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Prominent Scientists Call for Social Engineering by Forcing People to Accept their Environmental Pol

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by rickymouse

Complaining and saying something is not real does nothing for the problem Electric Universe. I see your hot air is only adding to global warming. Their facts are true and mankind is involved but to say it is only CO2 emissions is a falsity. Lets see if you can contribute something useful instead of arguing. Evidently by your last post you understand that there are major problems. Work to fixing these problems not denying problems do not exist.

Wow...i debunk your claims, and show you know NOTHING about the topic at hand and you twist it around and want to claim i am only complaining?... Get a grip and grow up...

I have already given the answers... Puting a carbon tax, and implementing a one world government with nothing but draconian laws which only force people to do the will of a few, like yourself, is not the anwser... Taxing CO2 is not goign to stop companies from releasing the real toxic gases, and chemicals...

When you claim "the main scientists facts are true" which seems to be what you are trying to imply when they have been caught lying, posting false information, and doing everything in their power to stop research that debunks AGW meanwhile you keep claiming "their facts are correct" only show your inability to think for yourself, and your lack of understanding of the problems... Yet you want to force YOUR views no matter how wrong you are...

Originally posted by rickymouse
... They have been conditioned to follow greed and irrational behavior. If I am walking on my property and I have to go pee, I will just pull it out and pee by a tree. I eat natural pretty much and avoid endocrine disrupting foods and chemicals. I don't do it where I can be seen though, I'm not into tickets. The Nitrogen from my urine and other minerals it contains is good for the tree. It makes it more resistant to burning. If I peed by the same tree or a hundred people peed by that tree all the time, the tree would die and natural chemistry would be altered in a way that plants would not grow. This concentrating of chemistry in our sewers is bad. We need to worry about cleaning our sewer waters better and recycling the nutrients they contain instead of sticking them into our rivers, the water we are dumping is too concentrated.

I see where you are going. you are obviously very leftwing to the point of being socialist or worse... You want to ignore the fact that the form of government/society you are talking about has been formed in the past, and has always become a dictatorship.

You claim one thing, that having the government regulate all businesses and everything you do will help the little man, and nature when history shows that the contrary happens...

Originally posted by rickymouse
Now you may say I am off topic with global warming but in essense I am not. I am trying to preserve the ability of the earth to process the CO2. I am saying that by being too sanitary we are using practices that are harmful to the environment. Keep the farms small and let many people raise ten cows instead of concentrating a thousand cows in one spot. Let everyone make a living. We have bowed down to big industry. Make a lot of small industries with adequate regulations and put a local store into all communities so we don't have to hop in a car to get a loaf of bread. Let small businesses survive, making the American dream a possibility for more people. Life isn't about surviving and being a slave to industry, it's about living and being self sustainable. I will bring about the wrath of businesses for what I say, but big business has it's place. We need them to supply our small businesses, not to compete with them. The cheap prices at Menards cause a destruction of our environment more than the higher prices of a small lumber yard because everyone buys more which stimulates the production of more things, thus polluting more.
Regulations can be kept that keep pollution on a local level from getting bad but having a tire in your yard is not going to hurt anything. Keeping your grass mowed low all the time and weedfree means watering must be done, we are getting low on water which is a very important concern. Don't keep your grass too high so it attracts bees to bother the neighbors either and don't plant a yard full of nice flowers in town to attract bees to bother others. People can't keep themselves sensible, that is a fact.

First of all, who made you the "messiah that is going to save this Earth"?...

You have a messiah complex... thinking you have all the answers and people must do as you say... Regulations, and government getting involved is what put corporations in the forefront and made them monopolies... it happened with the railroad and with the U.S. government helping the railroad while regulating people... It happened in every country where government was involved and tried, or controlled the lives of people "for the benefit of all"...

Water, and food is scarce these days but instead of wanting to sequester atmospheric CO2 it should be allowed to continue increasing... I am not talking about toxic chemicals and toxic gases...

What you propose and agree with is the regulation of regular people, meanwhile the state/government has all the power to decide what to do with resources...

This is happening right now... The government is telling regular Americans that they can't collect rainwater that falls in THEIR PROPERTY...

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water

Monday, July 26, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)

(NaturalNews) Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I'size=4]m about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else.

With the powers you claim the government/state should have they are also banning people from having their own veggie gardens...

sWoman Faces Jail Time For Growing Vegetable Garden in Her Own Front Lawn


July 12, 2011

Julie Bass faces the prospect of going to jail for what she's growing in her front yard.

The illegal growth is tomatos. And zuchinis, peppers and other edible and what normally would be legal plants.

The officials in Bass
' hometown of Oak Park, Mich., have charged her with growing "vegetable garden in front yard space." If convicted, she could spend up to 93 days in jail.

Bass said that the criminal charge
"blew my mind." "Sometimes we laugh because it seems so silly and sometimes we cry because it's so pathetic. A lot of times it does not seem real," she told

Amish farmer targeted by FDA raids shuts down raw milk business

By James Eng, NBC News

An Amish man who was targeted by federal officials for selling raw milk across state lines – and whose cause was championed by GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul – has shut down his dairy farm.

Dan Allgyer closed his rural Pennsylvania business after a federal judge sided with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and ruled that he violated federal law. U.S. District Judge Lawrence F. Stengel on Feb. 3 ordered Allgyer to stop selling unpasteurized milk across state lines, the U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday.

The above is the sort of thing that YOUR lovely "regulations" really do...

You should stop trying to be a dictator and instead focus on yourself, your family and loved ones instead of wanting to control everyone else because "you feel it is the right thing to do"...

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 10:10 AM
The present government can't do anything, they are more interested in the economy and finding money to stimulate business interests than to do true conservation. Economy doesn't have to conflict with Ecology.

I am in a hundred percent agreement in the fact that a carbon tax will do nothing to stem the collapse of the Eco system and am not even concerned about CO2 levels. Rising CO2 levels only make more violent weather, they do not destroy the Ecosystem that we need to survive.

I do not think burning wood to heat your house is bad but to harvest a forest to make to portray Eco-Friendly renewable fuels is a joke. Same with growing corn for Ethenol in gas, it depletes the soils and the chemicals allowed on these fields make it impossible to use them for food sources in the future. The renewable resource concept is one of the most unintelligent things we have done in the USA, you can't do that on a large scale without side effects.

Everything that the government does seems to go backwards, with everyone trying to add things to the concept to make things better which results in the opposite effect most times. Take a good idea on a small scale and destroy everything implementing it on a large and profitable scale. I see nothing wrong with harvesting a few trees to heat a home. I see a problem with building a factory and completely stripping the land of trees and all the limbs. Loggers used to leave the tops in the woods, now they chip them and sell them to the Renewable resource companies. Strip the nutrients out of the soil to profit by it and to make the owners look good. What a joke, it is a business venture that utilizes government money to strip the topsoils of the country of all their ability to grow anything.

I feel that the Ecosystem of the planet is about to collapse, we are doing too many different things to mess it up. Global is the key, we are making changes everywhere. With the present consensus of societies and their desire to blame things on others, I see that this is inevitable. I am not an environmental Messiah, if I was than there would be a lot of governments and big corporations that would be trying to get rid of me. If god came to earth today and started complaining of industrialized nations disrespect of the planet he gave them he would have a war on his hands. Trashing of our Ecosystem on a global scale is the stupidest thing mankind has done. You cannot blame it on one single thing. I am not even an environmentalist, if a tree has to be cut down to build a home, so what. I am against saying something is environmentally friendly when it is the opposite. A tax only has a little effect on carbon emissions, lowering the amount of jets in the air would be a lot more appropriate.

I don't believe things that I am told without researching them. The extreme weather from this CO2 only causes more damage to our buildings, rebuilding those homes and businesses is what damages the ecosystem. The trash and chemicals washed into the ocean by the EQ in Japan is a lot worse than the nuclear problem. It will show up in twenty or more years. We need to get back more to making things that do not pollute when they are discarded. I know the change in the chemistry of the garbage in the dumps first hand, I have been going to the dumps for over fifty years. I used to shoot rats with my bb gun when I was about seven or earlier. There were a lot less things that would hurt the environment in the dumps back then. Now, taking construction scraps there you see a lot of plastic and chemicals. We are burying our problems, not stopping from creating them. Coverup the problem, don't fix it is the modern way to do things.

All I do is talk myself. I can only try to change what I personally do. I try not to buy things I don't need, that is my contribution to nature. I don't have to donate money to conservation programs, I take the little trees that my oak and maple trees create in my yard and haul them into other areas that I do not want to mow. Soon there will be trees there and I will need to thin them. This costs nothing. I could give away hundreds of these things every year. I suppose there is a law against that though, I would need some sort of a license for that

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by rickymouse
The present government can't do anything, they are more interested in the economy and finding money to stimulate business interests than to do true conservation. Economy doesn't have to conflict with Ecology.

The present government in the U.S isn't interested in estimulating the economy, they are more interested in devaluing the dollar, bankrupting the nation and making people more, and more dependent on the government.

Bush also did a lot of things wrong, but what I have seen Obama and his thugs do is even worse.

The biggest corporations are owned by the elites in this world, and they have a plan for us, and that plan is for people to think that we need their One World Government "to save us all from all the crises they created themselves" including "AGW/Climate Change".

I have shown many times in these forums evidence that supports the fact that these people have wanted to create a few crisis like the economic crisis, an ecological crisis, and even a popular movement of the people to force the policies that these people have had in mind for years for us.

I am 100% certain that Climate Change is happening because of the new region of space our Solar System is moving into, and so far throughout these past few decades we have only seen and experienced but the tip of the iceberg of what will occur. Our Solar System has encountered only dissipated parts of this new region, but as time continues we will be getting more, and more within this interstellar cloud, and the effects of it will increase exponentially.

Look, yes mankind has not taken care of the environment as we should have, but the policies that the elites have in mind are not going to neither save the planet, nor help the environment. These policies they have in mind are there only to give these people more, and more power and control over everyone of us.

Their policies might "sound" good to you, but these policies are there, and will be implemented only to help the elites consolidate even more power and control over us.

For years now i have been saying not only that the Climate Change will get worse, but that the seismic, and volcanic activity on Earth will continue to increase exponentially. Even our own Sun has been reacting to our approach to this new region of space, and such changes in our Sun do cause an increase in volcanic and seismic activity on Earth.

SCIENCE WITHOUT BORDERS. Transactions of the International Academy of Science H & E.
Vol.3. 2007/2008, SWB, Innsbruck, 2008 ISBN 978-9952-451-01-6 ISSN 2070-0334

*Khain V.E., **Khalilov E.N.
*Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov,
**International Academy of Science H&E (Austria, Innsbruck)

It has been determined that in the period of solar activity increase (11-year
cycles) there increase seismic and volcanic activities in the compression zone of
Earth and at the same time there decreases the activity in the tension zones of Earth.
On the basis of the discovered stable 11-year and 22-year cyclicalities in the seismic and volcanic activities and their high correlation with solar activity there has been made the long-term forecast until 2018. The next maximum of seismic and volcanic activity with very high amplitude for the compression zones of Earth is forecasted for the period 2012-2015.

BTW, if you want to know who Elchin Khalilov (Khalilov E.N.) is here are a few facts that anyone can corroborate...

Dr.Prof. Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijani: Elçin Xəlilov (born On April, 26th 1959, Baku, Azerbaijan) is a famous scientist in the sphere of geodynamics, seismology and tectonics.

For more evidence corroborating the fact that changes in the Sun increase the seismic and magmatic activity on Earth I compiled some research in the following thread.

These plans the elites have for us are neither going to help the environment, nor save the Earth. People have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that humans have the power to change nature itself, and that we are even more powerful than the Sun when this is not true.

I still remember a video that was posted months ago in these forums of interviews done to children in Britain as they were asked what they would do "to save the Earth". These children, alongside many others all over the world have been so brainwashed that even at least one of them stated that if his death, and the death of other children would save the Earth that this is okay...

That goes to show how hard the elites have been working to brainwash people and children...

I wish I had a link to that video. Maybe one of the other members remembers this and they can post the link.

People are being brainwashed to think that it is okay for people to die "to save the Earth" and this beliefs goes in perfectly with the plan of the world elites to "cull the population of Earth"...

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