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(HSSC2) The Journal

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posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 11:04 AM
(Based On True Events)

January 2002:

The strange events are becoming more numerous. The books keep falling and the doors keep slamming. My house is invested. The creatures are ever watching me.

March 2002:

The occurnences wont stop. I'm being held prisoner of fear in my own house. They are always in the back of mind. I can still feel them watching.

April 2002:

The events have come to a new level. I can feel them touching me. I am constantly afraid, but im too afraid to bring it up to my parents. Last night I was awoken by the violent shaking of my bed.

June 2002:

They have become part if my dreams. I have the same dream everynight. I am flying into the den in my house, the walls are red which i think is blood. I wake everynight in complete fear.

September 2002:

The feeling of being watched has come to an all time high. I am frozen in my tracks, afraid to in fear of them seeing me. I am always looking over my shoulder.

November 2002:

I have seen it! I have seen it! It was there one second then vanished a few seconds later. I lie awake every night waiting for it.

December 2002:

They touch me in the middle of the night. I can feel them. Two nights ago i heard them walking my house. I was awake in fear until i could no longer hole my eyes open.

February 2003:

The events still persist. I can hear them walking around my house. Its happening more and more. I begin to wonder if this will ever.

May 2003:

Last week the strangest thing so far happened to me. I was lying in bed when i heard rapid taping in my walls. The fear sometimes builds up to much. I just feel like i have to scream.

July 2003:

My friend and i witnessed two of the strangest things. we saw a smoke detector unattach from the ceiling for no reason. They are on my walls. I can see their shadows on my walls. There is no end of these events in sight.

August 2003:

I have seen them at work. They are throwing things across. I cant stand it. Its driving me insane.

December 2003:

They have stoped. I hoping this is for good. Thank god.

January 2004:

They arent gone! they have come back. I can hear them walking all over the house. hopefully they will.

March 2004:

I can feel them watching me more and more often. I cant it anymore. IM lving in fera in my own house. I have become stuck in my room in fera of leaving.

June 2004:

Its becoming worse and more persistent. Ican hear them talking and messing around in my house. I awoke one night to find the tv going on and off. I can hear the keyboard typing.

August 2004:

They have begun talking. They call to me. The fear has become unberable. they have thrown things at me. I can feel them behind me. I can see them more and more often.

October 30, 2004:

The voices persisit. I can feel them now. I have become locked in my room. Im afraid to leave.

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 02:41 PM
any comments??? ANybody??? pLease.

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 02:47 PM
I think it might help with the intentional anzxiety of the story if the entries were not so far apart. The entries seemed urgent and rushed as if intended, but they are months apart. How about change it to dayly and even hourly entries. This is a decent outline for a story, but you might want to elaborate a bit more.


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