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Meteorite Crashes in Russia

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by AnimositisominA

I'm not 100% certain on that, but I believe it's possible. My husband got me a genuine meteorite necklace for my birthday this year.It has little pieces of a meteor that fell in china during the 40's. You can find jewelry online in loads of places, depending on the type and how large the pieces are the cost varies.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:20 AM
I think i heard on rt that russias biggest nuclear powerstation is in that city chebinsk, i may be wrong.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by yubiaden
I find it strange that this happened roughly 100 years ago..
Great Meteor Procession of February 9, 1913

February 9, 1913. One hundred years ago today, a strange meteor sighting occurred over Canada, the U.S. Northeast, Bermuda and some ships at sea, including one off Brazil. What happened that night is sometimes called the Great Meteor Procession of 1913, and it sparked decades of debate concerning what actually happened.

now significant!

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:27 AM

Originally posted by nerbot

Originally posted by Deaf Alien
reply to post by Brainiac

Now you get it lol
I think there's more to this than what they are telling us.

1st impression...I agree.

Is This A Test for something bigger in the future?

With all the crap they have been sending up into space, who knows what they have ready and waiting to pummel into the earth below to cause widespread panic.

Next time it could be a western target and specific landmarks for creating the right scenario and outcome.

HERE we have the problem (unforseen impacts from space)
NEXT we have the reaction (Star Wars program type)
THEN we have the solution (More weapons in space at the taxpayers expense)

Let's hope this is not going to be anything more than an isolated incedent.

I beleive that Nerbot is on the money. Check out what Werner von braun said....along the lines of thata the Western Military Industrial Complex needs ongoing conflict to survive and to continue pumping money into Star Wars programs.

1st the soviet threat.
Then the terrorist threat.
Militant groups in Africa.
Then asteroid and finally aliens.

whether real or not how would be know?

we've seen enough false flags in our time.

Whats to say an asteroid couldnt have been bumped into the orbit that took into into an earth impact.

give a couple weeks and throw another one into western Europe.....response is immediate global effort to install laser weapons systems into orbit to "protect earth from asteroid", when they could just as easily turn around and take out any target on the planet without warning.

And you though drones were bad! atleast you some a little chance of shooting a drone out of the you gonna drop those birds in orbit?

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Geraputo

I have heard that in Russia auto accident fraud is rampant, so many people have dashcams to record all driving.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

Oh my God you're serious. You really think that some secret government agency is shooting meteors down to earth, and it is all a part of some false flag? COME ON!
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by Deaf Alien
reply to post by winofiend

Never mind that

How do you explain the two trails of smoke?

Thanks for replying

I can't really say. I can only imagine what goes on when an unknown, possibly irregular shaped, meteoroid enters the atmosphere and burns up.

There is a lot of energy being released in there, so I can imagine that it did break apart and simply we're seeing two large objects on the same trajectory burning up.

Given that we can see the thing from beginning to end, we know it didn't start with two tails.

As to the sound, I'm still confused. In some videos, there passes over 1 minute before the 'bang' occurs and this is loud. I mean really loud. I can't explain it in words, but if you were there you'd feel it immensely I would imagine. But then there is a series of popping and crackling. Long after the plumes are visible and dispersing slightly.

Someone said it sounded like gun fire.

I can only imagine, again, that it is something on the ground that is now combusting.

But as I can only imagine, I can't know other than what we get from all reports and conclude.. Haha if we trusted the Russian news websites, the military shot this thing out of the sky, at the same time it fell in a lake while the US tested space missiles on Russia. Or something. IE; only by taking info from all angles can you whittle down to the truth.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by intrptr

Originally posted by chebob

Lot of updates on 6 metre crater found, meteor weighed 10 tons, "exploded 9 times" while in the air. I'm no expert, does it all sound about right for something like that?

Oh, absolutely. Historically speaking this is quite uhhh... historical. Thanks for the "crater" update.

Wow thats quite strange, blowing up 9 times.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:32 AM

Originally posted by Mnemicrsl
I would be totally freaking out if that took place here in California. Does anybody know if there were any casualties yet?

I heard there were 14 people hospitalized. No casualties yet.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:32 AM
Russian Military discovers 6 meters in diameter crater from Urals meteorite.

Army units found three meteorite debris impact sites, two of which are in an area near Chebarkul Lake, west of Chelyabinsk. The third site was found some 80 kilometers further to the northwest, near the town of Zlatoust. One of the fragments that struck near Chebarkul left a crater six meters in diameter.

[...] Servicemembers from the tank brigade that found the crater have confirmed that background radiation levels at the site are normal.

According to unconfirmed reports, the meteorite was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk. A missile salvo blew the meteorite to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers, local newspaper Znak reports quoting a source in the military.

Regnum news agency quoted a military source who claimed that the vapor condensation trail of the meteorite speaks to the fact that the meteorite was intercepted by air defenses.

Police in the Chelyabinsk region are reportedly on high alert, and have begun ‘Operation Fortress’ in order to protect vital infrastructure.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:32 AM
This is scary, i see more of this stuff happening in the near future.

Maybe this is why the governments are building bunkers in the ground

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:33 AM
My first impression is it is of a downed aircraft of sorts, Maybe were just not used to seeing asteroids in pure daylight and THIS close. Would scare the s--t out of me!

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by Shuye

If the World Was going to end you think our governments,News Media would even tell us?

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by Destinyone
RT Cable news/TV covering story now. Channel 280 on my Dish Network.


Awesome! Thanks! I hope it's still playing. I am checking it now!

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

NO I think thousands of independent scientists would tell us. Stop relying on the GOV for everything, you are falling into their fear trap of control.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:38 AM
I have not read the entire thread yet so I do not know if it has been said, but this makes me think about Project Thor.
Perhaps a test went wrong and Russia accidentally got in the way.

Project Thor
Project Thor is an idea for a weapons system that launches kinetic projectiles from Earth orbit to damage targets on the ground. Jerry Pournelle originated the concept while working in operations research at Boeing in the 1950s before becoming a science-fiction writer.
The most described system is "an orbiting tungsten telephone pole with small fins and a computer in the back for guidance". The weapon can be down-scaled, an orbiting "crowbar" rather than a pole.[citation needed] The system described in the 2003 United States Air Force (USAF) report was that of 20-foot-long (6.1 m), 1-foot-diameter (0.30 m) tungsten rods, that are satellite controlled, and have global strike capability, with impact speeds of Mach 10.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by LiberalSceptic

The explosion from something that dense flying as fast if not faster than the meteorite, would be huge!! Hell the crater was six meters lol. This thing was tiny, and only made of iron, not something super dense like tungsten. It just goes to show you that it doesn't take much.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by winofiend

Thank you for your reply

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:46 AM
I have been following this all night and I agree with Deaf Allen, there are a lot of things that don't add up...

Firstly, the double trail obviously. That is, at the very least, worth questioning. And even if you do have two identically sized and shaped points of combustion, how on God's green Earth do they all of a sudden put out two smaller trails of identical shape and size?

And there are other things.. The time discrepancy between the flash and the shockwave/explosion do not correlate at all. If the blast wave had been created by the bright explosion that produced the two trails initially, then the people taking the above pictures would have been first to feel the blast, but they weren't. The blast didn't occur until anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds later.

Keep digging ATS there is more to this story...

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by JayDub113

I would be so inclined to say that it was because it was blowing up and breaking apart in our atmosphere into smaller pieces as it fell.

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