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Electromagnetic Energy- Life-Death- Theists-Athiests

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 03:29 PM
Before I start ,let me apologize for the sloppiness of this and possibly grammer. I typed it up fast cause Im very busy. There is alot of research thats not listed. And if people reply or are interested, Ill clean it up .LOL!

Religion, The blind leading the blind...You put your faith in the wrong belief and you are trapped till you grow past it. ANY spirit worthy of your faith,will give you the freedom to Think For Yourself. Never surrender your will

What is so wrong with believing in yourself without some non-existing higher power to tell you what you can and cannot do? If you need an authority figure to tell you not to do harm to others, ask yourself why.Why teach our young traditions that have repeadedly proven to fail? Everything around us evolves,tradition is holding us back.

Enough of that! Why I'm here.
Im neither a theists or athiest.

My theory- Electromagnetic energy and how it relates to science and religion are slowly coming together along with spirituality and the universe. The facts and details would require too much space for me to post here.So if interested heres a link to research. BIOMAGNETICS, MAGNOTHERAPY & ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY

I want to focus on the end result and share it with you. I hope to get some sparks started on the subject.
My intentions are not to change your mind or beliefs, only to open the mind to change and growth. My dream would be to stop the arguments, wars, and dogma that give God a bad name.,.

It seems to me that electromagnetic energy from the sun , and as a fact is known to reside in our body ,and leave at death does not vanish. It changes form. The human body does not generate enough Ele.mag. energy to sustain life for long. The body needs an outside source(The sun, A God) to stay alive. The sun shines 12 out of 24 hrs. so what keeps us alive during the dark hours? Logically it has to be stored in our atmosphere in form of electrical current. Pause,.. That being said, Every believe knows an energy exists but its not possible to prove or see, and neither is electricity.But we all know its there.

Now,..Spirituality insists that spirits are electrical which explains aura's ghostly lights, and all paranormal claims.
I followed Sylvia Browne for years before she sold out for money and drifted away. In her early years she was amazingly accurate and insisted spirits are electrical and can manipulate lights. Make phones ring, and soon.
Note: If you believe or not she was real, doesnt matter. I just wanted to mention her.Alot of people respect her

Anyway, So its established scientifically that that electromagnetic energy leaves the body at death. Religion believes in an invisible god resides in heaven, Spirits connect thru energy, So Im going to try to keep this short.

Theory, The energy that never dies, the massive energy from every human lived and living, would collect like water drops forming a cloud is all around us and in us. This explains spiritual beliefs, the idea that god is everywhere, The different emotions and points of view that religion claims .With what we have now for proof of an after life, which is absolutely nothing, it's another spark given to us to make us think. Every spark is just as important as another. Just Like God says.Right? If God is everywhere, this can be the only possible way a god could exit. For example: If the energy stored in an invisible energy source is all around us, and every living spark has accumulated over time, this entity ,or group of entities would be mind boggling and impossible to comprehend with our primitive brain. EXACTLY what science , religion, and spirituality has been insisting .
It would explain the mixed messages we get, the activity all around us that no one sees but is definately there.
Like radio waves that bombard us daily. That can not be denied. Or radio stations would exist. Think of the power of those signals and how many exist,but you cant see.

I could go on but its just too simple and the its endless. Its an oppurtunity to offer a new idea that might make enough sense and open some minds. Ive known this since I was a baby.You probably know it too, I just want to inspire people to open the mind and stop fighting over it.

There is so much more from my studies and research that explains every argument anyone can produce.

I will end this with one last thought. For those who will claim they already knew all this,why not scream it out.
At this moment, all the above groups have NOTHING that makes any sense at all. In all my research the ONLY idea is magic. Not possible. Evolution argues between 6000 years to millions of years. The only detail left behind is the most important detail that blocks progress. The First Initial Spark. Its a tough one to explain too unless you consider my theory. Possibly the Big Bang? The first intial spark that lit the earth?
My theory allows more then one god. The air we breath, water we drink, and the earth ground we stand on, and the sun

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 03:30 PM
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