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ATS picture library of all uploaded pics... maybe searchable? Like Google Images...

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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 02:29 PM
I just had an idea based on pasting pics other posters have uploaded to help illustrate my post.
And that is that ATS could have a picture page of all those pics... I am presuming that ATS can do what it wants with anything we upload...
I think just as a picture library it would be fascinating to scroll through.

But if it was actually searchable that would add another dimension to ATS as a searchable database for esoteric and anomalous and paranormal and Fortean photography.

Just an idea and apologies if its posted in the wrong forum.

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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by manmental

Be careful what you wish for.

For instance, just in these 2 threads alone, I have personally contributed over 700 images.

Avatar Creations and BTS : Avatar Creations

Not to mention many images in lots of other threads as well.

I have an ATS file on my computer with over 2,900 images, a third of which are loaded on ATS uploads.

And that is just me, in less than 12 months.

That would be a huge database of images to scroll through - HUGE!!!

But, I'd like to see that as well, especially if it was categorised appropriately.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 02:48 PM
This could only really work if every image was given tags, a description, and maybe each image had its own comment thread associated with it. That way searches would produce meaningful relevant images.

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