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Chaos Gathers Pace (CGP) Complex

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posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 06:16 PM
Hi there,

CGP is a concept of my own creation and given that it openly implies "chaos" is gathering in its pace, one might be led to believe this new complex to be associated with the machine.

As much as it is a part of the machine this complex plays out in the mind of the individual.

It is an honest description of the state of mind of the masses as a direct result of the breakdown of the world around them.

Chaos has become so interwoven with our daily living that we live side by side with it and have a daily relationship with it, receiving daily updates from media, friends, social networking sites and the like, regarding the unfolding of the grand plan (chaos).

Information has become intense in the way we receive it. Conditioning is coming thick and fast and sadly, save that you live independently/outside of the machine, it is inescapable.

The bombardment of information unfortunately is mainly negative and can range in impact and style. Anything from an economic collapse being on the cards or the intensity and devastation of natural disasters growing in frequency to war and corrupt governments in total disarray and the open tampering of our main food sources (Codex Alimentarius) becoming the current buzz.

In any event we have to realize that it is much broader than the description above in fact it is the machine itself that we inhabit that dictates how we live life.

Everything is controlled. Not only is everything controlled but it is done so in an intricate and sophisticated manner. As soon as science and technology became accessible to the world and people were able to exchange ideas and offer solutions at instant speeds, the wheels were set in motion.

Now science is used to kill us and technology to control us. It is hard not to accept the glaring reality that every facet of our lives has been infected with a dark sticky tar like substance.. one which has oozed out of the deepest sewers and is slowly suffocating us.

Humanity is on the verge of losing its soul. Fundamentally by accepting this condition (CGP) we automatically place ourselves in the firing line.

Interestingly, we all do this. We all know life moves faster each day and it becomes difficult to keep up. We feel its effects. That's why many of us have grown tired and weary within. Given up all hope and living out the last days care free and without conscience.

The result is apathy. Crossing a line into ignorance. Consciously turning a blind eye to the true dark reality of life. The one in which we know but seldom accept that we are being lined up for the slaughter.

Total control. Chip and Pin the world and align them all to one system. A system controlled by the oligarchy!

We all know that chaos is gathering in its pace we see it every day we feel it everywhere. We all live with this condition. Either consciously or unconsciously but we cant escape it. That is the condition we live with.

Consider me a layman in comparison to great minds like Martin Luther King who was killed for telling people to keep hope alive. But my vision is as great as his belief.

There is a solution or should we say cure for this condition or complex (CGP).

The question is do you have it?

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 02:30 AM
Thank you S&F! Well thought, well put. Humanity in essence is in a check mate. Do we have any moves that is the question? Never before in history has the question of good and evil been played on so many fronts simultaneously. After a bottle of wine I fear to add more at this point other than I agree whole heartedly.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by BlavatskyChannel

Lemme tell you how I am avoiding any programming out there right now: i work 15-20 hours a day. Television? Oh yea....that bill I pay so the family has something to do while I am not there. News? The only news that matters is that given to me in my daily 30 minute talk with the wife, or my daily 1 hour stand up briefing we give the staff.

Ignoring is ignorance, and ignorance has been bliss.

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