in it just for the fun, because if God is whole, perfect, complete, then there would be no point of creating existence except for fun. "Mission" comes from feeling lack. So it is interesting that you say this great old man was of delight and laughter.

When you connected with higher self, you said you felt like you could do anything, but did you also feel such laughter or was it complete seriousness? What other emotions do you attribute to your connection with higher self? did it feel like peace - a calm happiness or ecstatic like an excited happiness? Can you be more specific with the emotions because I have read many NDE and I want to connect with the energy of HS as closely as possible.
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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by arpgme
So let's say "heaven" is everything excellent. There is complete ecstatic joy. Let's say there is "hell" and it is complete unbearable suffering. Some people say that Earth has balance, but I do not believe this to be the case. Balance would be the MERGING of the two dualities, and Earth seems to be a CYCLE of the two going against each other. Such as cycles of "life" and "death", "pain" and "pleasure", these things are not unified and they occur at different times.

A world of neutrality would be a MERGING of the two. So instead of "hot" (summer) and "cold" (winter) there will also just be warm weather, or instead of "light" (day) and "dark" (night) it will always be a mid-point between complete darkness and complete light. Instead of "pain" and "pleasure" there will always just be peace/calmness.

Here is a question I was thinking while imagining such a thing: every action will be seen as equally good and bad (with all of its pros and cons) so how will intention be carried out? A calm person will not have the spark of pleasure-motivation to make a choice, or will all choices just be impulse (chaotic) as they are all seen as equally good and bad?

What do you think of all of this ?

When the thinking Mind tries to understand and conceptualize the non-dual, it will create non sense like this. There is no such thing as two-dualities, their is just duality. Duality is the fundamental basis of existence. There is the Void, and then there's the Manifest. They go hand in hand. Duality, or separation, is needed for there to be form at all. There is no such thing as a non-dualistic existence. Even the 'mid points' you speak of, need the polarities to exist. You can't have grey, without both Black and White. No such thing as a non-dualistic mid-color, same with existence.

There is no such thing as a non-dualistic mind. Mind itself, is a product of duality. so there is no way to conceptualize non-dualistic phenomena using the Mind. It would be no different than trying to imagine the 4th dimension. It is outside of thinking Mind's ability to comprehend. So the best it can do, is imagine.
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