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It's Back; Strange Sound Phenomena Returns to East Tennessee!

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:44 PM
I posted in the morristown thread. Last night around 11:30 I heard an oscillating roarish sound that changed pitch and frequency as it "went by". I am in north knoxville, but that puts it about 4 hours before your sounds?

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by OneisOne

That Green Top location has a bit of a vibration going on, but could be almost normal for there.

Waiting on a response from the EQ people

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

You and I both Doodle. It is surely a big stretch to think testing of that magnitude is responsible, but I just can't discount it fully - mainly because of the N. Korea test reports, the fact that ORNL is near by (they have a long history in the nuclear arms development and production arena), and this region is pretty naive about potential clandestine operations.

Since I live so close by, I never really stay in a rental property. A few years ago I bought 12 weeks of timeshare at area resorts. I do not use them all, but I do have full property access. I use that benefit alot, summer swimming, cook outs, etc. I let my family use the weeks if they want, they just pay the Maintanence Fee for the year.

I opened a hardwood flooring company several years ago and hated to deal with people who had a very tight schedule of when the job must start and when it would end, so they could function without the use of their bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/stairways, etc. Now when I have someone who is teetering ona tight schedule, I just send them up to the resort for a couple nights... I use Sunrise Ridge Resort, TreeTops, Gatlinburg Town Square, Mountain Loft, and Westgate @ the Smokies...


I watched a local newscast that touched on the Morristown event, but didn't mention the continuous sound from early morning in my area.

In the report, the anchor states the Morristown event could possibly be an Earthquake, but apparently nothing registered. He also gave the option of core(?) blasting. If it is blasting, I have to think there will be more blasting to follow, as the week moves on.

EDITED TO ADD (Pt.2 and in reply to your posts below here):

In that report you posted, there seems to be a decent amount of activity at a particular area in TN. Problem for me is, I don't know where the place is, specifically. I'm looking into it now...


Raspberry Tea?! Surely you will spike it with a little panther **** AKA MoonShine!

U2U me and I will give you directions to a very backwoods 'bar' that will serve you Moonshine they make themselves! Ft. Marx is the name - in Cosby.
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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by signalfire

Sorry for the delayed reply, there were a few comments posted faster than I anticipated and kinda lost track...

As to the closest from the linked list... none of them are close, really... the closest one would Halls, TN.


that graph is crazy looking. Not sure what it means either, but it does seem like it isn't something that is commonplace.
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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by signalfire

wow, thats hard on the eye's.
That one is at 500 microvolts where the other is at 125 microvolts,
which is why it seems more spastic and buisy.
its hard to make out anything on that one, but as far as i can tell its not showing any
readings like the other ones are, otherwise it would be covering the whole page with
the amplification of the volts.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:02 PM
OK just got off the phone with me mum who lives in Kingsport. She did
not feel or hear anything yesterday but knew about it because she
asked me what was going on & what was causing it.

At approximately 7 pm tonight she felt shaking going on & thought it was a
small quake. She did not hear anything.

Just sent a text to me brother & it might be awhile before I hear back from
him. He's a chef in Colonial Heights & it's dinner time & they are a very
busy Italian Restaurant...he lives in Rocksprings. I will report back as soon
as I hear from him.
I enjoy looking at the seismic graphs that have been posted although I have
no bloody clue how to interpret them only me mind compares them to
the USGS graphs.
Thanks to ALL for the information posted...


posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by esteay812

They are pretty good about reporting much of anything. I have to think they would if they thought it was a quake....

(We stay at Sherwood Forest in PF. Love my sky high view!)

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by Doodle19815
reply to post by OneisOne

Oh, too funny, I was just about to message you! Step away for a drink, then poof there you are.

Did you hear or feel this?

You know me too well Doodle!

I have my own theories about all this, but it is pure speculation and rumor. I would love to have some answers.

Now... What was this about a drink?!?

BTW, when ever you're up this way if you ever need anything, give me a shout.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by OneisOne

Just raspberry sweet tea for me, tonight anyway.

It is getting more and more curious. Even the news is picking up on it.

I will totally look you up if I need anything. Thanks for the offer. Could you make it snow for the hubby?

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Thanks for the link! I don't really know what it means, but it obviously shows a lot of information. Again, I have a lack of knowledge and experience with the meaning of what you described, but I do recall a similar comment in the 'Artificial Earthquake' thread. The member pointed out that the quake had no preclusive seismic rise or post-quake decent.

I am trying to balance speculation, without appearing to hint toward any one explanation. So please realize, I am not trying to push or claim these events are definitely related to Nuke Tests …

If these just keep on keepin' on, as they do seem to be building a track record, I must put in some effort to understand how to read these type of graphs...

reply to post by OneisOne

Thanks for suggesting that

The same thanks goes for RezLooper, who suggested sending the info to Quake Watch for review.

reply to post by tnhiker

Ah, then you know what I mean when I mention how close Seymour, Morristown, and ORNL are? Adding your location in N. KnoxVegas
to the other locations and it seems to be forming a rectangular pattern in the region... or a circular region, if-you-will.

reply to post by Ektar

Hi Ektar, thanks for committing some effort to help reveal what's happening around here. Hopefully your effort will impress a few others to initiate their own research into things they have the ability to study.

If what you are saying is consistent with the sound I heard and maybe with the Morristown 'Booms', this thing could still be an active and ongoing situation.

Since I have never noticed the strange sound in consecutive days, I never thought about it's potential to still be in effect.

It would be great to discover the root to these events, but I am perfectly happy with the aftermath of the other incidents. Especially if revealing the responsible catalyst means anyone could be injured, killed, or lose their home - I'd prefer to remain oblivious to the cause in that scenario.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by esteay812

I was marking the towns reporting on google earth and
getting the same idea, seems what ever it is, may be in
the center of them all.

Na, it dosent look nuke type reading at all, to abrupt on both ends,

Here , made this real quick, may help ya out a little

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:59 PM
Sorry for the delay in posting these links.

Here are the threads I have put together over the past couple years. Each of them relate to the strange activity I have experienced in my region.

Some threads specifically address the strange noises. However, there are some threadsthat focus primarily on other mysterious events, and address the strange sound phenomena as a secondary point of discussion.

100,000 Birds Exhibit Strange Behavior In East Tennessee, United States

Big Strange & Odd Bird Behavior Noted Prior to a Large Die-Off in My Backyard! Seymour, TN!


4 Earthquakes Within a Week Recorded in East Tennessee

Killer Tornadoes, Golf Ball Size Hail, and EarthQuakes Happening In...... Tennessee? Yes, Tennessee!

Incredibly Strange Phenomena in Knoxville Tennessee Right Now (teus,10-1-12 4am)

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

I see you are marking towns... Do you know the circumference of the area
where people may have felt or heard anything? I also have relatives in Asheville NC
that I could contact if you guys think that it's possible that this event extends this far out...

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by Ektar

around 50 to 60 miles is what i'm finding from the towns listed that
have reported this activity.

The odd part is there is really nothing in the middle of them, just open land,
no towns listed of any size.

guess i spoke to soon, zooming in it looks like all town.. houses showing
up about everywhere.

Hmmm curious, could there be something going on under Douglas Lake?
Tectonic plate movements, or volcano type? ?

although the sizmo doesn't match a volcano, ..... hmmmm....
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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

That is an awesome chart you put together. Even though I do not understand the exact specifics, it is quite simple to differentiate one even from another using this chart.

Personally, I do not think it is anything with any sort of super secret nuke testing. I really only mentioned it as a possibility because nothing has been ruled out. Also mentioned because the descriptions of the nuke test and the graphic read-out of our event was very similar.

I had the feeling it may be encircling a certain region. What's more is the fact I mentioned earlier, about the strange cloud patterns.

Looking at the clouds today, there was a very intense and gnarly looking black cloud front moving slowly through the area @ around 3p EST. It was very easy to notice because the cloud front was soominous and intimidating. It really, really did look like the sort of front seen associated with tornadic activity.

I really wish I could better describe the front, to show just how imposing the system was. When I got to the top of 'Ford Hill' the height opened the view of the entire area. It provided a 360degree point of view.

Immediately after aquiring the view of distant horizon in all directions, it becaem undeniably obvious that the front formed a complete circle around Seymour and the outer edges of the region. The veiwable region stretches from downtown Knoxville, (you can see the SunSphere on a peak just a mile or so down the road and only 100-200' higher elevation.

It reminded me of being in Neyland Stadium, where, at field level, you can only see the stadium seating on all sides and the sky above the stadium. It appears like you are on a cookie jar and someone removes the lid exposing the sky directly above.

The whole region was surrounded by this front, with the central area uncovered (only somewhat transparent, white clouds located in the sky above the region.)

I should mention this, it may help identify the weather front or reveal other potential clues:

Looking at the sky where it meets land to form the horizon, immediately above the horizon was a thin band of blue skies. The band was probably no more than 750'-1,000' tall. Above the band of clear skies is where the really intimidating, dark storm clouds began. It looked almost like someone outlined the horizon with a thick blue marker, to separate the horizon from the darl clouds.

My aplogies for being unable to explain it better. Hopefully I gave enough detail for you to understand what I am trying to describe.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:28 PM
I am probably 20 miles from oak ridge. I have several friends who work over there and have asked them if they felt or heard anything. Obviously they can't tell me anything about testing but they haven't heard or felt anything. Of course as solid as ORNL and Y12 are built it would have to be a pretty big shake.

If you are doing a map you can put me north halls, near anderson county.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:33 PM
curious, what is this in the picture? it's not a cloud,
seems a unusual shape.

Google Earth
35°58'16.92"N 83°28'48.81"W

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Thanks for the graph, it really helped me in seeing the difference
in the shapes since I am not familiar with reading the graphs.

So me mum & brother both fall into your radius at 59 miles from
Morristown... I'm still waiting to hear from me brother...I may not
be able to supply that information until sometime tomorrow night.


posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by tnhiker

hmmm not finding north halls on google earth, found anderson county
though. odd its not showing up.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Was this "anomaly" you posted at the same time as the incident?
Sorry if I missed that, but the photo is very interesting to say the least.


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