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Afghans flock to India for infertility treatment

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 08:43 AM
I wonder if this is a side effect of weapons or chemicals used in the region or just a natural phenomenon in the region. Ofcourse they're also facing a shortage of medical services in the country but was this always an issue or it has increased in the past few decades? Is it another way to reduce the insurgents and/or the talibans? Render them impotent? Just a theory

New Delhi already has a sizeable Afghan community, but over the past five years a steady trickle of visitors seeking healthcare has grown into a flood. Hospitals have been quick to respond....
New Delhi’s Press Enclave Road represents the city’s complex mix of communities like no other: One side boasts an enormous modern shopping mall featuring the Hard Rock Cafe and Zara; the other, a string of eateries advertising Afghan rice dishes and chemist signs in Dari, one of Afghanistan’s main languages.
It is a sign of the impact of the city’s newest migrant community one block away from one of Delhi’s largest private hospitals, Max. The hospital, like others in the capital, is finding a new market in medical tourism from the war-torn neighbor.


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