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Mini Solar System entering our Solar system???

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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by choos
reply to post by weknowall

lets assume nibiru, whatever, is there and its causing all the recent earthquakes here on earth.

now if that star's gravity alone is able to mess with the tectonic plates on earth, why can it not affect our orbit?

Who said it won't?
I am thinking it has affected our orbit before, as well as Mars.

i mean scientifically speaking, if it was already causing issues with earth now, and we cant see it plainly in the sky with the naked eye, then it would stand to reason that as it came closer it would affect earth even more so.

But, this is of course if it's real. That is still debatable in my book.

And yes the video is worth the watch that i posted above. Skip thru the first minute or so. It is interesting. I just am not sure if he's seeing Mars or nibiru? lol

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