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*The Paper trail Republicans don't want you to see!*

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posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 11:04 PM
Just a few friendly reminders of why we need to vote our village idiot out!

Hidden information from Pro-Republican documents cracked

Bush was indeed wired and still managed to lose all debates!

1,151 American souls lost from Iraq distraction

Missing explosives data found!'rdx+explosive '&OS=%22rdx+explosive%22&RS=%22rdx+explosive%22 unition%20Plant,%20RDX-and-Composition,%20Kingsport%20vicinity,%20Hawkins%20County,%20TN&displayType=1&itemLink=r?ammem/hh:@FIELD(DOCID+@BAND(@lit(TN0 249)))

CIA Debarment and Suspension Procedures

US Arms Bribe Hushed

Curtailment of Civil Liberties sponsered by Homeland Security

Further curtailment of civil liberties by Homeland Security

Near total deletion of incriminating data on White House site

RNC Protester imprisonment!

DMCA is in need of being purged!

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