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New "Ambient Nights" Site + ATS = Chill.

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 04:45 PM
Hi folks, I just thought I'd let you know that the new format site for "Ambient Nights" is up and running.

I have no affiliation, just a huge fan.

Some of the greatest ambient tunes ever created and mixed beautifully by Alex Hephaestion

Available to download FREE in HQ MP3 format from the site with additional album cover art and additional info available. The new site has many new features including a new style forum and a "streaming area" for the Ambient Nights and other mixes too.

If you've never heard any of these mixes you're in for a treat, I've included some youtube clips of some of the albums available so just hit "play", sit back, and never let the troubles of the world here on ATS get to you again as you leave these blissful creations playing in the background while you surf all the other madness.

There are various themes/sets available:

First series (numbered)
Named albums
Sol System albums
Ethni City albums
Club Nights
Plus special VIP mixes for donators to the cause and more albums added over time. The running total is around 100 albums of one hour plus each. Incredible work!

Enjoy, my chilled out friends.

The very first Ambient Nights album:

Brighton Beach:

Picking Up Where Schiller Left Off:

A Present For A Friend (you):

Sol System - MARS:

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