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The EU Call This Democracy

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posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:10 AM
There has been an historic first call to cut the EU Budget, agreed upon by the EU member states ELECTED representatives.

David Cameron today secured a major victory as leaders agreed a deal to impose the first cut in the European Union's budget in its 56-year history. Herman van Rompuy, the President of the European Council, said the agreement on spending for the rest of the decade had been worth waiting for, declaring on Twitter: 'Deal done!' The budget payments limit from 2014-20 will be reduced by €34billion over the next seven years, from around €942billion to around €908.4billion. Scroll down for video European Council President Herman Van Rompuy used Twitter to reveal that a deal had finally been reached European Council President Herman Van Rompuy used Twitter to reveal that a deal had finally been reached Relief: If the deal gets done David Cameron, pictured leaving for a two-hour break this morning, it will be a blow to critics of his EU strategy Relief: If the deal gets done David Cameron, pictured leaving for a two-hour break this morning, it will be a blow to critics of his EU strategy Mr Cameron has seen off a French-led raid on the 1984 rebate secured by Margaret Thatcher while insisting that Brussels spending falls below less than one per cent of the European economy for the first time in history. Crucially Britain is the only country to see its rebate survive unscathed. Every other nation which receives a block refund from Brussels has suffered a cut, with Austria thought to be losing its rebate altogether. The Netherlands is giving up a large chunk of its rebate while Denmark has secured a rebate for the first time, after threatening to veto the deal entirely. After almost 20 hours of talks that went through the night, proposals were tabled for a deal that slashes EU expenditure.

This now has to be passed to the European Parliment, who are NOT ELECTED and voted upon and ratified. This is what they had to say on the issue.

Leader of the Parliament Martin Schulz has suggested a vote on the deal might be conducted using a secret ballot to maximise the chances of it being rejected -- a proposal described as a 'shocking subversion of democracy' by a British source.

Personal Opinion.......

If this is what the EU Beurocracts claim is any kind of democracy, then they need removing with immidiate effect. If they hold a secret ballet like has been suggested and vote down the budget cut then there needs to be a massive European Backlash with a vote of no confidence in the whole system. You cannot have Elected heads of state, turning up to a meeting on the EU Budget, agreeing to have a cut, which is a tiny one compared to spending cuts most nations are going through at the minute and then having it VETO'd by officials that nobody has ever voted into power and officials that have NEVER had their accounts audited.

The EU Dictatorship at full swing. I don't understand why the USA doesn't want to bring democracy to the EU, like it does the other nations it deems as having a dictator in charge?

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:17 AM
Just try to explaain what these "economic uniouns, and defense perimiters" are all about to people who think our political process here in the americas are on the up and up...( the SPP etc )

well, here I'll try:

there, I can here the crickets chirping.....oh wait....I think I hear jackboots in the distance...

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Danbones

I think the EU is very much part of the NWO infrastructure and is indeed the first stepping stone. After this we will have an American version and an Asian version too.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:35 AM
yeah M, I hears yah...also de mock racy is being brung to the Mid east and Afrika too

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:41 AM
It’s much worse than this. The EU is also using government money to market itself ahead of the 2014 elections they do have, and especially because the UK government has extremely reluctantly granted the public the promise of an referendum if the Conservatives win in 2015.

Forum Dummy’s with Government Money

Key to a new strategy will be "public opinion monitoring tools" to "identify at an early stage whether debates of political nature among followers in social media and blogs have the potential to attract media and citizens' interest".

Particular attention needs to be paid to the countries that have experienced a surge in Euroscepticism," said a confidential document agreed last year.
"Parliament's institutional communicators must have the ability to monitor public conversation and sentiment on the ground and in real time, to understand 'trending topics' and have the capacity to react quickly, in a targeted and relevant manner, to join in and influence the conversation, for example, by providing facts and figures to deconstructing myths."

Other Legalised Abuses of Public Money…

This year MEPs are to increase spending on promoting themselves ahead of European elections next year even as EU countries face an unprecedented period of fiscal austerity.
Spending includes a £9.4 million instalment for a controversial new museum of Europe, an £82 million "House of European History" opening in 2015 to celebrate the EU's "historical memory" and to "promote awareness of European identity".
Under the spending plans, cash for "seminars, symposia and cultural activities" will swell by 85 per cent, £2.5 million. Expenditure on "audio-visual information" will rise by 36 per cent, or £4.3 million.
There will be 15 per cent increase in funding for the EU's political parties, such as the European People's Party (EPP), and spending on the parliament's hi-tech visitor, centre the "parlamentarium", will increase by nine per cent.


And isn’t it interesting how all the main Europhiles tend to be Britain’s most corrupt and immoral politicians. E.g. Peter Mandelson resigned twice over corruption concerns, whilst Kenneth Clarke is deputy chairman of British American Tobacco which loves promoting its products in the third world.

Then again for an organisation where with a budget like this which spends 47% of its budget subsiding predominantly rich farms, and another 41% on “regional aid”
and which dumps destructive regulation on British business, surely almost anyone arguing this was in Britain’s economic interests would have to be corrupt?

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by michael1983l
We do We do it is called NAFTA!
Papers pleazzzz! US id law, Obama care and the new Gun ban what more do you want???

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by michael1983l

I think you have this back to front, Michael. The parliament members are directly elected by us in the 'european elections' ... I appreciate that many Brits turn off, tune out at all things EU related but surely you know that ?

The people making the deal, many of them arent elected, van Rompuy, Barroso and their unelected civil servants, same as with the (albeit elected) heads of governments and their legions of unelected, overpaid and underworked civil servants, diplomats snd spin doctors.

posted on Feb, 10 2013 @ 12:57 PM

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