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CLUI winer 2013 newsletter: UAV bases

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posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 01:48 AM
CLUI winter 2013 newsletter

Nothing too earth shattering here if you have been following UAV bases over the years. The only place I didn't know had a UAV program is Fort Huachuca. If you fire up google earth, you can spot two Reapers at
31°34'58.71"N 110°19'57.87"W . in addition, they have the fanciest photo resolution target I ever saw at
31°35'46.93"N 110°18'25.98"W . Most resolution targets are just black and white, while this one has a lower contrast target as well. This has to do with the modulation transfer function (MTF) of the optics. In one sentence, resolution is a function of contrast. There is no shortage of technical discussions on MTF on the interwebs if you want to know more.

The article mentioned Edwards North Base as a UAV facility. I assume that means the Global Observer. Edwards North Base is quite close to the highway, so I don't think they can do anything secret there. Well outside of the hangars. They do run Groom Lake from Edwards North Base.

Also news to me was the use of Benson airport in Arizona as a UAV facility that is also used by civilian aviation.
Benson Airport
Mighty desolate.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 02:27 PM
Excellent link and info!

I didn't realize so many militaries and countries are using and producing them. I didn't know it had reached that level yet.

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