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Yale will train US Special Forces in interrogation techniques using immigrants as guinea pigs

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posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 03:22 PM

Yale University is planning to train US Special Forces to detect lies by practicing on immigrants. The program strives to provide soldiers with such interview tactics by practicing on “someone they can’t necessarily identify with”.

“I want students to be interviewing someone they can’t necessarily identify with,” Morgan told the Herald. As a result, the associate professor said he will choose his ‘subjects’ from Moroccan, Columbian, Nepalese, Ecuadorian and other immigrant communities.

Yale University, home of the Scull and Bones Society huh? I can not find anything that gives Dr. Morgans affiliation in college in regards to Fraternities so any connection at this point is pure speculation however given their list of members and what they grew to become and all that Dr. Morgan has accomplished I would not be surprised if he were a member.

“Is there an assumption in Morgan’s desire to use more ‘authentic’, brown interviewees as test subjects, that brown people lie differently from whites – and even more insidiously, that all brown people might belong to the same ‘category’ of liar?” guest columnists Nathalie Batraville and Alex Lew write for the Yale Daily News.

“That Morgan’s test subjects are compensated does not resolve the ethical questions his project raises. In fact, their participation highlights the structural inequality that this research capitalizes on and that the center would ultimately exploit,” the columnists add.

What is the true objective here? Even on a basic level of reading people and their physical gestures and voice fluctuations this program seems to be a little odd for a University to get involved in especially Yale. I would think this should be under the DoD or DHS if it is to be used in training agents and or soldiers. If it were a class open to regular students I might understand a little more but this does not seem to be the case(I could be wrong). As you can see above ther is opposition by the students in the form of racism and other concerns so it BEGS to ask what is the true objective and for what true reason is it being created?

What say you ATS?

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