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Gun Stores and Price Gouging

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posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:17 PM
Hey all, last week I posted a reply in the "Should I Sell my AR" thread stating that there were tons of AR-15 rifles available and that there was no shortage as of yet. I would like to give an update on that, and if anyone else has seen similar to what I am about to say then by all means please post it.

Last week I picked up my AR. Rock River Operator 2 with two 30 round mags, when I went there to pick it up everything was fine, all the shelves were packed and the prices were stable. Today 02/08/2013, I went to the same gun store here just outside of Chicago and things are very different.

Let me start by saying that before I was even let through the door, there were two armed guards, standing infront of the door. I was asked to see my FOID card, and if I did not have it, or it was expired, I would not be allowed to enter the premises. My friend that was with me, had a FOID card but it was expired by just a couple days, he was not allowed to enter, not even just to "look" or buy something that wasnt a firearm. I found this very odd and the greeter just past the guards said that this was put in place because they have had a rash of people trying to complete straw purchases, I.E. one person with a card buys a gun for another without. I said to the greeter, did you call the state police? Is this really necesary? His reply, Im sorry sir, its store policy. That was it. My friend stayed outside and I proceeded in because I just wanted to check prices really fast and they we would leave.

Inside the store was different. They had taken down the two ISLES that were full of magazines and all mags were now behind a glass case. A 30 round aluminum standard AR mag was priced at $79.99... I mean c'mon, really guys? Two weeks ago they were $16, and discounts were available if you bought more than 3. Needless to say no one was buying them. There was maybe over a hundred of them inside the case. The price moved up considerably as the quality of the mag increased. Highest price I saw was $119 for ONE MAG. They also had tons of 10 round mags priced around $26 which I thought was also rediculous.

Moving on to the actual ARs. Two weeks ago they had a 50-100 foot wall full of different makes/caliber/model AR15 type rifles. When I walked over to where they used to be, the wall was replaced with different types of shotguns, and .22 rifles. The ARs were moved to the corner, not on the wall but behind a glass case, and this time there was only 3 makes. I should have taken a picture because I couldnt get close enough to see the price as there was a line 10-15 people long to see an AR.

Rounds were 1.5 to 2 times normal price, and there was a limit of 5 boxes per customer, and you couldnt buy more than 100 rounds of any given caliber. So you had to split them up.

Handgun, and handgun magazines seemed stable, as a mag for my Ruger P95 was stable at $30. That is the extent of my trip to the gun store as I didnt want to keep my buddy waiting outside.

Has anyone else come accross super high prices or stores trying to gouge?

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:28 PM
Im going to a gun show tomorrow and I got a tax refund today so Im seriously considering buying something but im conflicted on what to get.
I kinda want a mossberg 500/590, its practical for home defense, plus it is an awesome looking shotgun.
Then again, I also want a .40 pistol so I can get my CCL so I can carry it around wherever I go, within the law of course.
I would also like a rifle though, I dont really need an AR 15 but I wouldnt mind getting a Ruger Mini Ranch Rifle but they have gotten so expensive, I dont wanna blow all my cash at once.
I would consider an SKS again though, Ive owned one in the past and it was one of the most accurate rifles Ive ever shot.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:28 PM
People should take a basic economics primer before posting stuff like this. No offense, but just about everyone knows the answer to this. Aside from the store trying to do a little crowd control so that things don't get all Black Friday WalMart in there and they don't get their goods ripped off, there's this little thing called the law of supply and demand.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:31 PM
Where have you been?
Around here the week after the Sandy Hook tragedy you couldn't get anything that was even remotely tactical in nature without being bent over and taken complete advantage of. This isn't new this has been this way since the first week of January at the latest. If you have an AR15 hold onto it, and only sell if you don't plan on replacing it for a long time.

I am currently on a waiting list just to get parts to complete a build that I was working on. Some parts are slowly becoming available again, but for the most part as soon as a vendor shows an item as in stock it is immediately bought out. Same way with ammunition. I just watched 74 cases of 7.62x39 ammo sell out before I could hit the send button on placing an order. It's a really lean market out there right now and I'm hoping manufacturers kick into high gear soon to meet the demand.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:40 PM
LOL, aparently I havent been on this planet for the last couple of weeks because I sure didnt think it would get like this, especially at that particular store, its HUGE.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by Cylent773

Went to a couple of my local gun shops (SE PA) and it looked like locusts attacking a field. Spoke to one of the owners and he said business has been incredible since the election but definetly picked up with all the gun ban talk. Shelves were bare, not even a bottle of Hoppes.

Amazing what panic will do for business! Prices across the board have gone up. I went looking for some cheap 9mm and the price was doubled and the online stores were out. They were even sold out of 7.62x25! SGammo was even running low on 7.62x54r and I've never seen that.

There is a fine line between price gouging and supply/demand. Seems the line is getting a bit blurry, but if someone is willing to shell out $25 for 9mm.....let em. Hopefully folks will calm Down a bit and so will the prices.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:49 PM
It has been this way since at least the beginning of January but I don't expect this wave of panic buying to last forever. The prices will come back down when people give up looking at overpriced weapons. How many people are willing to spend $2500 for a $800 or $900 AK? I don't see them flying off the shelves as much as they are probably being moved off the shelves and out of sight to make it look like a shortage.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by Cylent773

I went to my local sporting goods store today and their shelves were stocked once again. Though they only had one Ruger 10/22 on hand and said that weapon was selling like hotcakes. They also did not allow any lay-a-ways on semi-autos.

Mags were behind a glass case as well though. I also noticed a couple of security guys walking around the weapons area as well dressed as good 'ol boys. How do I know?, because one was once one of my troops in the reserves and is also a County deputy.

I had to corner the guy just to say hi, and he basically told me to go away as he is working. Followed by a "No offense."

But the weapons shelves were stocked as they had been before SH.

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 03:34 PM
my father bought a ruger lc9 and picked it up yesterday in western Illinois. his purchase price was $369 plus tax, and the pistol included the lazer. Gander Mt. in Joliet Il has the same pistol on sale this weekend for $379 without the lazer. I assume you are referring to a gun store on rt. 30 that just expanded there building, I am not surprised they are treating there customers that way, have had not so friendly experiences there myself, and don't go there often.

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by TDawgRex

Though they only had one Ruger 10/22 on hand and said that weapon was selling like hotcakes

Oh the memories.. The Ruger 10/22 carbine was my first rifle. My dad bought it for me when I was around 10 or so and I had it for years.
It came with a 10 shot rotary clip that fit flush but I later added a 50 shot banana clip.
I could pick off a dime at 100 yds with that gun, wish I still had it

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Juggernog

I loved my 'ol 10/22. I did try extended mags but to be truthful, they sucked. A great small game rifle though that was dead nuts on once properly zeroed.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 04:22 PM
Just got back from a gun show and bought myself a Glock 22, .40 cal with 15 round magazines.. First Glock ive ever owned, cant wait to shoot it.

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