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2nd Amendment Day of Resistance Armed Rally at My Capital

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by My_Reality

Pardon my sarcasm but your post seems to ooze contempt for these folk. The way you rationalize everyone there and everyone like them as not being rational nor normal. It is sentimental nonsense such as this that creates an atmosphere of unjustified horror at the presence of a tool.

Uh huh... Plenty of tools in those pictures.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
The best case I can make for these Days of Resistance, is to merely ask people to look at how this criminal administration is systematically destroying our Bill of Rights, and then you will understand that we need guns to tale back our country from these criminals.This is why we need more than hand guns and shotguns, as the clown VP states. Shotguns will not be effective in any revolution.

You have certianly noticed how this issues is moved away from the real meaning of the 2nd amendment. These folks dont even want to talk about it as if blind to the 800lb monster in the room. As if the people are blind to these efforts which is the other 800lb monster in the room.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by seabag
reply to post by hawkiye

Awesome thread, hawkiye. Thanks for the inside report!

I love to see stuff like this! I wish I could have joined the festivities.

There were a LOT of guns and gun owners there! You forgot to mention, how many people died at this event?? I’m sure there were many!

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Many of our brothers died for this right. Many throughout history have died for not having this right. We dont forget.

posted on Mar, 1 2013 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by AngryCymraeg

Good grief, that lot of armed people would have had me running for the next exit.

I agree, nothing worse than humans being held hostage by "WMDs" guns.
Either assault rifles, machine guns, handguns, bolt action, air rifles, bows, slingshots, sticks, rocks, dirt, fists, words or ideas i agree that all of these should be banned on penalty of death, especially thinking.

Because they'll be used for murder so kill the soon to be murderer before he goes on a thinking spree.

Damn guns, why can't they stop manipulating and oppressing peaceful Americans and humans worldwide.

For those saying that guns aren't tools but weapons, weapons are types of tools, they're are used for a specific purpose, either to defend or attack or hunt or disable, or protect, or kill, or maintain peace or cause chaos.
it all depends on the user.

I'm reminded of the past when the founding fathers wanted to escape from the clutches of england tried to fix the problem by filing the papers, then they did their protest, and when the english still didn't listen and kept up the corruption, thats when war happened.
These people didn't want war, they wanted to be able to prosper and enjoy the works of their labour w/out being made to pay 60% tax *I'm exaggerating on the percentage*, but england didn't listen until there were red coats lying all over American soil.
Most if not all of the "rebels" didn't want, but there wasn't any other way of getting their point across after they'd exhausted all of their other choices. What's going on in the US is not just about money, but about taking away to defend ourselves in the event when then officials decide to go to the end game. Each of the rights outlined by the founding fathers were to protect YOU!! the American citizen not them, they already left. They wanted to make sure we would understand the importance of our rights, and that's why this Country was founded ON the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

this is 4 grade US history, and i haven't had time to research it, but

Will the US gov get the point only after they see blue and cammoed corpses? I sure hope not.

The only way to maintain a civilized society is by puting everyone in the same level, officers, civilians, politicians all of them. By letting them, arm themselves is the only way to do that, since disarming only one will lead to the others abusing their position. IT'S A FACT!!

In the UK the politicians control their people, in the US the people control their politicians and if the politicians get out of line, we exercise our rights.

for the last part of my rant.

Men weren't meant to control men, when men leave each other alone, then we have peace.
When men try to control each other we get confrontations.

That's what laws are for, they are there to guide us and keep the confrontations down.
The men we elect are there to make sure that there is peace, not to control us.

Our weapons are in case another man "human" decides to create confrontation "attacks with intent to cause harm", be it to their brothers or other citizens, this way at least we're on an even field.

But also when a foreign enemy decides to cause our nation harm "invasion". The UN is not welcome in our nation, plain and simple, any foreign Military is not welcome in OUR nation. Even our military is not allowed to actively engage citizens or these United States of America, and the reserve shouldn't be engaging American citizens as if they were foreign invaders. We American citizens are our own "National Reserve", and "Well established Militia". But we need to re-"establish" ourselves and take control back of our Nation, and not let it become what england has become. Imagine having to pay for a permit to watch tv....that's england, and they wan't us to be "civilized" like themselves. I sure hope their gov uses lube when they *#%$ them.

there i'm done

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