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I Quit! The Forced Slavery of America

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posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by Ghostx
After speaking with friends, buddies in the military, adults and many others - I have found that many are waiting for something to happen.
If an uprising is formed, and it is organized I and most of the people I talked to will fight against the US government. When US Marines are willing to fire upon the US Government, you know some stuff is messed up in the way things are going.

This is the truth.
If an uprising is formed, I will fire upon anyone who stands for the US Government's unconstitutional acts, "slavery" and general dictatorship-style of backend "legislation/lawmaking".

This isn't anti-president. This is anti-government. To truly form an uprising we must be ready to fire upon the government, their officials, and spokespeople. We must be willing to fire upon US citizens that defend the US government or oppose the uprising (even if its because of their ignorance of facts).

Are you willing to do this? Because that's what we need.

We will see. I have heard a LOT of talking on this forum about.. how people need to wake up, how people need to stand up and *do something*, and all other cries of change. I don't see many threads of actual change. Just mostly information on how to "change" for what is "better", with no clear definition of what that means. I do appreciate your post though, I have heard the same.

I think the USA Gov. folks know darn well the kind of resistance they face. All they have to do is turn off electricity under whatever pretense (war, aliens, emp, solar flare) ... lets say for 1 month, even more if necessary, and it's problem solved. I know there will be survivors without electricity, and who knows if they could form any reasonable resistance to outside invaders.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by spqrenki
reply to post by Nicks87

When I think billionaire I think Steve Jobs, laying on his death bed, never gave a cent to charity in his life and still, even then, died with that money like he was going to take it with him. The arrogance, greed, and down right scum tactics used to acquire said wealth is really the cancer that eats away at society. Steve Jobs, may satan burn his soul, was nothing more than a modern day slave owner.
edit on 18-2-2013 by spqrenki because: (no reason given)

I never made the correlation but yes I agree that is a great example. What also disgusts me is that the media propped him up like he was some sort of hero and visonary. What a piece of garbage.

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