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2013: 'Big Bets', 'Black Swans', Presidential Memos, Emerging 'Global Order',

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posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 11:39 AM
I Recently came across this update from the Brookings Institute regarding Obama's 2nd term and the 'events' or 'black swans' that might shape the world in the year to come, or as they reference over and over, the 'global order.'

Here's a brief video from Brookings to introduce what will be discussed in this thread-

These think tanks, in line with CFR and the former PNAC are made up of incredibly influential and powerful people. We are talking former presidential foreign policy advisors, NSC members, former highly ranked CIA agents etc. The politicians are the front men, then you have the think tank reps who advise the politicians and set policy they themselves serving even higher up people in the agenda. The 'global order' is basically just code for the NWO, which America is being used to implement by spreading what they describe as a 'liberal global order'.

Brookings released a PDF of memos sent to the president and they actually list the policies Obama will be following this year along with potential 'black swan' events that could occur. Black Swan events are 'unexpected' (although far from unexpected for the elite planners) events that occur that change the world; think 9/11. But once you realise these 'black swans' are often planned many years in advance, then we see how sinister the agenda is-

Brookings Big Bets and Black Swans, Presidential memos

Take this paragrpah regarding events in Syria-

Finally, the chaos is enabling al-Qaeda to gain a significant foothold.
Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, is now recognized as one
of the most potent fighting forces in the country.

It's not exactly hidden knowledge that the west has contributed greatly to the funding and training of the very forces that this foreign policy paper is saying are mainly made up of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is emerging in Africa right now because we got rid of Gaddafi and made Libya a gateway for Al Qaeda to spread its influence in Africa. It is PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, 'ORDER OUT OF CHAOS'.

It is time to place a new bet on a more active American leadership role,
one that seeks to protect civilians, hastens the fall of Assad, and shapes
a new political order more amenable to the needs of the Syrian people and
to American interests. A greater leadership role does not necessarily mean
direct military intervention. Continuous U.S. airstrikes and large numbers
of American boots on the ground should not be necessary. However, removing
the threat of intervention entirely only emboldens Assad and his chief
patron, Iran. If the scale of civilian bloodletting continues to escalate,
the United States must be prepared to act decisively, in the spirit of “the
responsibility to protect.”

It's enough to make one feel sick, but Obama is going to parrot what he has been advised to say in his upcoming State of the Union, just like Clinton did when the PNAC told him Saddam was a danger and building nuclear weapons etc. American presidents are puppets serving a a foreign policy agenda that operates by creating problems to solve them in a manner which helps further the agenda of control and centralising power-

President Clinton 'Guided' by PNAC to start Propaganda in run up to Iraq Invasion

Here's some truth on Syria and how the rebels, funded by the west, have been instrumental in the violence and suffering in order to make way for foreign intervention-

Syrian Rebels Killing Civilians with Western Support to set up Problem Reaction Solution, or Order Out of Chaos

The Black Swan events sent as memos to Obama are all disastrous and would suit the agenda of those who want complete chaos from which a NWO could emerge. Eurozone collapse, disintegration of US- China relations over Korea, Afghanistan falling back into the hands of the Taliban when US troops withdraw, revolution in Saudi Arabia that would disrupt oil and the global economy-

For the United States, revolution in Saudi Arabia would be a game-changer.
While the United States can live without Saudi oil, China, India, Japan and
Europe cannot. Any disruption in Saudi oil exports either due to unrest,
cyber attacks or a new regime’s decision to reduce exports substantiallywill have major impacts on the global economy.

The CIA war against al Qaeda
is heavily dependent on the Kingdom; Saudi intelligence operations foiled
the last two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula attacks on the American
homeland. The U.S. military training mission in the Kingdom, founded in
1953, is the largest such mission in the world. The Saudis have also been a
key player in containing Iran for decades. King Abdallah was the author of
the Arab peace plan that bears his name.

They talk about the 'Arab Spring' as though it was natural, when we know full well that western forces were behind organising and starting the Arab Spring (look to Libya and Syria and support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by the west), it's just another part of bringing the world into turmoil with a long term goal of spreading what they call the 'liberal gloabal order'. It is has to collapse in order to rebuild it. The fact that these policy planners fully understand the implications of these 'black swans' is all the more frightening because they are planned to happen.

This brings me onto the 'black swan' memo to Obama about the collapse of the Camp of David Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. Even before the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt, it was the very same Brookings Institution that advised us not to fear them. I outlined this before the MB came to power and linked the Jan 2011 article-

Brookings Advises not to fear the Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt back in 2011, the definition of hypocrisy

Yet now, Egypt under the MB is viewed as a potential Black Swan event for 2013!!!!! Even though the west allowed Mubarak to fall, even supported the MB (which for the record is a British intelligence creation as Al Qaeda was a creation of the CIA) there is now widespread fear and concern for future policy.

The memo to Obama opens with-

Since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, the United States has
been resolutely focused on maintaining the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty
as a cornerstone of regional stability and as an essential platform for
broader efforts at Arab-Israeli coexistence. The loss of this 33-year-old
treaty would represent a profound strategic defeat for the United States in
the Middle East.

Obama will try and sell this to the people, I mean the MB couldn't be any more against the state of Israel, so how can it possibly come as a surprise to anyone that Egypt, now under the MB will no longer support peace with Israel? Brookings new as early as Jan 2011 that the MB was coming into power, it was allowed to happen as it is part of the agenda. American policy, had it been legit would have continued to support Mubarak if the real policy planners had good intentions, but the intention all along was to set up instability in the region.

Third-party terrorist attacks in Sinai or emanating from Gaza could draw
in Israeli and Egyptian troops and rupture relations. In August 2011, for
example, a terrorist attack led Israeli forces on a hot pursuit into Sinai,
during which they killed five Egyptian soldiers. This generated heated
demonstrations outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Yes, expect more of these 'false flag' attacks in 2013 folks as Egyptian/Israeli relations fall apart.

Be aware that a 'hidden hand', which controls the policy makers who control the politicians, have deliberately positioned the world- from economic problems, instability and tensions, the world has been positioned like a chess board, just one 'black swan' could usher in all of them at once. It's all planned and no big developments in the coming months will be coincidence, it's all outlined in black and white.

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posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 12:03 PM
Obama does nothing, but sign on the dotted line. You can't see the arm hangin' out of his butt?
Ok, at least tell me, you notice his mouth isn't n'sync, with the b.s. he's speakin, right?

posted on Feb, 11 2013 @ 12:22 AM
LOL ATS you got to be #ting me?!

These presidential memos are about as high up into the real workings and methods of the elite you can get- this is what is coming this year and nobody even has the time to write a proper reply or comment?

Bizarre, but understandable seen as though this thread is mostly American. Understanding context and reading into the real meaning of the work of think tanks is not your thing.

All the best ATS

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posted on Feb, 11 2013 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

I completely agree with what you've posted.

Also, see that the vatican is moving into jerusalem to build a "multi-religion" temple? New world order religion coming our way.... won't be christian, won't be jewish, or islamic -- will be pagan, as in gaia - the world isn't green enough, we need to honor mother earth with UN global taxes......

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