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Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 08:05 PM
You don't have to be asleep to not believe what is said in the OP video.

You just have to think like a statist.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 09:13 PM
The way i see there is one distinct difference between the Canadian registery and the proposed gun laws in the USA.
In the USA it is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own firearms.
A registry accomplishes absolutely nothing towards the end of preventing gun violence.
The ONLY thing a registry accomplishes is it lets the government know exactly where the weapons are when the time comes to round them up.
Insurance proposals?
What is the first thing they are going to ask on the application form for government mandated insurance on firearms?
Make Model and serial number. a back door registry.

Bottom line - I own several weapons that are well taken care of and the government needs to stay out of my business. I follow the laws and dont hurt anyone and if i do i would expect to be held accountable for my actions.
Stop holding responsible citizens accountable for the actions of a few mentally unstable folks.

I can direct them to the factions that are responsible for 80% of all gun related deaths in this country but you cant seem to get the police to care enough to crack down on gangs with an iron fist.
They look the other way because its just black on black crime and they are afraid of the gangs.
Yet they will be quick to toss those stats in as well.

America will not be disarmed - ever.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 09:27 PM
Just to say that Sun News tv is the Fox News of Canada. It's from Quebecor Media, a Quebec tv/media/communication compagny that is right-wing.

During the Students protest in Quebec, Quebecor was on the police and right-wing side.

So, no surprise there xD ( + Sun news is begging for tax credit and being a "normal cable tv" to get more cash from the federal haha ! because nobody buy they tv channel)

Sorry for bad english ! Just to clarify things. This is not CBC or CTV or Global. But "Fox/Canada".

They even laught at the dead of Jack Layton, a NPD ( left-wing ) chief party, died by cancer.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 09:31 PM

Originally posted by foodstamp

Originally posted by hawkiye

Originally posted by foodstamp
reply to post by hawkiye

Gun registration has existed for many weapons for literally decades! Why on earth do you think confiscation is soon to follow? Do you not realieze the pro gunners outnumber anti-gunners like 3 to 1? There is no way in HELL that legislation is gonna stand that would outlaw the use of rifles and/or assault weapons.. No way... All you hear on TV is hot air. You watch.. Nothing will happen... This battle has gone on for years and years... You must be a young pup..

I have been fighting anti-gun BS for 30+ years son. You must live in wonderland Clinton banned many guns in the 90's where have you been in Wonderland? luckily it was repealed now they are making another play.

Gun registration has always been a prelude to confiscation study some history boy and grow up.

Ok, we've confirmed your older then twenty. Good for you..

But you fail to establish ANY evidence whatsoever to your statement that gun registration has been followed up by any gun confiscations in the US. Are you totally ignorant to the fact that just about EVERY single state in the union requires regististration of some types of firearms or another and has existed since the gun control act?
You talk loud but your saying nothing bub...

If you been fighting Anti-gun BS for 30 plus years then you must have been talking to people who know absolutely nothing about guns. And if your insinuating that somehow I'm anti-gun because of my argument, then I can begin to understand why you don't know anything...

Ps. Banning the sale of a gun is NOT confiscation..

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The first Soviet gun controls were imposed during the Russian Civil War, as Czarists, Western troops, and national independence movements battled the central Red regime. FIREARM REGISTRATION was introduced on April 1, 1918. On August 30, Fanny Kaplan supposedly wounded Lenin during an assassination attempt; the attempted assassination spurred a nationwide reign of terror. In October 1918, the Council of People's Commissars (the government) ordered the surrender of all firearms, ammunition, and sabres. As has been the case in almost every nation where firearms registration has been introduced, registration proved a prelude to confiscation. Exempt from the confiscation order, however, were members of the Communist Party. A 1920 decree imposed a mandatory minimum penalty of six months in prison for (non-Communist) possession of a firearm, even where there was no criminal intent.

After the Red victory in the Civil War, the firearms laws were consolidated in a Criminal Code, which provided that unauthorized possession of a firearm would be punishable by hard labor. A 1925 law made unauthorized possession of a firearm punishable by three months of hard labor, plus a fine of 300 rubles (equal to about four months' wages for a highly-paid construction worker).

Stalin apparently found little need to change the weapons control structure he had inherited. His only contributions were a 1935 law making illegal carrying of a knife punishable by five years in prison and a decree of that same year extending "all penalties, including death, down to twelve-year-old children."

This summarizes the genocide perpetrated by Stalin from 1929 to 1953, starting with his efforts to collectivize farming by destroying the class of property-owning farmers. Altogether, about twenty million people were murdered, worked to death in slave labor camps, or deliberately starved to death by Stalin's government. From 1929 to 1939, Stalin killed about ten million people, more than all the people who died during the entirety of World War I. Stalin's successful campaign of genocide against the Kulaks and against dissident Communists served as a model for similar campaigns in China and Cambodia.

It becomes a slippery slope when you simply allow your govt to force you to register your weapons.
Once the govt knows where the weapons are, they simply need a "trigger" event to start the confiscation.
I guarantee you that 20 million soviets would not have sat idly by and been murdered if they had the means to protect themselves.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by CaptAmerika

First off, I'd like to say, I apoligize for the aggressive and offending remarks. Part of it was because I was drinking. The other part was due to the fact that I can't get an intellegent response to any of my last 10 posts and I figured a nice insult would provoke a debate. Perhaps it worked..

Now, with that being said.... Let's begin...

I have no doubt that you know your history. I also have no doubt that you and I probably agree on 95% of the current state affairs. But, quoting ACCURATE history does not solidify your argument bud! it doesn't! Why you may ask?

Your history lesson/argument does not apply to ANYTHING going on in the United States! Not in the past or the present. You, clearly being knowledgeable, know that gun registration has existed for MANY MANY years in the United States and has NEVER resulted in mass gun confiscations by the federal government. No! Not Ever! Does that mean it's never happened in the United States? Well, perhaps at a local level at some time in 200+ years it's happened. I don't know... Perhaps you don't either... But quoting examples from other countries histories about gun registrations that resulted in confiscations soon thereafter has NO BEARING on what's going on here today... Again why? Because it's existed here for decades! You need not use the history of another country.You CANNOT sit here and rationalize to me that a "new type" of gun registration in the United States is going to result in gun confiscation based off the fact that it happened in Russia or anywhere else when it's existed for decades HERE in the United States and has resulted in no gun confiscation. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Let me give you the definition of "straw man" as defined in the Webster's Dictionary:

a fabricated or conveniently weak or innocuous person, object, matter (in this case, foreign history), etc., used as a seeming adversary or argument:

That's what your doing my friend whether you realize it or not. Your using the history of other countries to prove your statement when in fact, gun registration WITHOUT GUN CONFISCATION has existed in the United States for decades with no result!

So, Therefore sir, you cannot argue that gun registration in the United States is going to result in confiscation when clearly it HAS NOT for the last 60+ years! That's just ludacris!

Well, You can argue that.... But you can't do it based upon FACT...Which is clearly what your trying to do...

What your doing my friend is the VERY DEFINITIION of setting up a "Straw Man" argument.... Your using FACTUAL information to prove a completely UNRELATED argument.

So, for the sake of this exciting debate, please do not argue what I'm saying now.... But instead..... Provide me with an argument that's actually based upon FACT that somehow THIS "new type" of gun registration is going to result in confiscation...

I'm awaiting your response, In fact I've been waiting all day for the previous response.. I'm truley intrigued.... As a fellow patriot....And no dummy... Please convince me on a factual basis how this registration is more likely to end in gun confiscation...

I betcha got nothin'

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by CaptAmerika

Ohh, And for the record... If I wasn't clear enough... I do believe that gun registration would be the most likely way the government would begin a massacre against it's own people... There i said it

But that's my belief... I can't prove that....Not here in America I can't....

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 01:08 AM
I love how there's always a few ignorant uneducated political shills that will scream and yell "Drool, It's FOX NEWS NORTH, Drool". If you are actually older than 25 years old, and can think for yourself, you might, just *MIGHT* have an idea what has taken place politically in Canada in terms of the cronyism that is involved in Canadian media, especially the links between Bell Media Corporation and the Quebec Liberal Party of Canada. Until SUN NEWS was launched not even the "centrist" had much of a voice when it came to opinion pieces on NEWS channels, all you ever heard was ultra left wing psychobabble from the likes of the CBC and CTV NEWS.

However, since some *require* being force fed the Canadian state broadcasters opinion for anything to be recognized as "legitimate", here's some opinion clips from the CBC's Rex Murphy on the former Canadian Gun Registry and why the current Conservative Party of Canada removed it. The Canadian gun registry did nothing to stop crime, it was simply knee jerk liberal feel good legislation to make those who live in places like Toronto feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while people like myself, honest law abiding citizens, paid the price and are still paying the price under Canada's disgraceful so called "firearms act".

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 01:21 AM
One thing I have learned with Obama these last four years is he talks a lot of crap and doesn't do a damn thing. It's like he is trying to pacify his followers with words only. He has said so much that he doesn't do or even more importantly does the opposite...with just a bone now and then to his followers.

Love or hate bush...if he said something...good or bad he did it.

So here is the truth to gun control with Obama...drum roll please.... So mark my words here...

IN THE END HE WILL DO NOTHING.... not even limit mags to ten rounds... NOTHING!!!

In a year we will see ARs back down to real prices, ammo will be plentiful, and 15, 30 50, 100 round mags will be plentiful too.


posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 01:59 AM
Wow, people sure have been brainwashed about the state of 'gun control' here in Canada. Here are the bullet points...

- No registry for long-arms as of last April. I can purchase any non-restricted firearm and there is no paper trail of any kind. Seller checks for legit license, that's it.

- Non restricted firearms must be 660mm long, and if centerfire the mag can only hold 5 rounds. This is legally done with a rivet that can be drilled out in seconds for when the zombies come. For pistols the limit is 10.

- Restricted license is very readily available, if you don't have a criminal record related to violence or serious crimes. Yes, there is red tape with long waiting times, but once you have it, you have it.

- Pistols and revolvers must have a minimum 4.5" barrel, but for example you can still buy a Glock 26 as long as it has an aftermarket barrel.

- The permit to move the restricted firearms is good for 5 years, and I can take it anywhere, including the USA if I have the right permit for that too. Yes, you need to have this license and prove you are a member of a range, but that's it. Ironically I can actually go do a concealed carry course in Idaho, and then bring my pistol across the border and do a cc carry across several states.

- Some of our firearms laws are even less restricting than those of the U.S. For example I can buy an 870 clone with an 8" barrel. This is non-restricted, and anywhere south of the border this would get you 10 years in jail.

- There is no system in place to track the purchase of ammo, it was of course demanded by the nutcase Liberals but hasn't been enforced outside of Quebec or Ontario here and there. There are no laws about how much ammo a person can own. If a person has 45 gallon drums of black powder, they run into other regs regarding dangerous materials. Yes, you have to show your firearms license to buy ammo.

- The laws concerning storage and transport are very fair. Yes, restricted firearms need to be trigger locked and locked in another case while being moved, but you are fully legal to go into a coffee shop with your pistol in a packsack as long as the zippers have a little padlock on them. You are expected to be going to or fro a gun range or (for example) IPSC show if you have restricted with you.

- We have access to all sorts of cool goodies that the U.S. can't get. As an example people can get custom stuff built in China that is incredibly high quality, unique and exotic stuff that Americans can't have because of embargo laws against the commies.

- We have access to all the same AR-15 parts as well as CZ-858's, etc, and legally people can have 10 round mags at a gun range for their non restricted AR's. Canadians have all the toys the Americans do, we just have to change mags more often. All non-restricted unless firearm is under 660mm.

- People have been brainwashed into believing that Canadians are generally against firearms, I assure you there are plenty of gun nuts north of the border.

- I am in Northwestern BC, and up here the police are very pro-gun. They go out of their way to help people own and keep their firearms. Someone I knew was busted with a huge grow-op in his house, a person with a lengthy rap sheet of drugs and violence. They found over 40 firearms in the house, and told him they would give him a day to get all the firearms registered in his wife's name, so they wouldn't have to take them.

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by KaiBosh

Thank you!


posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by hawkiye
We must wake from our sleep...

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I am awake. I just prefer to stand back and watch. I dislike the way things are. I dislike the way they use to be. Who knows, maybe I will like they way they will become. I would prefer a one global government. A global society that focuses on unity rather than diversity. Genetic diversity should obviously be present to keep the species healthy. I just want the religious, ideological and cultural stuff to be minimized enough to bring people together. This is of course just an idea. will it happen? I highly doubt it, but who knows. If it all hits the fan, I know how to wreak havoc without the need for firearms.

Lets wait and see.

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