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Alien Agenda - Sorcery, Oracles, Manifest Destiny!

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 11:14 AM
Warning: Theorization in Progress

The questions we will be addressing in this thread are things like: Why would aliens be interested in Earth? Would aliens have religion? Do aliens predict future events? Would aliens use Witch Craft?

This will be one of my last threads ever. Mainly because I have lost interest in this site. It doesn't have nothing to do with the majority population, hating the fact that mainstream theories and statements. Can be made to look just as ridiculous as well the ridiculous.

I was never the one on the site to conform or join the sheeple. I'm a critical thinker always asked questions in school and sometimes had to find the answers myself as my teachers weren't able to answer. It was if they had been questions they weren't (PROGRAMED) to answer.

After a few year son this site you've seen just about everything. You've talked just about everything you wanted to. All the things you needed wrote down as a digital log should be pretty much logged. I mainly use this site to procrastinate my ideas further. And to help others achieve a more informed and critical view of the world around them.

The proof is in the pudding. You'll get a taste of it in this thread. I'm sure your asking yourself how long until we get to the meat and potatoes of this thread. As a member whose been here awhile you learn a little technique. How to weed out the chafe. The chafe don't like to read or use more then 5% of their brains when on this site. A quick and easy 2 line sentence with a video will vastly entertain even the most astute of users. I'm going to put a lot of thought into this thread. Because I have the experiences in my life to really jump into the pool. Can't you see not just me they want you to!

I'm sure you get what I've done here. If your still reading at this point most likely your going to reply with something thought provoking. Those who reply before the time on their post suggests they couldn't have read all this. Will post something ignorant that gains a bunch of stars from other bah bah sheep.

On with the Show:

Grey's are reptilian Extra-Biological-Entities.


That's not a flight suit study it carefully that is an ancient depiction of a grey as the goddess wanted to be perceived. Why? Well if you know Egyptian, Greek and Roman history. People wasn't always depcited as they really were. Proof: Ahkenaten.

The beings who arrived on Old Earth are depicted as many different beings through out the plethora on pantheon's around the world. We see them as humans, humans with animal heads, and even as reptiles.

Why? Tower of Babel incident in the bible. It's a test of your intelligence. Are you capable of putting it all together. Are you capable of realizing that everyone who is apart of a religion sect all believe the same thing?

The difference in the sects are that each one has a piece that is missing from the others. It is up to us to realize what pieces are missing and finally create a one world religion and a one world mentality.

The deception is in the depictions and tales of the gods and goddesses. Again a test. Why? Because when your an intelligence on a planet you only have 2 destinies. Destruction and Space exploration!

Obviously these reptiles were one the first species to travel space. As it makes sense reptiles are older gen creations of the mind. What is a clue? Well people often ask why they don't have genitalia. Reptiles have retracting sex organs. That's why they can walk around naked.

Besides they have genetically altered themselves to withstand any environment they wish to go that is obviously logical to explore.

One question we see frequently in the discussion of aliens is why would they use something formally called an anal probe? This is simple if we look at our scientists today they can determine the health and lifestyle of an animal just by examining it's feces.

Obviously this is not thorough enough as even our scientists today want to extract blood samples and urine samples.

So it makes perfect sense that these aliens work along the same scientific guidelines as our scientists.

Where do aliens stand with religion?

This is simple if aliens are as advanced as we believe them to be. All we have to do is look at where we are today? We have reached a focal point in our advancement where we are on the brink of merging pseudo-science and science fiction with modern science.

Proof is in the fact that we have discovered that dmt is in everything it makes our dreams and imaginations. Understanding that the universe wastes nothing and everything is pretty much a reflection of everything else. Aliens would understand that a god. Or dreamer has to be walking around in his or her own dream.

This dreamer will have a counterpart that is the gender opposite of his or herself. This can be observed in nature it takes both female and male genetics to create 1 being whether it's sex is male or female.

Therefore we can conclude that the dreamer experiencing it's own creation as a microcosm has an gender opposite. This is where god and goddess begins.

Where do aliens stand on witch craft? To them it wouldn't be witch craft we look at things in terms of paranormal and superstition in fact to them it's science.

It makes sense that this god and goddess who would have been reptilian at one point invoked their macrocosm selves and realized that their destiny was to become mammal. Since reptiles evolve into mammals. It makes sense now why they would be interested in Earth.

Since mammals are one of the youngest creations of the dream. Why not land on Earth manifest our destiny to become mammalian and while were at it.

What more way to give back to the Earth and the evolving intelligent species of the Earth. Then to give them advanced intelligence and culture. And guide them into a new age where everything can be possible. The universe at your fingertips.

All you have to do is follow us. We will guide you. We are your father and mother. The king and queen. The reason an alien species would be here.

Sure mankind is of little interested. But where did the sun and moon go? Where is our king and queen. And why do they love mankind so much.

As you can imagine they must feel like they been abandoned and now mankind is the favorite. WAIT isn't this scenario in the bible?

Doesn't god choose man over his angels?

Now you can begin to piece it all together. The alien agenda shouldn't be to hard to figure out. It's all around you. In fact your influenced by it everyday.

As they have taught you civilization and culture. They have given themselves unto you! And why? Because you are the sun and moons children. Because the king and queen smile upon you so must the angels.

How grand it must be to know that reptilians were protecting you all along!

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 11:25 AM
It certainly appears as if you have it all figured out.

Now, before I start to weigh the profound implications which your theory has on my current paradigm, I would like to know if there is anything like "proof" regarding the bold claims you make.

I mean did that all come to you at once, or was it the result of a year long thought process involving a lot of research and whatnot, or what was it ?

posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 11:53 AM
The future is very accessible in that the mere thought of what you are going to do 10 mins from now permeates the future and the future is now permeating the past. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to manipulate the future with mere thought. The past also permeates the present and future. Because actions of the past constantly manipulate our present state in time?


If energy was never discovered we wouldn't be on our computers posting on this site and reading threads. The future permeates the present. Other wise you wouldn't be on your computer reading this post on your computer.

The present is always the future and the future is always the past.

What was will be. What will be was.

So it's very logical that future events can be predicted. For example. If you were an alien on another planet. And you had a plan to die and reincarnate as one of the native species. To walk and talk like them to "hide" among them.

Wouldn't it be common sense that one day all the talks of a god and goddess walking amongst cavemen be mythology and should be tossed aside as bed time stories?

I mean obviously over so many generations people would begin to question if the visitation was ever credible. Why?

Because they haven't experienced it first hand. So it is easy then to predict that one day man would become frustrated and begin to abandon god and religion.

This also is in the bible. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. It's all common sense!

Just like whether or not a nomadic caveman tribe would all of a sudden with intelligence's predating cro mag-non man who by the way is credited with making the first tools.

Would just stop and build cities. Without the influence of some advanced species from "heaven".
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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by H1ght3chHippie

Gave you a star because I know without opposing agendas certain topics would just be come stagnant!

With that being said proof is all around!

I actually had the whole op wrote in my head after 2 mins of thinking about how to present the current debacle were in. Whether or not were being lied to? Is their an agenda for mass suicide and wide spread panic?

Obviously with the topic of aliens we only have 2 destinies as an individual. We can grasp and wrap our heads around it. Or lose our minds.

I think it's easier to think about it this way. If people can sit around the mass majority of them and accept god. Someone they never seen before. And their life is in no way jeopardized by that thought processes.

Why not allow people to sit around and believe in aliens whether or not they ever seen them before. The plausibility on the whole topic out weighs anything any dis-informant could ever think of.

Besides it's not like it's gonna effect them anymore then sitting around praying to god in their heads does.

And it would prevent mass insanity when the time comes that they decide we've grown up enough to accept them!

posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 12:17 AM
Interesting theory, although, the real issue here is that ego seems to be permeating the world, as well as many of these entities, they seems to be full of it. The real question is what is their intention ? How to know what is their intention ?


posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 01:56 AM
I would like to react to the question, do aliens use witchcraft.

I think the word witchcraft shows a judgement in a medieval way about the using of energies to influence surroundings. I would not like to call it witchcraft but higher abilities.

Having said that, I would not be surprised if aliens use these abilities that we find surreal and threatening. For me I would say they use these higher abilities and we are inclined to fear them like animals consider us having higher abilities when we use fire or weaponry around them.

I think human beings have the same potention as our alien brothers, we just have been closed of from it and distracted to see this potential.

But as an answer to your question, yes, aliens use witchcraft.

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