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Most important thing I've ever written, and possibly the most important thing you'll ever read

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:28 AM
ATSers, this is possibly the most important and ambitious thing I've ever written. I know we all want change, but nobody is inspiring the nation to change, I hope my words can light a fuel, what follows are the results of my contemplations on the American nations society, I know this community is not bound by national borders, and I hope our international brothers can adapt these writings to improve the society of their own countries. It is my hope that this writing gets shared with the world, I wrote something that I can say with complete honesty that I am proud of, and I know some sections will appear as ramblings, but it is my truest desire to get the wheels of change moving, I am tired of leaving it in the hands of the corrupted officials that has tarnished our name and destroyed our nation, I'm hoping my part in our species evolution will be realized once I hit the post button, if you agree with me and throw a star on my post, I beg you to share this, get the word out. If you don't, then I hope we at least kickstart the conversations that leads to revolution. I know what follows is long, but if it can inspire change, then it is worth the read:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

A great patriot once said, and I'm paraphrasing for the detailed orientated, that the American people must always be ready to take arms against their government once they assert their will over the people. I declare that time is now. I declare it is time that we rise against the aggressive machine that asserts its will not only over this once great nation, but over the entire globe, all in the false name of democracy. I assure you that the wars and conflicts that we have been involved in, both directly and indirectly, are not in the name of democracy, but instead are waged for the benefits of the shadow elite that pulls the strings of whatever puppet they dangle in front of us. We owe it to the men and women who have given all for an idea that has been tainted by these shadowy figures as they carry out their own agendas before our very eyes.

A never ending state of war has been upon this nation since before many of you have been born. We've had the War on Terror, the Cold War, the War on Drugs, conflicts in S. America, Bosnia, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, the list goes on and on, and this is just what is made public. These wars and conflicts are supposedly in the name of democracy, we're always the heroes going to liberate the oppressed from the bad savage men who rule with iron fists. After we invade and destroy a nation, we set up a regime government, we arm them and train them. The truth is never as black and white as we are led to believe. Time and time again, the powers we put in control turn on us, and new conflicts arise. This creates a never ending cycle of wars, wars that the few benefit from, and the American people, as well as the entire nation of whatever country we feel needs usurping suffer, we suffer by sending our sons and daughters to far away places to face these “tyrants” and “barbarians” in a conflict very few of them can accurately describe the reason for being there in the first place. The “barbarians” we face are mostly sheephearders, farmers and simple people who pose no threat to our way of life, but have been violently upheaved from their day to day to lives and watched as their loved ones and neighbors are destroyed by an aggressive invader. No wonder we are loathed by the middle east nations! But these nations have resources we want, or they question the sanctity of the U.N and its unending grasp of power, so the U.N sends their muscle, that's right people, we are the bullies of the playground, and the American people are fed lies and b.s and we are cornered into a fattening consumer society where we are enslaved by invisible bars.

You believe because you can work you whole life and make a name for yourself and your family that you are free. It is an illusion, regardless of how well you have made your life, you got there by stepping on the backs of the less fortunate, and empowering the very entities that enslave you. The banks you pay, the debt you acquire, the food, the information, the resources of this nation are controlled by the elite, you need these to survive, they know this, and they know you will dedicate your entire life fending for yourself to acquire these necessities while they commit whatever atrocities they see fit as you allow them to sustain this illusion...and we are so blind and use to it that we can't even recognize it. These resources belong to all of us, we control them, we produce the products we use, we mine the resources from this earth. The knowledge acquired over the span of our entire civilization belongs to all of us, not to a few who are allowed to benefit from this knowledge and keep it for themselves so we depend on them.

The American Dream is over. The illusion is slipping and soon the veil will be lifted. But first you need to be awaken. It is taught to us that everybody in America has the same chances of success as everybody else. That is a lie. There is a reason why the same dynasties are seen up top, they keep information to themselves, they enroll in schools that the average American has no access to, and they are indoctrinated as the heirs of this nation, that is not how our founding fathers envisioned our country to be. The majority of the American people are forced to work jobs they despise their entire lives to make a living, this is how we are enslaved. We must work to live, that is acceptable apparently, we don't like it, but we need to eat. That's just how they WANT it to be. If you are so focused on fending for you and your own, then everything else will ALWAYS come in second, this allow them to feed us the lies of freedom and democracy, we believe we have a say in who wins elections, but come on, out of an entire nation of great thinkers, we are allowed to choose our next leader out of a total of two choices. The election process is a show, we are shown this grand process of how we wittle it down to these two, however, the cost of campaigning and the importance of exposure of the mass media will always limit our choice to the two puppets placed in front of us. That is why true fighters of democracy will always be wittled out early, men who propose change for this nation, men like Ron Paul, who tried to play by their rules but got burned in the end.
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:29 AM
So while you're fending for yourself, the elite are gorging themselves from the spoils of your labor. Let's take a look at the very system they've placed before us. We're indoctrinated at an early age in grade school. We are fed patriotic b.s and lies, to keep us in love with our nation, and they ingrain in our brains an extremely intolerant and vengeful authority figure. The joke of our pathetic public education system is such an outrageous farce that there is little wonder why the American people are the laughing stock of the world! How can we tolerate such an obvious show of disrespect and insult to the future generation of this nation?

Once done with grade school, we come to a fork in a road on our career path, we can start right our in the work force, and feed the system directly. Or some of the “fortunate” ones will enroll in a higher learning institution. In both instances you are still caught in their web.

If you go down the path of knowledge, you will have gained a little more control over your enslavement, your chances of acquiring a more rewarding career are slightly improved. However, the majority of graduates are left with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Most would consider this a reasonable price, and the job garnered as a result of the acquired knowledge should be able to pay it back. However, as most are finding out upon graduation, that cherished job is not a guarantee and the loans will not wait for you to find it. You first have to find the job, and keep the job, and work your way up in the job to be able to sustain a descent life. This is YOUR life's focus, do you believe we were put on this planet so we can assist the minority elite accumulate an overwhelming amount of wealth and power?

If you choose to jump right into the work force and skip the higher education, you start out with less debt, but your options for employment are limited.

Regardless of which path you choose, you eventually enlist in the workforce. Once on this road, a few necessities need to be addressed. One of the first priorities is a means of transportation, the majority of Americans seek out their first big investment, an automobile. These pieces of junk, oh they may be pretty and necessary pieces of junk, but they are still junk. The initial investment is ludicrous, the retail cost of the vehicle is sometimes 500 percent higher than the manufacturing price (inflation has skyrocketed the prices, compare that to the 50s and 60s when a vehicle cost merely a couple grand, where as today our median price for a well built car is $20-$25,000). Most people are not fortunate enough to have this money available upon starting out. So we get a loan for it, and then we will spend the next 4-6 years paying for the loan and the interest of the loan of this beast. This is just the initial cost. We still have fuel, insurance, state taxes and registrations and regular maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. Oh the price of freedom. These clumbering beasts are ancient relics that should have died out long ago, however; our capitalist society has allowed them to evolve to this day, to continue to suck the resources of our mother earth as well as the hard earned dollar bill that the average American must shell out in order to obtain one. If it would have been my choice, I never would have bailed them out, a cost that we are still paying (but our national debt is so ludicrous who even takes it serious anymore?), and I would have given the bail out money to the manufacturers of companies such as Tesla (who is now at the brink of bankruptcy, where's their bailout?) Companies that are already on a path to alternative fuels.

Now that we're getting around and we have our mediocre income, we start looking at our living conditions, our options are rent or own. Either way we are tied down with a monthly payment that ensures we will get up the next morning and continue our feeble lives as an American worker.

So these big purchases on top of the necessities, the food, the utilities, and whatever entertainment helps you get through another day of living the “American Dream”. These are the chains of our enslavement, there're the necessities in life and unless we anchor ourselves down with a fixed income, you will either fail in life or succumb to criminal activities to meet these needs. Assuming of course you either didn't win the national or hereditary lottery. You are doomed to spend your entire adult life working to fulfill these needs, and while you're doing that, it's hard to worry about what the politicians and leaders are up to in the good and almighty name of democracy, cause come on it's Uncle Sam, he's the good guy remember!
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:30 AM
Because we're locked in this never-ending rat race, we're forced to compete against one another. The society suffers, the majority of the population are off fending for themselves and we are blind, indifferent or just uncaring of the corruption and injustice that's being committed in not only our own nation, but across the entire globe all in the name of the American people!

The minority that are committing these treasonous acts are being elected, paid and ignored by you, the American People. The leaders we elect always run their campaigns on the platforms of change, but we're always disappointed. I nearly laughed if I wasn't so sickened by the fact that our latest president has won the election on the platform of HOPE, how can we elect an official with no other platform than HOPE?!? Is it just a pretty word that the uncaring American people thought, hey this guy, this guy can bring change. They always say they'll change things, some may be better than others at hiding or distracting you from the corruption, but it never changes it! Our democratic government was intended to support and defend an evolving capitalist society. Instead the greed from that society tainted the principles of that government which in turn has halted and corrupted the growth of our great nation.

Our founding fathers believed the many should not be enslaved by the few. They risked everything they had for that belief. Once again, the many are enslaved by the few and I'm prepared to to risk everything I know and own to awaken the enslaved, to fight for the freedom of this nation and to create a healthier and more harmonized world for our future generations. I believe the American people can prove again to the world that we are not the pigs and bullies our fascist government and leaders have represented us as. And I believe we can again be a beacon to the world of the heights a society can soar once priorities are straightened and consequences are assessed and not ignored.

I hope you're awake, I'm not expecting you to fully grasp the magnitude of the deception that has been fed to you in this writing alone, however; there is enough proof of that online and I beg you to research it. To research how our ex vice president Cheney was able to allow his company to profit off a war that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, American people, middle eastern people and all the other people that have been sucked into a war that is a front for profiting. Research who these profiteers are, the resources they garnered and the puppets they control all while the American people pay the bill, I'm sure it will shock you when you find out how interconnected these elite people are. Research how is it that vice president Gore can buy up thousands of stock in our greatest corporation at pennies on the dollar, instantly obtaining a fortune, mind boggling that these people can get away with these acts, when the average American will never have an opportunity to make a purchase of that scale on that price. Research how our federal reserve system work, this is perhaps the most import research you can do for yourself, if you're not awake now, you will be if you didn't know the federal reserve system is NOT U.S agency but instead a central bank strategically named to mislead you. And like all banks they charge an interest rate to the LOANS given to our government. That's right, the dollar bill in your wallet is not printed by our government, it's printed by a central bank, loaned to our government and is what is used to feed these wars that we don't want...oh and it's our taxes that pay these loans off!

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:31 AM
I hope you're awakening, because I need you awake if we're going to change this. And I don't mean change the players, I mean change the game. I'm about to propose to you what I feel is the next logical evolutionary step for our society. This change will be radical, and it will come with objections, naysayers and critics. But like all evolutionary leaps, that's the way it works. Our capitalist society did not fail, we are just outgrowing it. It has served it purpose and has laid down the essential foundations for the success of the of our species. That is not to say that it will not fail, if we continue to allow the greed and corruption, which is the final stage of the this capitalist society, to boil over, then I fear instead of evolving we would devolve and would need to work ourselves back up to a point where evolution has a chance for success, so let's discuss change.

The foundations of our capitalist society is built on the belief that an individual can climb as high as a king if he/she has an idea or product that they can capitalize on (that's where the name comes from!). The idea is if you know how to market this knowledge or product, then there is no limit to the empire you can build for yourself. Knowledge is coveted and protected, the corporate espionage practice is a high demand field because the knowledge is worth the expense of getting it. The benefits of this society is obvious, especially when looking at the growth of our technologies and ideas. The imagination, ingenuity and intelligence of the human species is truly astonishing.

The draw to this society is the inherited greed, the hoarding of knowledge and individualism. Greed is the most obvious, corporations grow and grow because of a lust of greed, when a company gets to a point beyond sustaining the basic needs and luxury of the average person needs, the primary objective becomes capital increase. This is when you start seeing quality being sacrificed for quantity and substandard practices becoming the norm. Objectives of big companies are not the products and services the company built its name on, but the profit and savings that allow the company to continue to grow. These companies keep their knowledge to themselves, they don't want competition, because competition eats into their market. Individualism is a result of everybody chasing their own slice of the pie. Every lousy job you held was a necessity to get you to where you want to go in life. If you're lucky enough to be making a living doing something you truly love and enjoy, then you're still working to profit yourself, you don't build empires to help out your neighbors, you don't pay the bills of the less fortunate, you work for yourself, it's our view on life. These are what needs changing.
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:33 AM
It is essential that we understand that no single person or corporation has the right to hoard information and resources so a few can benefit. Every product built is built from resources gathered from our mother earth, and every idea thought of is the product of thousands of years of a society growing. All discoveries, all technologies, all advancements are the accumulation of a society's and a species's growth, how can one person lay claim to it and profit from it?

If we can realize this, then we can grasp the idea that we all can benefit from our collective discoveries! What if, instead of working for money to buy your necessities, working guarantees you access to those discoveries. As I've stated earlier, we've already built the foundation of a higher society. We have in place factories that can build anything we can dream up, we have scientists unlocking the secrets of our galaxy, knowledge that will allow us to evolve even further. Our nation has all the resources we need to sustain our lifestyle and then some, there is no reason why good people are struggling to make a living because our government has screwed us over so far that no matter how hard we work we were destined to fail. There is no reason why we have an abundance of food that there are people starving everyday. There is no reason that the rich are allowed to live like kings, when the wealth can be shared.

I propose we change the way we view our lives, we do not need to spend our entire lives slaving just to pay for the essentials, while the spoils from our labors are funneled up to the top tier of our nation. I propose we abolish our monetary system, we are smart enough to come up with a solution where as long as you contribute to this society, you will earn the benefits of this society. Farmers will continue to farm, scientists will continue to discover, teachers will continue to teach. And we will lose the crooked bankers, the greedy lawyers and criminals that find it easier to prey on the people who live to a higher standard. Life will go on, and not only that, but the benefits of losing money will be so overwhelming you will wonder why it has not been implemented sooner.

If our society never had a monetary system, instead we lived based of what I just proposed. Then the quality of products would never be sacrificed so profit could be made, jobs would never be outsourced to nations with lower standards and minimal wage policies so a greedy corporation could cut costs on overheads. True evolution of products can be made, because the knowledge is not being hoarded so a few can profit from them. Advancements, especially modern and safety ones (look at luxury cars with all great safety features and luxury comforts), would be standard. Innovations can be made that are long over due, we should have solved the consumption of fossil fuels from our vehicles decades ago, and in fact we did, but these greedy corporations that are profiting off of you constantly stopping by that gas station has blocked these advancements I say that that is a crime against humanity! In essence we will all benefit from our discoveries. We already have the foundation laid out so this can be a reality, our factories are capable of building all these products, and we have the knowledge to build more if we need them.

Knowledge needs to be accessible to all members of this society. Again, the foundation is already there, our internet is up and running and knowledge is already flowing to millions of users, however; this knowledge is not free and it is not available to everyone. The benefit to this, is everyone can have an input in a product or ideas evolution, we are no longer depending on a few to change the world. If you can understand how something work, then you might have suggestions or are able to view from a different angle how to improve upon it, ideas would be shared, they can be quickly shared with the experts in whatever field you're hoping to improve, it's a no brainer that our advancements as a species will just continue to rise.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:34 AM
Here's another example, the current tech gadget that is gaining speed and should soon be a staple in every home is 3D printers, if everyone has one of these in their home, not just a cheap one, but one of the high end (look up the objet line) then manufacturing small products at home will instantly become available, any idea you have to print, you can send the file to a database online, and share it with the world, instantly people can print out products.

I can continue to share examples of the benefits of this type of society but I believe you get the picture already. The great thing is, the trash will be dumped, any jobs that deal with finance, money counting will be eliminated, resources dedicated to consumer advertisements will be allocated to more important uses. Corporation dynasties will dissolve, let's face I'm sure the original McDonalds was a great restaurant, but the chains that the corporation insisted on throwing up across this nation is nothing compared to a company owned and ran by dedicated, skilled and passioned chefs who are not only enjoying what they do, but are creating unique atmospheres to dine, these are what you will see replacing the McDonalds and BurgerKings, the chefs are contributing to this society by living out their passion, and they are rewarded by having all their needs and wants met by the spoils of the society.

Your life no longer has to revolve around struggling to meet your basic necessities. We don't know why we were put on this planet, we are still searching for answers, however; I can guarantee that it is not so we can spend our entire lives surviving, while not enjoying the discoveries our species has made, you do not need to be working 40-80 hours a week to contribute. 20 hours will become more of the norm, the people that are doing what they love will do it almost 24/7, the fruits of these labors will be the advancements of our species, but the people who are working to enjoy the other aspects of life, will be the majority, we will have an abundance of workers, so there will be no need to spend our entire lives slaving.

I hope this isn't too hard to grasp, but this is the foundation for the advancement of our species. If we are no longer looking after numero uno, then we are working for the greater good. We should come up with goals for the species, things like less dependency on our natural resources, finding and utilizing greater energy sources, cleaning up the damages to our globe committed by our species, exploring the stars, this is how we advance. Become a shining example to the world at how a society should ran, become a proud ambassador of our species to any other extraterrestrial species (regardless if you believe or not, the possibility that they're out there is great, and we are on the cusp of exploring beyond our small niche in this galaxy, if we're doing it, it is too naïve to think we're alone).

American people, this change can only come if we chose to make it happen together, do we want to wait for our corrupted leaders to make choices that we will not be able to come back from, or do we demand change, change how we live, change how we allow them to use, abuse and exploit us. They are nothing without us, we have experts in every field that can defend and grow this nation. Soldiers will defend this new society if need be, ambassadors can negotiate with the nations that our reckless government has indebted us to, and we can build a society that can show the world that the people can control their fates, and we can lead this new society to a first true chance this world has ever had of world peace, because we understand that to achieve this we are a team, not an individual working towards our own goal, but a species striving to survive and make the next leap in evolution.

I hope you're awake, I hope you're inspired, I can't do this alone, but I will spread this word, I will attempt to awaken the people. These ideas are just that, I believe that this society can come together and decide what is right for them to grow, however; time is ticking, and we need to act soon. Before I end, I want to express the importance of sharing this, it will just be my words read by a few on a digital paper if it is not shared, print it out and pass it to your friends and family, if you agree with me and own a printing press, make copies of this, spread the word, if the people are tired of being oppressed and are ready to make true change because our leaders won't do what is necessary, then share these words. And to show your support, fly your flag upside down, wear a flag pin upside down, show the nation that you believe in change and you are awake to their corruption. Change is not easy, but change is necessary, if it doesn't occur evolution does not occur, we are ready to evolve. Don't sit idly by and complain about the institution, everyone is waiting for the answer, no one is offering solutions, I hope this gets the ball rolling.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:39 AM
There you have it, again, the objective of this is to get the ball rolling on change, I'm not hiding who I am, I am aware of the consequences of freedom fighters, I am going to attach this online so it will be easier to print and share if that is the intention of this community. I am not a nut, I am a regular citizen who is fed up with attrocitites committed in my name, and the silence of a nation who does not know how to implement change, I'm unsure of what I am doing, but I am doing what I feel is right. I will share this with everyone I know, regardless if I appear as a nut. I'm awaiting your responses, to see if I'm doing the right thing and am on the right track.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:45 AM

Can you change your title please to state this is only relevant if you are in THE US OF A....

A typical example of American Localised thinking.... WAKE UP THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE THE US OF A!!



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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:53 AM
holy great wall of text batman

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:54 AM
…… a space between paragraphs is very important…..

Also this is not the most important thing I have ever read (somewhat arrogant title) , this is just more of the same stuff that gets discussed at one point or another on most threads on ATS. I mean I am not American, I really wish the American bias on ATS would stop I think lots of American members need to wake up to the rest of the world. I skimmed over this, I found it difficult to read with the poor formatting of the OP but it’s not the most important thing I have ever read.

Perhaps this thread could use a bit of a summary by the OP with a brief explanation.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Korg Trinity

Actually Korg I feel this could be beneficial to all nations, I stated that in my first paragraph, I know it is coming from the perspective of an American, but I feel that it can be adapted to every nations unique situation to inspire change and growth of the human species

thanks for the reply, and I hope you don't read it all because you feel it is localized, I promise you it is not.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by OtherSideOfTheCoin

the statement was POSSIBLY the greatest thing you've ever read.

I'm sorry about the formatting, I did not type this up on ATS, and if I would have know the outcome before posting, I would have ammended it, I did state that this is my views on the American society, but I feel it can be adapted to other nations.

I understand that the world doesn't revolve around the American people, but this is where I live, and this is how I view our government taking advantage of us, I hope the bad formatting doesn't put you off on giving it a full read, I think you'll be surprised at what I have to say

thanks for the comment

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:19 AM
I think one of the things the 1% ers don't realize is that as they push the 99% lower and lower, many enter the abyss. They don't realize that some will come out of that abyss. Some will learn how to go without.... anything, yet still survive. They'll realize what they do need to survive and what they don't need to survive and a paradigm shift takes place.

When enough people realize exactly what they do need and what they don't need, they will be willing to stand up and make the difference. Until the comfortable are down to nothing and see that they are still alive and their mindset is adjusted, the Powers That Be continue to control them. They are pushing this themselves, their own demise. They take more and more away until the majority of people will be left with practically nothing. When that happens, what will stop them from standing up? There's nothing left to take away. There's nothing left to control them. There's nothing to stop them from saying "enough".

It's "easy" for them to control the masses who have spent their entire lives in poverty, they're used to it, they accepted it over their lifetimes (and it sucks that it works that way). When they plummet people into that abyss who have never been there before they don't know what the reaction will be. That's what's happening right now.

Think of the time (or the history of the time) when Wall Street fell. Many of the people who had become accustomed to a certain way of life threw themselves out windows, shot themselves, ended their own lives, because they couldn't fathom life without what they were accustomed to. This progress has been slower and people have adapted along the way. Of course they imagine "things can't get any worse", but they do. More and more are surviving that, more and more are living through it and coming out the other side. Those are the people who will be standing up, those are the people who learned the lessons along the way, those are the people who will bring it down.

The "rich and powerful" don't have the knowledge that those before them had, they don't have the morals, they don't have the ability. They got there the easy way and they won't be able to hold on to it. They treat others as their playthings, they feel the world owes them, it doesn't. The time is coming and it is coming quickly.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:24 AM

Originally posted by RobbyMcGill
reply to post by Korg Trinity

Actually Korg I feel this could be beneficial to all nations, I stated that in my first paragraph, I know it is coming from the perspective of an American, but I feel that it can be adapted to every nations unique situation to inspire change and growth of the human species

Thanks for the reply, and I hope you don't read it all because you feel it is localized, I promise you it is not.

You hit the nail on the head when you said unique.

This is why your vision or your point of view won't hold water.

When will people realise there is going to be Good and there is going to be Bad in varying degrees of frequency. It's called life, and if you blame your country for this then you are just as much to blame as you are part of it.

I challenge anyone here that has a problem with the ESTABLISHMENT to leave. You're not happy so why not just up and go.

But a warning.... the grass can seem oh so very green over there..... but may not be when you get there...

Are you going to be jumping out of the pan into the fire??

Why not just find things to happy about and focus on those things instead??


posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:37 AM
reply to post by RobbyMcGill

Just cut and paste the Yongle Dadian while youre at it.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:38 AM
If you read my post in its entirety than you will realize that I am trying to lessen the evils of the bad, the corrupt. Asking someone to just up and leave their home is not the most rational or even practical thing to suggest. First off, home is home, regardless of where you are born and raised, home is home. Secondly everything you love and care for is in that place, you don't think I concentrate on the things that make this society good? I do, I bought the lies for many years as well, I've enjoyed seemingly free life we are given.

That doesn't mean that evolution is necessary, our current state of the human race's society as a whole is in no position to evolve. If our elected officials (not just americans) are constantly parading around the globe on never ending quests of conflicts and war then we as a human race will never evolve. As long as there are threats and warmongers in this world, then we will not evolve, we will never be on a level equal to species similiar to TheOtherSideOfTheCoin's avatar. I am able to recognize our nation as a leader of warmongers, I'm trying to wake my nation up to this, and instill change, for a better society, I know it's ambitious, and I stated that there will be naysayers, but I will stick to my guns and continue to counter whatever you wish to say.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:41 AM

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by RobbyMcGill
There you have it, again, the objective of this is to get the ball rolling on change, I'm not hiding who I am, I am aware of the consequences of freedom fighters, I am going to attach this online so it will be easier to print and share if that is the intention of this community. I am not a nut, I am a regular citizen who is fed up with attrocitites committed in my name, and the silence of a nation who does not know how to implement change, I'm unsure of what I am doing, but I am doing what I feel is right. I will share this with everyone I know, regardless if I appear as a nut. I'm awaiting your responses, to see if I'm doing the right thing and am on the right track.

You are definetly on the right track my friend, and your not alone in your beliefs. The time has come to a change in the way we do things, as a species we are able to do great things, people just has to realize this, and you have done a great work at making people aware. Well spoken, wish i had more time to comment on this, cause this is importen.


posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by MrNobody777

Thank you for the support Mr.Nobody (kinda funny to type that) I look forward to reading any responses you make when you get a chance.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by HopSkipJump

well said, and I agree, people survive and thrive even after the luxuries are lifted.

What I'm afraid of is not the eventual segregation of the entirety of the 99% but more of the continual warmongering of the global elite that will eventual lead the human species to a WWIII scenario, nobody wants another huge war, but TPB are not doing a thing to prevent it, instead they are instigating more conflicts and flaming the embers of an eventual showdown that will have dire and chaotic consequences on our species and our mother earth.

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