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EU Commission probed over lobbyists conflict of interest

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 10:41 AM
I post this in the political conspiracies forum, as I truly believe this is at the heart of most of the problems virtually all countries seem to be facing.

"For too long, the Commission has turned a blind eye to the conflicts of interest that can arise when EU bureaucrats change job to become lobbyists, or when lobbyists start working in the EU administration. The Ombudsman's investigation should lead the Commission to close the revolving door to private lobbyists who put the public interest at risk."

There you have it... the above quote pretty much says, what I believe everyone knows, but is the cash cow for the greedy and corrupt who yearn the positions of power and are attracted to politics.

Post WWI politics has increasingly become a class war, where the wealthy are able to buy off politicians (or become politicians themselves) to ensure that our tax dollars go back into their pockets, with no concern as to what might be in the interest of the populace. This, sadly, has been shown to be the case in almost every country, and by almost every political party that exists... it is a game to them, and guess what, they are winning, for our tax dollars are being syphoned into their bank accounts!

i may be overly cynical, but these is another case of the police policing themselves, so I see little chance of politicians enacting laws that would hurt their real income. (Because, let's face it, their salary is a minute source of their income... even though raising it always seems to be the only thing to get unanimous support!)

the Billmeister


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