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Man who evidently has been found unfit for military service WILL NOT become Commander-in-Chief !!

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by edsinger
Well in the foreseeable future it can not happen, what happened recently with the private space competetion was great, but that is millions, not Billions....big difference...

The Technologies that the FEds have is well....yes the best in the world bar none......and they will keep it that way.

Boeing just couldnt afford to take these risks, the stockholder would #.

One thing the Feds could do is let them , with oversight, deduct the monies spent on space research from the tax liability and we might have a start..

I think a better start would be to redirect funds from the Space Program (say 25 to 40%) and cancel the rest and let them fly with it for 10 years.

The government already funds a hell of a lot of research. Hell, we Grant out more money than the Space Program gets.

So if they both suck, which I could understand, you can bitch but just what can you do about in 2004? Nov 2?

Think about that one..


ok I'm done. I will vote for someone that is NOT a brand name and a corporate chum.

It would be wise for the media to end the blackout of Third Parties.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 10:43 PM

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
What? At least Kerry went to war? Did I read that right, that someone actually said that?

Kerry went to Vietnam in the Navy, spent 4 1/2 months actually in country ratehr than miles out to see, got three scratched and got the heck out so that he could pursue his political career. His superiors and sailors alike preferred he use the loophole and get out as he was an idiot, dangerous to both the sailors as well as Vietnamese civilians (Cowards usually are as they'd rather kill the innocent than take a chance to get hurt themselves).

The man took direction from the enemy as to how best to conduct his treasonous campaign agaionhst this nation and those serving in Vietnam. He is not courageous, but murderous, he has the blood of many people on his hands and shouldn't even be alive at this point, and certainly not considered for Commander in Chief. But, as Jane Fonda was never shot, I guess it'd be hard to execute Kerry, huh?

As far as Bush, he was going through flight training for the Weekend Warriors who, as most should already know, supplied over half of the pilots for the war. By the time Bush finished his training, politics had changed and the pilots were being brought back. Not his fault.

Ed, have you lost your mind? You know better than to suggest that anything that has not been approved by CNN, ABC or C-BS might possibly be true. Regardless, I know enough about this man to not care whether or not his DD-214 shows other than honorable to know he should not be anywhere near in control of the military. It was shameful enough thatthe last Democratic persident was who he was. The last Deomocrat to hold that office that was nort an embarrassment to the Commander in Chief role was Jimmy Carter.

Yeah I said it. Kerry served in combat while Bush stayed at home on his fortunate son duty and didn't even bother to show up for a physical and a drug test. You guys bashing Kerry's war record while defending Bush's military service is really kind of gross. You are literally bashing a decorated combat veteran then touting Bush patriotism in the same paragraph.
While other men in Vietnam took bullets, Bush was an admitted and long term alchaholic and according to many many sources even one member of the Bush family has said he had a coc aine problem. While other men took bullets in Vietnam, Bush's dad was earning the name of "Poppy Bush" with Air America. Do you know who Barry Seal was by the way?
Kerry went to war, Bush stayed home and partied while his dad did some
really really dirty things in the CIA. With a dad like Poppy and a grandfather like Prescott, relatives like the Walker family, and with his record, military or otherwise, Bush is hardly some kind of righteous god fearing picture of deceny. Bashing an american combat veteran are we? Really sad folks, when the other guy didnt even show up for a fortunate son status...

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by twitchy
Bush is hardly some kind of righteous god fearing picture of deceny. Bashing an american combat veteran are we? Really sad folks, when the other guy didnt even show up for a fortunate son status...

So why cant I look at those combat (all 4 months of it) record? Why is he hiding it, and most importantly, WHAT is he hiding? DO you know what he did to his fellow combat vets when he got home?

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by twitchy
Ed FYI...
I got an OTH for having flat feet and my ankles swelled up like grapefruits after 7 mile runs.
To beat it all, I got as many medals as Bush did for my brief period of service, the National Defense Service Medal, but I actually you know, showed up to take my drug tests and stuff...

First and foremost: Bush shirked the war in a very blatant and undeniable way. Kerry shirked it in a much more clever and "record conscious" way. Both of them could be classified as cowards if you consider it wrong to do whatever you can do not get killed in a meaningless war. Frankly I say they did what any reasonable person would have to consider doing under the circumstances, although the "right" way to do it would have been to leave the country and probably renounce citizenship as well.

Not to sling mud, but you don't get OTHd for flat feet. You get it for fraudulent enlistment: lying about having flat feet when you entered. When you LIE about a PHYSICAL or PSYCHIATRIC CONDITION to enlist, you get OTHed for Fraudulent Enlistment- and that's the best case you could make for Kerry's OTH if in fact he has one.
I was locked up for a couple of months in Student Admin Company, Legal Platoon at the SOI West. I've seen how they deal with several kinds of discharges. I know a lot about dealing with an OTH record.

You can appeal your case and be upgraded to a General Under Honorable Conditions, which allows you to enlist again. Most guys who want out of the Marines just smoke pot or go UA for 180 days, but the smart ones rack up a large number of small NJPs to get a Pattern of Misconduct discharge. They are allowed to appeal their cases and be upgraded to General Under Honorable Conditions. This means you can join the reserves later and recieve an honorable discharge.
This came to mind when I heard that Kerry was discharged from the reserves 6 years late.

** I don't know if the things suggested by the original poster are true and I don't really consider it relevant to my choice in the election. I wouldn't vote for either of these men to become the leader of an infantry unit, but they still may be qualified to serve as president. Unfortunately we haven't explored their qualifications in as great a depth as we could have if we weren't so busy talking about swift boats and drug use in college!**

One last thing: Riddle me this Batman... Republicans shrug off cowardice when it is aimed at Bush, but they consider it relevant to aim at Kerry. Democrats shrug off accusations of college drug use when aimed at Clinton, but they think it's relevant to aim at Bush. WHY THE POLICY SHIFT YOU BLOODY WHINNING HYPOCRITES!?

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 07:37 AM

Originally posted by twitchy
Even if Kerry was discharged OTH, at least Kerry went to war and didn't stay home on a Fortunate Son status

Kerry did indeed try to get a deferment - for overseas college studies.
The draft board rejected it. So ... if Kerry had his way, he never would
have gone to Vietnam. He didn't 'volunteer' .... not really. He tried
to get out of it and when he couldn't, he then 'volunteered'. (that's
not really volunteering).

This NY SUN is reporting Kerry had a less than honorable discharge at the time of his ETS from the Navy and that Carter covered it up by GIVING him an honorable, even though Kerry didn't earn it.

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by edsinger
I remember reading somewhere that the space program (apollo) paid for itself 4 fold???

This is off topic from the topic of this thread -
'Kerry, Less than Honorable Discharge', but
I'll comment anyways since it came up.

United Technologies put out a book a few years
back (wish I still had it) that had a lot of the
inventions that have come out of the Space Program.
Their point was that even though it looks expensive
and it looks like we don't get much bang for our buck ...
the Space Program has been VERY important to our

Micro Wave Ovens, the rubber in our sneakers, velcro,
certain medicines, PURE crystals grown in weightless
space which are used for lazers (cancer treatment) and
other meds, upgrades in computers and hardwares,
etc. etc. etc. The list is VERY long of things that have
been developed by the space program and that we have
in our lives today.

I REALLY wish I still had that little book from United
Technologies. It was VERY interesting and educational.
The Space program really does make our lives better.
(Not to mention we are learning soooooo much about
the universe. )

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 09:40 PM
Well tommorow many will go to the polls and when the cast the ballot they will know that they voted for a man who dishonored his country, he could have easily have come forward with his record and he chose not to. Therefore, I feel that he is hiding something, and therefore I can not trust him.

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 09:57 PM
Doc my points, gotta go off-topic for a moment.

@ edsinger:

Tell me something man, when the elections are over, do you go into hibernation for 4 years? Seems all you do is bash opponents, their party, and their supporters.

Sure be glad when this election over, won't have to see that damn avatar anymore in 75% - 85% of any given thread even remotely related to politics, government, bureaucracy, etc etc etc.......and etc.


posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:08 PM
I havent decided, except that if Bush wins I might dump the avitar back to my original, if Kerry wins, then I will.

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:10 PM
I hope that Bush wins, if only that I know already the mess he'll get us in, and it is bad/worse than now.

Kerry will be about the same, without the history behind it.

But neither of these idiots will get my vote. I'm sorry, but if your candidate does not represent you, then he should not get your vote.

I don't care what's "on the line"

Once again I say, this is NOT the most important election of your lifetime.

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