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Prison Break - New World Order

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 11:53 AM
I don’t know about many of you but I have been a fan of this show since it had first aired.

What I loved about prison break is how closely it ties with conspiracies, especially the ones that are well known today e.g. 'the new world order'.

It’s a must watch for those who have not watched it.

I remember years ago, telling people that what was on the show is what happens in real life. Although at the time I hadn’t an idea what a conspiracy was. *spoiler alert* - In the show, the president’s brother gets assassinated but it was actually a set up. The person who got set up ends up on death row and the story is then based on his brother helping him escape.

As the series unfolds, an organisation known as 'the company' makes itself known. Its influence is majestic.
Here’s what wiki has to say about 'the Company':

The Company is a fictional covert organization, with evil intentions and motivations, featured in the American television drama/thriller series Prison Break. It is a secret group of multinationals known almost exclusively by those who work for them (with the exception of those opposing them). Its influence and power over individuals stretches to the White House, influencing every decision the country makes.[1] Its main goal is to impose a New World Order to maintain control over the country's economy and tyrannize the world. The Company has thus far also been described as a group of multinational corporate interests,[2] and as a cabal of corporations influencing everything that goes on in the United States.[3]

The Company has influence over many agencies of the United States government, especially the Secret Service. With Caroline Reynolds (Patricia Wettig), the former Vice President of the United States in their grasp, The Company held control over the government's sway on the energy bill and subsequently, the country's economy. However, The Company considers every individual who works for them a pawn to achieve their goals.

The Company and its operatives have on several occasions displayed their complete lack of regard for innocent people's lives. Its desperate need to attain control of the country's economy eventuated in illegal dealings through Caroline Reynolds' brother's company, Ecofield. When one of their employees leaked information about Ecofield into the public, The Company went to incredible lengths to capture him. This man was Aldo Burrows (Anthony Denison). In order to bring him out into the open, The Company masterminded a conspiracy and used Caroline Reynolds' power as the Vice President to frame and convict his son, the innocent Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), of Terrence Steadman's murder.

The Company consists of a great number of corporations and organizations, putting all their resources together to form one large - but clandestine - superstructure. Its leader is General Jonathan Krantz, who has ties with the military-industrial complex. Each leader of every separate organization within The Company answers directly to him. Among the most influential corporate leaders are the ones known as the Scylla Cardholders.

Through its economical assets, The Company has influence of countless individuals within - among other things - the Government, Congress, and various Federal Agencies. Politicians are especially important, as they are influenced by The Company to make decisions and pass laws that suits The Company's needs in return for being paid considerable amounts of money. Vice President Caroline Reynolds was among the more powerful associates aiding The Company in this way. The Company has people in place to monitor her or other collaborators, one example being Samantha Brinker who was assigned to handle relations with Reynolds.

Sounds very much like TPTB. The show also reveals some of their agenda as can be seen above.

Make what you will of this!..

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by toocoolnc

aside from LOST, Prison break is one of the ALL TIME best shows to ever come out in television, and number 2 in my favorite list.

and yes i agree 100% that the show very closely mirrors whats actually happening in real life.except i think the real life version is probably more far "out there" in craziness than its tv counterpart. something to do with disembodied Egyptian spirits etc..

sucks that they ended the series, especially the way it ended


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