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Human Being are on a fractorial pattern

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posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 11:22 PM
I belive human beings are implementing a fractal pattern on earth. Christianity represent the sperm...both symbolically and physically. They have been traveling and conquering throughout time all in the name of jesus christ. Christopher columbus, and the other 1600 explorers are really just the explosion of sperm across the planet. When we hit the americas we found the egg and we started building roads and skyscrapers similar to a fractal growth and burrowing of the "egg" so-to-speak. But only one sperm get's to make it-Jesus Christ- he is the one or Neo = oNe so-to-speak.

Hinduism represents the egg. The ganges river, combined with the Bramaputra river is the fractal pattern of a menstrual cycle. It has periodic floodings (menses) and was named after a goddes called ganga devi. Hindus believe the ganges river washes away their sins and bath in the polluted river similar to a menstrual cycle cleanse out the crap. They value the cow (female animal with milk) and the reincarnation is cyclic! Physically, the egg is the Sati woman who as myth has it would burn herself on her husbands funeral pyre and then the ashes would be dumped into the river. (The egg is washed away)

Islam and Mormonism are the religions of the dead sperm. Both have prophets who promoted polygamy, transcribed a book from an angel (the Koran and the book of mormon), migrated to a salt sea, and founded a grid city (Salt Lake City and Medina). But Islam is the dead sperm who never made it to the egg whereas mormonism is the religion of the dead sperm who made it to the egg but didn't get in! (Because there is only one-the Jesus Christ)

So Mormonism is the false prophet. They have infiltrated the FBI and the CIA and took down the Catholic Mafias in the Godfather films and in "Casino" in Las Vegas. (Remember AGENT smith-the anti-christ). They do baptisms for the dead etc, etc. and they are the occult mafia!

Buddhism is the conception of the sperm and the egg! The buddha monks are located in the himalyan mountains which is precisely where the sperm would meet the egg in our fractorial uterus of the ganges and bramuputra river.

Finally, Judaism is the occult knowledge of the star of david. They know what it is we're giving birth to. The Kabbalah represents a code for trying to figure the mind of god! So what is the mind of God? What are we giving birth too?

Only Mary Magalene and Mary the mother of Jesus has the answer. (Look at Mary with Jesus-she has a halo around her head-how about a star) Does the star of bethelham ring a bell. How about when I mention Arthur C. Clarke's depiction of 2010: the year we make contact! I don't know about you but the space ship in the movie looks like a sperm. Remember the comet impact of shoe-maker levy...looks like a celestial sperm to me! How about Jupiter. What would happen if Jupiter were to ignite? Time and space would fold back on itself just as Einstein taught. The year 0 and 2010 would be the singularity of time (the second coming would be the same as the first coming) because the star of bethleham and the star of jupiter would be the same (the sky in the east was seen as nightime sky and moved (orbited the heavens))

Now, watch this! The matrix came out in 1999 (depicted neo, the christ figure battling the corporate slave system (the matrix) againt the anti-christ the mormon mafia as depicted by agent smith.)

a few years later the sequels came out and we see neo fertilizing the sati girl (who was HINDU!!!!!!!) Then, in the end of the film the oracle comes out and says she always believed as she looks up into the clouds and the SUN and says to sati-"Did you do that for Neo?"

Then, the passion of christ came out (Mel Gibson's hideous film) and then "The Return of the King"! Mere coincidence right? Yeah right. Are you starting to believe.

Also, if Neo is the sperm, then he would be the Y-chromosome. Look at Keeanu Reeves movies. In Speed he has to save people on a bus. In Bill and Ted's excellent adventure he goes back in time to learn about who he is. In Johny Nemonic he has information stored in his head that is necessary for the 21st century! Then in Point Break he is the anti-christ (Johny UTAH FBI Agent battling the Buddha surfers) In devils advocate he goes up against the devil who is Al Pacino of the Catholic Mafia Godfather movies and has to make a choice. He chooses not to be the anti-christ.

Finally, we see Mr. Reeves make the choice against the architect to be the anti-christ and kill the millions of people of this earth in response to save the trinity or the union between the father son and the holy ghost!

Insane huh. It is a fractal. Mr Reeves doesn't even know what he is playing!

But when you start to wake up you will go insane. You'll see that freeways and skyscrapers are just fractal representation of sperm.

Still don't believe me. Sperm are made out of lipids called testosterone and cholesterol. Most people in the U.S. have high cholesterol. We're just sperm. And if Jupiter were to ignite, then this planet is getting ready to birth a star!

One last thing! Has anybody even listened to the radio lately? Celine Dion is singing about a light in the sky: "Hush, now...I see the light in the sky. It's almost blinding me... I can't believe I've been touched by an angel with wings. Let the rain come down and wash away my sins...Let it shatter the world for a new Sun (Son)." and Five for Fighting is singing about how they're wishing for a "morning star"

So the Sun is the god and Jupiter is literally the Son (Sun) of God!!!!!

Christ conspiracy theorist have always known that Christ was a pagan based off the star of bethleham

Waky...waky people! (To quote Morpheus.."Have you ever had a dream so would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?")

GO INSANE.....From James Christopher Staudt

(P.aradigm S.hift)

P.riory of S.ion


Star of DAVID

Rev. 22:16

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 12:45 AM
Just want to let you know that I think your post is an amazing conglomeration of thoughts that pinpoint a much bigger picture of the perceptual world

Just exactly how long did it take you to come to the conclusion you've drawn? In other words, *since I'm not very good with words* when and why and how did you figure all of what you've written out??

I wish I could provide a better comment but I'm a little bit speechless. Very interesting post James C.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 07:42 AM
J.ames CHRIST.opher that is an amazing essay - it is a pity it shall be left buried here, you should project it onto a bigger screen.

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