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Police Brutality

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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 01:14 AM
Alright, so you're probably coming in here expecting once again another police brutality thread complaining about cops and yada yada. Actually this one isn't about the cops but well..It's about you ATS..

You see, every day I find threads from ATS members commenting on police brutality and the like.. Sometimes these videos are actually police brutality and sometimes the force exercised is quite obvious. Let's just go with some of the more recent posts.

1. Police brutally beating man who surrenders. What everyone fails to notice is the fact that the man "surrendering" actually led the police on a wild chase and the such. When someone does this, it's pretty obvious the man is in the wrong for something and knows he is in the wrong for something. I found a very interesting comment deep within that thread stating "they should've copied that mans license plate and just sent him a ticket in the mail". The ironic thing about this is, what if this man murdered someone? Then you would complain how the cop was too lazy to do his job and just decided to send a letter in the mail. When a person runs from the police, the result is going to be anything but "oh you're surrendering now? Cool. Just put your hands behind your back and get on the ground." It's going to be more of a subdue rather than vice versa. Want to prove me right? Lead the police on a chase and see how you get a nice beating.

2. Here recently I watched a video of police honoring a man who died trying to save boy's life. Not even a page into the comments I found once again another reference to police brutality. So let me get this straight.. A cop can't do anything nice without you getting all uptight and emotional? So even if they were to do the "right thing" according to your standard, they are still in the wrong?

3. While yes, there are good cops and bad cops.. There are also good ATS members and bad ATS members.. By the time you guys are happy perfecting the cops, they'll be running around with sockem boppers and nerf guns.

4. Now let's really think about this whole "Police Brutality" type thing. Do you actually believe this is something new? Do you actually believe that only America has a problem with "Police Brutality"?.. Give me a break.. Please.. Some form of abuse of power has been going on since the beginning of mankind.. No it's not on the rise, no... it's not.. The only difference now is we have video cameras and youtube...

So please.. For the sake of ATS.. let's really step back and reconsider how annoying it has become..

The whole "Deny Ignorance"... Well your emotions are apparently getting in the way of the critical thinking process...

Thank you if you actually read my rant, without jumping to conclusions and automatically labeling me as "x".

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by Pelvi

I like this rant.

Having been arrested a few times myself,I have never been beat up by cops and have a healthy respect for what they do.
The cop bashing threads on here are a tad ridiculous.
It seems like everyone seems to know everything but yet with no experience in real life on the matter.....maybe a speeding ticket or something minor like that.

I feel alot of people try to bait others by using and feeding off of others emotions with this issue.
A sensationalistic approach seems to garner more flags and stars and that is what i think people are looking for.....not truth.

Most times,when a person is being a prick to the police......I enjoy watching them get whats coming to them.
I have always been nice and have never had problems....go figure.

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 01:48 AM

Originally posted by DrumsRfun
reply to post by Pelvi

Most times,when a person is being a prick to the police......I enjoy watching them get whats coming to them.
I have always been nice and have never had problems....go figure.

I've had experiences where me and my friends would be out, another friend driving and we'd get pulled over. The friend driving would be like a typical ATS member and barely roll the window down to a crack just to try and show some form of control. But in reality what he was doing was making the police officer more suspicious when he was just making sure we were alright and not lost at 2 a.m. in the morning. But once he finally rolled down the window I actually did the talking from the passenger seat because apparently my friend wasn't capable of being a civil human being.

There are many of times where a police officer could have gotten me for many of things and done many of things to me.. But.. he didn't.. Actually he thanked me for telling him the truth.. Crumbled up the evidence.. Stuck it in his pocket.. And let me go.. No way, form or fashion did I try to belittle him or control the situation.

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 01:49 AM
In my opinion even after a high speed chase, if the criminal raises his hands and
surrenders and then the cops jump and beat the man, no im sorry they don't get
a pass, i get adrenaline, i get the heat of the moment, what i cannot overlook however
is that they have this job to do day in and day out, if they react that way when
under stress, a common issue on this job, then they cannot be relied upon to
do that job properly, ever.

A police officer should not have the luxury of simply saying that because someone
made him angry he should be allowed to beat or harm them when it is not
necessary to apprehend them with such force, sometimes things are not so cut
and dry, others they are very much cut and dry, the problem i continue to see is
that even when its brutally obvious that the police are not following the laws they
are suppose to follow it is treated the same way, which then makes me worry
that no matter what they will not be held accountable when they blatantly break
the law, they have gone from being respected to being feared.

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by bloodreviara

It's not the "made them angry" type thing that get's a person beaten from running from the police. I imagine if you watch atleast one episode of "Cops" you will see on live tv the man who led the police on a chase getting beaten.. I'm not even going to try and jump to the conclusion that the man "looked like he was reaching for a gun".. The real situation is you have no idea what this man is capable of doing, the fastest way of neutralizing him (as in knowing he is neutralized) is subduing force.

People don't just run from the police without having some form of guilt. The possibilities are endless at this point of what that guilt actually might be.

See the problem is, is that everyone has consumed themselves with so much "police brutality" videos that anytime they see a cop using force its automatically "police brutality".

Please, do some homework.. and watch an episode of Cops.. Its on national television and it happens every episode.. Also the ending result is quite the same also.. Nothing has changed..

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 02:16 AM
Yep, go watch cops. Because you'll never see police brutality on there, it never happens. And if it does happen, why it's the damn vermin scumbag criminal who's running. Obviously he's done something and deserves to be punched, kicked, tazed, punched some more and then beaten, why else would they do it unless they had a brilliant reason.

Yes, COPS. It's a documentary. It points out how all you pig haters are just stupid. No brains between any of you. COPS, the tv show, is what you should be watching. Not this "I hate the police' propaganda put out by other criminals who have obviously things to hide.

Yes, whenever I see a police officer bash someone, I have to think.. What could have caused this... And it leaves me with only one thing in mind. Criminals deserve it, or else they wouldnt be criminals. They're criminals and they should be bashed without restraint. It's only a good officer that does it.

And if a cop ever gets pulled up for being abusive, it's because no one realises just how hard it is to be a cop. It's almost impossible to be a good cop, with so many criminals.


So when you see an officer who threatens you to stop video taping him, while you're on your own property, or when you see an officer punching someone for being lippy, or when you see an officer plant evidence then don't you dare bring it up. You are obviously not thinkiing about how hard it is for these poor honest joes to do their job.


Cops... It's a window into the world of those who do their solemn best to save society from the perils of devious scumbag criminals.

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by winofiend

Such a cute comment

Especially considering I did say police brutality does exist, but every instance you can possibly dig up on youtube is not always the best example.

You see, you read my OP, and you picked out the things that you wanted to read and wanted to flame. Once you did that you made a pretty impractical comment, and discarded the rest.

My original post was not a one sided argument. Actually it touched base on both sides explaining yes, police brutality exists.. But is it always actually "police brutality"?..

I hope I get a better reply from you

Also.. As a side note, can you please explain to me a reasonable answer to why you should try and evade the police?
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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by Pelvi

While i don't disagree that a threat does need to be neutralized as quickly
as possible, from the video with the high speed chase one the bike
where we see the man clearly surrender in my opinion they placed
themselves at much greater risk rushing in a attacking a possibly armed
man when they clearly had numbers and weapons, they did not stand
behind cover and order this man to lie down with his hands behind
his back and follow proper procedure. to me that says they did not
care about safety at all, they were simply angry because this man
broke the law, they have a right to be angry of course, they do not
however have the right to decide the man deserves a beating because
he did not stop, we do not use physical abuse to punish criminals
as far as im aware in this country, well we aren't suppose to, i wonder
how much of that goes on behind closed doors.

As i stated there is a time for quick and decisive physical action, the part
our police seem to forget is there is also a time when they should step
back and practice proper procedure and patience, how many times have
they killed a mentally challenged person because of this start punching first
and ask question after policy you endorse, our police have rules that govern
them for a reason, when they break those rules they should very well
face the consequences, they have a hard job but they are well aware of
that going in.

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