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Interpreting the "prophecy of the popes" in light of Malachi Martin's statements on Fatima

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by alex45

See how the TOWER of Petrus Romanus resembles the one of the 'Tower' card XVI of the tarot ON THE TOP OF A HILL!

Really exciting correlation.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:51 AM
double post.

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posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 02:56 PM
I've been meaning to get Petrus Romanus and decided to buy it today. WND has a page up that still has it for $4.95 with standard shipping so it comes out to $10.01. Here is the link.

I've listened to Tom Horn and Steve Quayle about this book and Exo-Vaticana. I am not sure I want to get Exo-Vaticana. Has anyone else read it? I really think we have to be careful in how we view this new Pope Francis. I was talking with my ex-husband's ex-wife who still gets to see my children cause I think it's only fair and she loves them so much, who is a very devout Catholic. She has a theology masters from Tulane and is a smart woman. I have talked with her a few times about the new Pope. She has reservations about what he is doing, but the other day she said, "Well, he is a Jesuit, and thus is one to walk in the way of Jesus and not care about politics."

Now, that was an interesting take on it for me. I was raised Catholic and until 1987 I remained RCC. Then I got "saved" and just could not stay in the church for things I could not adhere to in it. I love the Carmelites and the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. There is much wisdom in their writings, and while some just write this Pope off as the coming son of Satan basically, I am truly puzzled as to how the events playing out affect him.

He seems to be walking in the way of Yeshua / Jesus. He models a humble servant and it seems disingenuous to castigate him based on end days prophecy where the AC comes in peacefully and prosperously. So, are we to judge all in leadership who actually do nice and just things from now on? As a Christian I believe we are to pray for our leaders, and the Pope is certainly one, and while I have another thread going that is pretty damning of the RCC, I cannot sit in judgement of a man who is mirroring the love of Christ to the world at this time. Will something happen later that causes him to err and fall away thus drawing billions with him? Maybe, and I guess it is in this vein that we just have to watch and pray for wisdom.

I think I need to read a lot more about Pope Francis, and his writings to gain more understanding of the man.
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posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

You will learn a lot from Tom although not everything is correct. I belive you learned how to discern such kind of books and to use the useful while putting asde the wrong.

Francis is much above the commonly accepted level of a cardinal (therefore he was elected pope). But the same was valid for Ratzinger when elected. The point is what a new elect pope will do different from his predecessor. We all know he will say the Rosary and the Mass. What will be the other he will do?

THere is one thing that will change humanity and avoid disaster and that is to call help of extraterestrials. Exovaticana takes the opposite position although gives some background. Exovaticana paints a bleak picture in which the Jesuits (and the new pope) ultimately play the bad actor. It is wrong.

In religious terms however, extraterrestrials are "angels" and the main intercessor between us and Jesus is Mary his mother who commands the angels. Fatima is the biggest such intercession in 20 century. WW3 was avoided in 1980s thanks to Mary's intercession. So his act to consecrate world to Mary of Fatima means a lot. He first recognizes OL appeared back then. Then he tries to conform his reign to her words (that we still don't know fully). And then - will he do it, will he cross the threshold of hope as JP2 used to say, to present to the world the new reality that everyone with computer could know in half an hour. That we are not only visited by observer UFO who "crashed" after traveling half galaxy to reach us. But that they are actively involved in earth's development in the last decades, they built the Moon program as well as he German pre-war hi-tech, as well as the microprocessor computer. They are part of our reality, although invisible for now. And they are not one entity but different, opposite races. Until when the humanity will wait, struggling with everyday necessities instead of being uplifted to new level as in the industrial revolution. It is also moral uplifting, it will eliminate nuclear war, world hunger, or at least the sequences of them if they are inevitable at this point. Are They bad or good. The truth is there are bad, there are good ones, and nobody tells us who is who. All words won't be enough to explain that in a post. I have several more threads on the subject. Francis is elected there, jesuit, and he will do something remarkable. Even if he is the last pope of a medieval list. The work must be done. And this is not a bad work as Tom Horn argues. I don't agree with him. Exovaticana says facts but then demonizes in the conclusion. It is a wrong approach. It is wrong to pick up a negative ET race and to claim Vatican is connected and then to derive conclusion everything in that respect the pope might do, is bad too. Even to speak of false prophet. Excuse me! This is a bad propaganda, a blackmail. "Say a word of ET and you are branded false prophet" is not the best way to deal with the phenomena. It is much better to explaain in plain language God created many thousands of other stars and many of them are populated. And their representatives have already arrived.

Is this in Fatima, is this in Francis' pontificate agenda, I want to believe. Because the time is ticking. Not only for a 76y old man but for everyone and for the world as a whole. We don't know how much time we are granted in the new century (it should have happened in the end of 20c.). If we do not respond to the grace, we know what follows, nuclear war, then celestial cleansing called Great Chastisement. Not so many prophets speak of the antichrist, certainly not Fatima or other major apparitions. They speak of Chastisement by fire. Is it what we really want, or is it we realize the truth beforehand. Without being a prophet I can tell you comet Ison travels quite directed towards the Sun. We have watched Sci Fi like Stargate when a solar supernova process was triggered by a small team of human explorers to destroy enemy fleet. The ET races have bigger capabilities than ours. Russian general just admitted their rocket space forces cannot deal with ET attack if it ever occurs. This was the latest in a row of hi level Russian politicians who speak of aliens, Medvedev included. Only Putin hasn't spoken yet. Will the pope await Putin to say it first, and then to confirm it? Whatever it is, we are far off schedule and only miracle still keeps the planet alive. We don't have the luxury of one more year of non-events set to happen for thousands of years, i.e. before the foundation of human civilizations.
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