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Is there a call, so deep we didn't hear?

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 08:49 AM
Is there a call, so deep we didn't hear?

Is there a call
So deep that we didn't hear
So loud
That we could only turn our backs

Pretend it wasn't there
It wasn't real
Looking at eachothers mask smiling, knowing

Is there a truth in you
Still burning
Even the dimmest of flames
To be awakened

Somewhere in between those good intentions
And half-hearted tries
Did we get lost
Of ourselves?

And balance is dawning
From all that we see
All that we fear
Where will that take us?

Will be lost at a sea
Even to confused to drown
Will we be like the dinosaurs
Outdated, out of time
Out of truth?

Or is there just this
Light to grasp
Heart to hold
That heartbeat of us all
To remember
To be

Could we make that choice
For ourselves
For all
For balance to grow
Grow for real
Through you, through me

Could we go that deeper
Letting go of all that does not matter

To be that difference
That truth we always were
To shine

Balance will be
Will spring
Into what is
And what will come

Do we flow with it
Or fight against it
Fight ourselves

To loose or win
It doesn't matter
Is not real

War start inside ourselves
Hiding our fears
Our dreams
So deep

Light and darkness
What do we fear the most

Could there be just a road between
A balance
In you

Could there be a truer tone
For you
And all

Of our innermost
With words of flames
Truth is written

Our essence
Our spirit

Do you?

We are what we make it
Our mask gives us choice
We are, till we break it
True balance will be

How long can even the biggest ego keep knocking at a closed door
That will never open
Before the ego is translucent
Oneness aligned

How many times will we try to force love
To take the light with power
To see it slip
Like grains of sand
Through our fingers

There are no real weapons
Only distractions
Of what is real

The destroyer
Of what is wrong
What is fake
Has no weapons
Only love
And fire

Fire of our Spirit
Within the deepest mirror
Waters dark

To veil that golden egg
Cosmic new birth

Dawning from and through
Those of truth are walking

Balance will be
Real balance

Not how we think
Perception doesn't matter

Have faith
And be
Who you are

posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by laffoe

We might have deluded our minds by our shallow choices
We might have closed our hearts by turning away from that true love

Searching for reason in what is bend and detached
Looking for unity in what is separated and closed down

Bleeding our innocent hearts
Dishonoring our true Spirit

Yet there is really no real hiding
No place to forget it all

Still we may hear that call in our every heartbeat, every breathe
The very moment we make the deepest choice
The true intention

We are more than this
We are not empty shells at the shore
Waiting for the next wave to flow us away

We are the Ocean
The true Source dawns from us
Through us

There is no real hiding
From reality

Even the emptiness speaks it
Through the silence
Like golden crystals

We are this
And we do know to fly
To love
And to be real


posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by laffoe

I must of missed this one. I liked your style of writing my friend. Not sure what led me here. But here I am!... Where ever you are, I hope you found what you were looking for . you said it in your writing above. There is no real hiding from reality
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