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Ode to the Sun

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 01:00 AM
Oh Mr Sun, you are so much more

Important than most people think

No! I do not worship you alone!

You are there, a mere clone, bearing witness!

Singing praises all day, a symbol is what you are!

But what a symbol you are! A conclusive proof, lighting the world

With the sight of God, granting a vision of the source

How can one be proud, hold doubt, or feel remorse?

When there you are, rising in the East, and settling in the west

The illuminated mind is bound to inquest: what does it mean?

The Eastern sees the world in a collectivized way

All is one - One is all. Interdependence of all. The eastern sun is proximity to the source

The Eastern mind proclaims it in this way: a metaphysical principle determines his sway

But the west, the rest, the sun fractures out

Plato, Aristotle, Moses; personages abound, in the west, individuality is found

The sun sets, forms emerge, the western man reverses

The sun runs its course, a course man too traverses.

How can one not be intrigued by this symbol?

What can be more profound than mans search for meaning?

The sun is light, and the light of the mind is meaning

Meaning in the East and the West differs according to the suns position

Our choices our not brain chemistry, or a mere accident of tradition

But a far more mysterious force with a metaphysical plan

All it takes is awe for the mind to understand.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 03:37 AM

dear sun, while
it's funny - NOT
why are you so hot?

Please turn the temperature down,
40c at 6pm gives me such a red raw frown...


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