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Should I travel to Kenya/Tanzania or not for school? Is it too dangerous?

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posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by chrisb9
reply to post by jhn7537

Hi, I created an account just to say how ignorant this comment is, I'm white british and i'm going to kenya and tanzania this year with my school, I'm 16, people as youg as 13 are going, we will be trekking alone and staying in tents.

Just because you're white american does not make you a target, the only thing I would advise is not to wear khaki as it has negative connotations because of the colonial era.

I have been to egypt and morocco before, both popular holiday destinations for brits and I felt more unsafe in downtown Orlando when we went to florida (a popular family holiday for brits) I don't travel much outside europe I've visited Thailand - It is a bit dodgy but just don't go to dodgy areas just like at gome
I've been to Morocco, Egypt, Florida (twice), Dubai, Turkey and Dominican Republic but The most unsafe I've felt abroard was actually on the train between rome and it's main airport which just shows even though Africa and Asia may not be as developed as Europe or North America, if you're carefull in cities like Nairobi and don't show too many signs of any kind of wealth you should be fine, I'm most looking forward to spending time with the Masaai people and doing community work at a school. Kenya and tanzania also have some amazing beach areas, I would and am going. Apologies for any sentances that don't make sence it's half two in the morning and I'm typing on my phone.

Regards from England, Ignore ignorant people like the person I quoted and have an Amazing time if you choose to go!

Hello jhn7537,

In as few words as possible - " Forget About Going To Africa To Study "

Unless You Secretly Have A ( Death Wish )

Your mind has already answered your questions about traveling to Africa for you.

" I'm from USA, I'm white, and I'm 27 years old... So I feel that I hit ever checklist for those radical terrorists/pirates who live in that area. Part of me wants to just say forget it, and whatever happens, happens, but another part of me says, be realistic John, and understand that there are real dangers in that area and you should look elsewhere for study abroad if you can....

Bottom line is this, you are White and you will be seen as a representative of " The Great Satan " or ( America )

Anywhere you traveled in Africa, you would be just one big " Walking Target "

And not to even mention that " They " are not Funding 100% of Your Travel and Food Expenses. They're giving
you just enough money to get you over there to Africa and be a " Walking Target " ! Probably hoping that you would be either Kidnapped or Killed, for some unknown ( black-ops ) test case, and not to mention just another Highly Political and Sensational MSM - Main Stream Media Propaganda News story that would Only benefit the ( Military Industrial Complex )

Only Go, If you have a death wish, and you want to be Splashed all over the TV and Internet...

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 06:42 AM
If you for some reason want to study in Africa,in South Africa you won't stand out for being white,at least,and there is no specific hatred of Americans among the average local black population.Our country Is heavily crime-ridden,though.The difference is,although all population groups are targets,whites are more likely to be murdered during a home invasion/burglary/armed robbery/car hijacking than non-white individuals.

If you do decide to study in Africa,make sure of the credentials of the college/university/tech you want to attend.In my country,there are still some fine universities and learning centers left.If i can afford to send my child to uni,i would pick the university of Stellenbosch.

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