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'Wool Removal.' - JEWELS INSIDE. Poem/rap, guaranteed to spark your mind. Enjoy.

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posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 09:26 PM
Extract wisdom of life like elephant trunks,
Dodge, men with vaginas like celibate monks,
A year to a god is a day whats a hell of a month?
Bluntly break down the funk in uncle sam's tax,
Our brain is the handle and the tongue is the axe
My wig directs light with precise acumen,
Mentally unclog pipes like, where I sent my vacuum in.
Repair square areas of high housing, inferior projects of,
Brown bricks linked to black families drowning.
Five percenters break down hand to hand exchanges:
GRAMS - Gangs of Reptiles Amassing Money with Satan.
Original Revelation of Allah's Creation: ORACLE.
Evolution and light, corral non believers with the belief they are rhetorical.
Last week, old lady was poked, twenty nine times.
Planet earth is a crime scene, equator is the yellow tape,
Don't think about the swine, hit the club and watch the jello shake.


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