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Truth dawning...

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 04:25 PM
Truth dawning...

There is a time and place for everything
In this reality
Within these borders of concepts
Numbers in a row

There is a time
To learn
To grow
To experience

That what is
Right and wrong
To choose
To embrace
To build that soul
Of experience
Of communication
Of presence

To turn towards the truth
That was always there
Or to seek the lie
And make it grow

There is no time for love
It will always be
Be you
Be me

There is also a time for pity
A time to wait
Time for patience
To observe
Choices to be made
Roads to be traveled

Branches growing
On the Tree of Life

There was a time to fall
Into the shadows
Those of small minds
Smallest branches
To turn away
From One
From what they are themselves
Afraid of their own heart
To mock
To hurt


There is also a time
Where all comes to all
Where enough is just enough
Pity running out
Consequences of all the choices
Coming back

A time to prune
The tree
To make it glow

A time to fly
To kiss the sky
To be that firebird
To be that sword

To rise
From out of the shadows
Into the brightest light
Purest love

Truth is relentless
Cuts to the core

Like a Sword

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