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My Pet Goat Warned of Sandy Hook??? And among other things, Asteroids, The Church, and Illuminati

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posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 12:19 AM
First let me just say that I have been lurking on ATS for awhile. Mainly I just like reading what others have to say concerning events that take place. I like reading about Paranormal, Ufo's mysteries as well...

Tonight while in my boredom, as I occasionally do, I spend some time looking at videos on the web, mainly youtube and live leak and search a variety of topics. Tonight I just stumbled upon some videos about Illuminati and the Superbowl. The first video was a 4 part, and I found myself considering what it had to say mainly in the part 1 and part 4, although the jesus aspect of it kind of turned me off a bit. But I try to keep an open mind with everything that I find myself researching. This usually just keeps me in the middle and not really leaning one way or the other but just ads to my awareness. I would consider myself paranoid, just oberservational and aware to some degree.

I found myself drawn in to these videos more than I usually am an other time. While I take most things with a grain of salt, Certain parts of these videos and what was said made my hairs stand up a bit. I have a hard time trying to get points across sometimes but it usually clicks pretty well in my head...So take these things as you will.

Certain parts of each video got me thinking about something else and conintued like that for a couple of hours. These were the videos that I watched.

This was the first. Basically about illuminati and how they love to advertise

This video had part in it that sparked some interest in me when it talked about Sandy Hook and had a blurb about my pet goat and the girl holding the apple. (The Homosexual stuff didnt really catch my interest, thought that was kind of out there more) I found my interest tonight, more in the various symbols in media that was presented over the last year. Anyways...

I briefly skimmed over part two, didnt look at part three and went straight to part four

This video seemed to explain their point of view a bit more and still had my interest, which I find myself leading more into the Commercials a bit more.

After viewing the above I seen this one to the side of YT and checked it out. A different persons perspective on the Super Bowl Commericals, specifically the hyundai commercial. This video also mentions My pet goat, the girl with the apple, and the road to perdition. This just reminded me to view my pet goat again and analyze it agian. I have not viewed this since last summer.

The above video also mentioned that the lights came back on at 9:11 ET that night. which I researched and seems consistent, give or take a minute. The talk about the Dome, made me think about the Asteroid in russia, and a video I seen on ATS about ancient domes that were reported to harness power. (These are just thoughts by the way) Not really knowing where I am going with all of this, it just seems to tie in possibly

So the first video talked alot about illuminati symbols, signs of 9-11, loving to advertise their plans, Forcasting future events, Sandy Hook, superbowl, subliminal messages/signs etc...

So I finally bring up my pet goat again, after not viewing it for many months and the First thing I Noticed was the Map on the wall. The push pins are Oklahoma, New Orleans, The Gulf Of Mexico (The oil spill) And low and behold there is a push pin right at Sandy Hook area. My jaw dropped a bit! Knowing that this animation was produced before the shootings. As far as i know, no one seems to talk about this in any threads. I may be mistaken. Other things I noticed which may have been talked about, was the lightning bold through the brain to divide and separate thought. The swirl on sky kinda like the ones on videos. Plus, it appears Psalms is spray painted on wall. Not sure if that was ever talked about, The zombie child, which seems to be in the news alot again, The Fall of the Chuch, And Asteroids coming down. The sun is also pulsating, which currently is mentioned in news about a Giant sunspot opening up.

So there you have it. I don't know how to piece it all together but it seemed to tie into to eachother into what ever is left of my mind. The map really blew me away mainly. The asteroid kind of did as well and all the images of nuclear war. Ok guys Be easy on me. Thanks
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posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 12:49 AM
Just recently I saw something about the map behind Bush reading "My Pet Goat". Very creepy, but I have come to believe that most of the stuff like that is inserted intentionally to distract, mis/dis-inform, make "conspiracy theorists" look insane, instill fear, etc. To be sure, most of whatever is out there for the minority of the population who read/search/consume this kind of information is supposed to be out there.

Take the Super bowl and Olympics. All the hype and nothing really happens, making those who predict destruction during those events, appear as if they're a little off. Just like 9/11, Oaklahoma, etc, we won't see the next one coming.

As for the church, not sure where that's going, except to say that because they're allowing the church in the spotlight, it's safe to assume the powers that be are setting it up for destruction. Even the pedophile scandal that started years back is proof of this. Why the Catholic Church as opposed to other elite institutions? Because where the elite gather, there are pedophile scandals, and they do not come out into the MAINSTREAM until they're supposed to come out. As anyone with eyes can see, the msm doesn't pay attention to anything unless they're given the green light by their owners.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 01:01 AM
Were you referring the above video by Heliofant? I forgot to post it, sorry
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posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 02:30 AM
Some guys art that depicts a theme similar to many people here, as many from here may do, about all the stuff they use simply to get attention, and his was that. Beautiful as it was too, well done video I thought it was.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 03:23 AM
I don't think that "pin" was supposed to represent sandy hook, but rather it was meant to represent 9/11 in new York. At least that is what I thought when I saw it. Not trying to rain on the parade, but just trying to offer another explaination.

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