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Politics is just the dead horse of perspective

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 05:03 PM
Betrayal is the name of the game; we betray our friends, lovers, parents, and even our own minds. In the pursuit of something whole, a belief that we can overcome our nature by judgment and objection. The meaningless gains meaning through emotion and thoughts, forming a view of the outside, forever divided from the whole. In order to fulfill the insatiable desire of man; he has turned to many things: wealth, power, lust, although it never begins with the desire of addiction, and distraction; seemingly innocent motives can quickly turn against us.

Evil is never outwardly evil like the stories we were all told throughout our youth; of the many villains of fiction, but instead it is all around us, if we choose to see it, and we can refocus almost anything to be evil. Something as seemingly irrelevant as race can become a division, and something as minor as sexuality - a man can justify why a certain behavior is immoral. "They are guilty of the crimes God warned us about" they'll cry as they raise their weapons. The right believes in morality; yet is forever blind to their own nature; just like the left breeds cultural marxism; the right is a state of cultural marxism justified by delusion; worse if justified by power. The right creates the biggest division of all, the denial of ones own nature; not the destruction of bad for good.

In a sense everybody believes they are right in their own life; even when depression, anxiety and addiction control them; they will feel that the outside has forced them to this; and I do not deny that giving up one addiction can be as simple as trading it or another: the God that you might choose is but another addiction. Who is God? Many on the have their own version, except most of them have been designated God by an institution; however God is but the passing of time, God is but the signpost on the road trying to navigate for you because you are weak. The message/metaphor has been lost to the time that gives us life and context. "They are Hippies" he said, and so the hippies were.

Was it all instinct? A force of survival that drove them all to this path? That drove them all to seek shelter - and the more shelter they created the more inhospitable the outside world became. Are the many without shelter still only driven by survival? Do we placate ourselves, pat ourselves on the back for a hard days work when all we did was waste time? Arguing over whose code of morality, whose style of hair, who's crazy, who's lazy, blaming outwardly, and denying inwardly while continuously seeking something from beyond this realm of experience?

We want to believe there is truth; but the only truth there is that we are but products of time; for every whole the silly monkey will divide it. You can show yourself your own hypocrisy, you can tame your addiction, but that does not mean you have ascended. It does not mean you are better, it does mean that you have changed your habits, upset the routine, which is exciting, the brain loves novelty. You are still the same creature you see before you in the mirror; you are still trapped in the circus of chaos. There is only one truth that I can give you: we all choose how we die, will you choose to smoke every day, proclaiming that god hates fags, while ignoring your own self-destruction? You are them to the doctor, you are them to the non-smoker. For all the well-wishing and belief you had, you still chose to die to something as mediocre as a cigarette. Will you join the military when you are hungry? Will you fight for something you do not truly know? It is in our ignorance that we are able to such terrible things.

Men act as they do out of self-interest, rationality, and a good dose of habit. They search for anything to justify their beliefs; and so when difference rears its ugly head, you can have no doubt that 'morality' will rear its head proclaiming 'we tried to warn you'. Difference is something we can never understand, we can theorize that it is because reality is defined by your identity and that groups will often share a similar version of reality; but that only leads us back to the beginning: so beware of Marx, he will point out the hypocrisy of every group. The man who questions authority does so because he feels he has been oppressed by authority. The man who wishes away death and taxes believes he should be free of death and taxes. The ones who believe in God do so because it gives them order; it helps them believe they have tamed their own nature; that they are in control. We are all searching for control; over ourselves, and everything we interact with.

When you get an urge do you question it? Or do you obey? Do you still ask why do you do the things you do? Or have you forgotten to monitor and slipped into self destruction? Evil is not evil because it threatens us, evil is evil because it destroys its self. The extremists flew planes into a building to accomplish something; and all they accomplished was more death of everyone, their statement lost, their purpose converted, corrupted, and the battle still rages. The smoker becomes indoctrinated by the idea that it looks cool; and he becomes trapped by the illusion of difficulty. When the day is over do you feel like you are contributing to society, or to yourself?

So many wish to preach that there is only us; the only us that is created is fake; like the churches have become tarnished through cases of child molestation the right wing will devolve into hypocrisy. We are not us, we will never be us. We will always be them, because for every one thing we perceive as wrong, the same argument can be made against us.

Where does it leave humanity? It leaves us at the beginning of time; except more paranoid because we have so many things to worry about. We breed chaos, the more order we try to create; the more insane it all becomes. Hitler tried to create order, and he succeeded in getting a vast amount of people into his perspective, but to the rest of the world his actions were atrocious; because his order usurped the very desire for it. All it did was create power in an idea; and that power, that order became responsible for a lot of chaos.

Beware those who preach morality and truth, as there is only you. Us and them are but an illusion, and even when you feel like maybe you can belong: you never truly will, as united as you are on the outside; on the inside there is still chaos. The desire for order creates it; you will be forced into action against the chaos in order to enforce your control. And the more control you create; the more chaos will rebel against you. Morality can not be given; it can be learned, and if one seeks morality they need only accept the principle of forgetting about themselves and understanding that indeed, you, could easily be one of them. You are not you, you are but a biological entity, programmed to make choices according to what is immediate. If you do nothing you will search for distraction, if you are distracted you will search for relaxation, and when you are empty you will search for fulfillment. Whether or not you find it, is entirely in your mind. If you have been living a life of self-destruction out of choice; you will be easily co opted by anyone that gives you a possibility of control; you will hand over your desires willingly only to be freed from your own creation, Yet you will not be free; you will have just chosen a new form of control. You can't be free from yourself, You are evil, and good.

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