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Have you ever heard of Peace Pilgrim?

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 05:26 PM
"When I started out, people accepted war as a necessary part of life. Now, they're looking for alternatives to war. And this is a gain. When I started out, there was very little interest in the inner search; now there's an almost universal interest in the inner search, which to me is the greatest gain of all. Now there is darkness in our world today - it's quite natural. It's due to the disintegration of things which are contrary to the law of love. They cannot endure; they contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. So let us look at these things in the proper perspective and we will see that amid the darkness, there is also some light."

Mildred Norman (Peace Pilgrim) was a woman who simply left her home one day and spent almost three decades walking around the USA, from city to city, without even a penny in her pocket. She relied on faith/god/the universe/fate/whatever you personally call it, to provide what she needed. When she was hungry, someone would offer her food. When she was tired, there would be a place for her to stay. She did this in the name of peace, love, and in the growth of humans as a whole.

Thanks to shauny's post about the website with the list of documentaries. This woman's life is such an inspiration. Not that I plan on leaving home and walking around for 30 years, but MAN....her can just be amazing.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by greenWeenie

thanks for this post, greenWeenie

what a person Peace Pilgrim seems to be !! i very much like her words ::

"Now there is darkness in our world today - it's quite natural. It's due to the disintegration of things which are contrary to the law of love. They cannot endure; they contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction."

that seems so true to me.

(had no time yet to listen to the video, but i'm looking forward to do so)

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:04 AM
Thanks for this link. I have heard of her but sort of in a round-about way. There's the radio program "This American Life" where I heard about a man named Daryl Watson who was inspired by her journey and decided to go on one of his own.
Here's the link to the radio show:

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by greenWeenie

People often overlook Peace Pilgrim as having a simple or naive message.. When in fact she is one of the more recent truly enlightened beings to have manifested on this planet. Her life is living testimony of the Truth that so many people believe themselves to be seeking.

She said it all. There is nothing about her expression that doesn't totally communicate the Truth of human existence. In her i find the final message to any part of me that is "seeking". And i don't mean to deify her personality... i say peace pilgrim is the truth inside each of us expressed externally as a human being. If understanding the laws of human existence is a sign of intelligence then she is an Albert Einstein. Hands down.

She is the first, in my opinion to express the laws of truth, as in the context of being human, in the same way the ideas of gravity or magnetism are excepted as factual laws. She clearly communicates that our entire experience as humans is completely governed by OBVIOUS laws(truths) that are as clear as all understood physical laws of reality.

ie: if you want to experience joy or freedom from turbulence or hardship you must adhere to those OBVIOUS laws. If you walk off a cliff you will learn very quickly that gravity isn't some kind of psychological concept. In the same way greed leads to pain and dissatisfaction. These aren't religious ideas. It doesn't matter WHY you believe gravity is a law, if you challenge it directly by believing you can float you will suffer the consequences. And it doesn't matter WHY sharing and love are laws, if you challenge them by believing you can be greedy or self-serving you will suffer the consequences. These concepts are delusional as believing you can fly by flapping your arms. No one has better attempted to INSPIRE people to allow themselves to accept what they know is true.

In this day and age, where ANY so called moral laws are spoken of and are treated as preaching.. her message is so obvious and clear that the staunchest atheist should be able to take note. There are practical laws that govern human existence. It's not opinion and it's not preaching to acknowledge them. No one has an answer as to WHY or WHO created these laws.. in the same way no one has an answer as to why Gravity is a law. Outside of accepting them we cannot know them. So isn't completely baffling that anyone would not accept the laws of sharing? of love? They are as easy to understand as the concept of gravity.

People are so twisted that the obvious laws that she had FULLY accepted and FULLY lived in accordance of are actually misunderstood. If i refuse to believe in gravity and see people falling off a cliff i will make a million excuses as to WHY they fell of the cliff but i won't or I'm not. Because i do not accept the truth. i cannot see it. or i refuse to see it.

In the case of the laws of sharing and giving people are literally deluded. And this delusion is the ROOT cause of ALL of mankind's major issues. War, poverty, sustainability.

Her hope is beyond inspiring.. because once you become aware of the painful delusion it can be very scary to accept there is ANY chance of it being overcome on a global scale. But there is something else in her understanding that gave her that faith and that in and of itself is as true as everything else that she was.

She is the first and one of a kind. A truly free human being born and expressed right here in North America.

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