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Martian Canals or Martian Tubes?

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 06:14 PM
Is there any possibility that visitors from space were planting tubes on Mars while Earthmen were watching them?

1862. Astronomers Knott and Schmidt report seeing lines on Mars.
1864. Astronomer Seechi reports seeing lines on Mars.
1871. Astronomers Gledhill, Lehardelay, Lohse and Vogel report seeing lines on Mars.
1873. Astronomers Knobel and Trouvelot report seeing lines on Mars.
1877. Astronomer Schiaparelli draws the first maps of Martian channels.
1879. Astronomers Holden, Keeler and Schaeberle make 42 drawings of the canals, many which do not match Schiaparelli’s.
1880. Astronomer Burton draws over a dozen canals, many that match Schiaparelli’s.
1886. Astronomers Denning and Wilson see canals.
1888. Astronomer Flammarion sees them and calls them rivers.
1890. Astronomers Giovannozzi, Guillaume, Wislicenus and Williams see canals, the latter recording 43 that match Schiaparelli’s. Seven of which were double.
1894. Astronomers Antoniadi, Campbell, Douglass, Lowell, Pickering, Maunder, and Molesworth see canals. Whereas Schiaparelli saw no more than 88 channels in 1877, Douglass, Lowell and Pickering recorded 184 canals in 1894. Their figures would climb to 700 total sightings within a few years.
1897. Astronomer Brenner sees a total of 168 canals.
1909 The sixty-inch Mount Wilson Observatory telescope shows that what had been interpreted as canals must have been geological features. The canals had dried up. Gone. Vanished.

Now this next point may be key.
Astronomers Perrotin and Thollon at the thirty-inch Nice Observatory in France also saw canals. In 1888, using the largest telescope in Europe, Perrotin described dramatic changes to a Martian land mass named "Libya". He said, "Clearly visible two years ago, it no longer exists today. The nearby sea (if sea it is) has totally inundated it."

1871. First UFO photo?

1896. The Airship waves begin as UFO’s appear in the skies of Earth on a regular basis.
1900. First flight of the Zeppelin.
1909. The last airship wave is reported.

Last but not least, the Tubes. =sjUUUYvjJ8TNrQHZpoDgBQ&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAA&biw=1157&bih=805

So, did mankind witness the construction of the Martian Tubes?
Or were all those astronomers seeing things that were not there?

The first problem might be that these ‘canals’ would have to be very wide to be seen from Earth. Maybe at least 15 miles wide. These “Tubes” seem to be only about 130 feet wide. The only reason for such a wide ditch that I can think of is if the builders were laying down multiple tubes side by side. If enough of them were side by side this would also account for why they could be seen from Earth. This would also account for why so many claimed to have seen double canals. If a huge construction project had buried hundreds of tubes on Mars, we would only see those that have become uncovered due to geological reasons.

We have Eyewitnesses:
Hundreds of sightings of UFO’s in Earth’s skies.
Astronomers not only seeing things on Mars but mapping them.
And we have Evidence:
Tube like forms on Mars.

If aliens were on Mars during that time period, what are the inherent problems with the scenario described above that make it unrealistic?

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 06:46 PM
The tubes which you speak of are actually just sand dunes in the bottom of the valley. I too thought there was something to it but apparently they are just dunes giving the impression of segments of a glass tube. The reason it looks like glass may be the same principals behind why the moon is so bright. Hope this helps shed some light on the matter.

I will look for a picture to post with the same patterns.
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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 06:46 PM
There's a particularity good episode of Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World that deals with the canals of Mars. While the shows 20 years old now the segment dealing with the discovery of the canals by Lowell is a good one and they even do a little experiment to show how Lowell might have first started to see the canals. One of the astronomers they interview about the subject mentions the fact that even he had seen a few of Lowells canals (and this was after the first Viking and Mariner(?) missions).

Its interesting to see that it wasnt Lowell that first found them which is something I assumed, didnt know there had been earlier sightings and theories about them, although he seems to have been the one to really get the craze going.

The canals on Mars is the type of mystery that makes a good example of mistaken identity and how this mistake can take on a life of its own. Im sure there are still canal enthusiasts out there even today (nothing wrong with that from a history buff angle), but our overall astronomical tech is such now that the idea of martian canals is pretty much a negative, there just isn't solid indication they ever existed at any time.

That being said, ive always fancied the notion maybe there were canals or tubes but what ever role they filled failed, after all even people like Lowell indicated the canals must have been used for water distribution from the polar caps, maybe it did start an exodus. That being said, we know pretty well Mars has been dead alot longer than any of that so the chances of that idea being based on fact is slim to nothing.

S&F for popping this in here. Its a neat bit of astronomical history with a mistaken connection to Aliens, back in the days when every planet was an earth like paradise with all sorts of strange life people thought to inhabit it, then we stepped off the Earth and traveled to them and the truth wasn't quite so romantic.

Found it , its from the Strange Skys episode, and its the first part of the program starting at 2:20

Oh and if your also interested OP, there's a few nice odd 'canal' like events attached to the Moon over the centuries as well. Everything from odd lights to green(?) mists being seen by early astronomers before the 20th century. There was a site that had a bunch of them listed but I dont have the link any more and cant seem to find a Google match.

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 07:01 PM
What all the 19th century talk of Mars did was get imaginations of creative people fired up. Edgar Rice Burroughs took the reigns with his Princess of Mars series, and H.G. Wells wrote his martian material. I think the Martian craze gave way to the Egyptian craze at some point in the early 20th century, and then the discovery of Tut's tomb in 1922 ('23?) and other Valley of the King tombs kept it alive. Then came the UFO's in the late '40s, then the beatniks and the hippies and soon we're back on Mars and starting all over again. Ray Bradbury, H.G., and Edgar Rice Burroughs are having a laugh in heaven someplace, for the three of them led much of the way to the excitement over the Rovers roving along.

posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 07:15 PM

I have seen better examples in the past but this is the best i could do for now just check out images of sand dunes on Google.

posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by Aleister

Cant blame em though really, up until then all the planets had been were moving points of light in the sky or small bright orbs with a few other smaller orbs orbiting them... suddenly the first proper observatories get built and what was something far away became true worlds just like our own, tantalizingly in reach through the eye piece.

I know my imagination would have gone berserk sitting there with the surface of Venus and Mars in front of me, still does today when i break out the telescope and train it on Mars and see its ice caps and dark and orange splotches

Interesting that so many of the astronomers (I mean were there any that didnt? must have been some) immediately assumed they would be harboring life. The great pendulum swing of opinion over the last century and a bit, from 'Life, Life everywhere!' to 'Desolate, Lifeless hostile environments' to the last decade or so 'Maybe life, but not what we'd expect'.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by spiritualarchitect

Sorry here is a nice close up!!!

Not what they were claimed to be be by Richard Hoaxland etc OH and a few on here !!!!

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by wmd_2008

That is the best photo of them being sand dunes that I have seen. I have read a lot about how they cannot be dunes because of their placement and such, but that sure looks like sand. Better photos/telescopes equals more accurate vision.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by wmd_2008
reply to post by spiritualarchitect

Sorry here is a nice close up!!!

Not what they were claimed to be be by Richard Hoaxland etc OH and a few on here !!!!

Best pic I've seen yet.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by BigfootNZ

Nice video, I have that book, MYSTERIOUS WORLD by AC Clarke, 1984.

2 interesting points in it.
At 6:28 you see Lowell's tomb, which looks just like John Carter's tomb in the movie. No accident that.

In the end the astronomer says he saw the Thoth canal clear as can be in 1971.
Wouldn't it be great if one day we find gargantuan pipes buried underground.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by spiritualarchitect

I dont know, I personally believe the canals were simply the effect of joining areas together with lines in the mind. For me the fact Lowell saw oases is a big give away, the human mind is very apt at making a line that isnt really there between two points, the oases may have been real, the lines were not.

The fact that so few of those that saw the lines saw the same lines as each other shows that there was something not right about it all. This was also the era of grandstanding where would-be scientists and rich men who thought of themselves as learned constantly tried to out do each other in every field of knowledge, and sometimes simply made stuff up to make themselves look more than their competition
it was an interesting time.

Another issue for me is that for an alien race that over the coarse of 40 years could build, disassemble and rebuild a system of canals on a planetary scale (and the canals or tubes would have been gigantic in size, ie many 10's of miles in width to have been seen from Earth with the astronomy gear they had back then) then to have them start buzzing Earth after the end of the canals in space craft... why build such a system to ferry water in the first place, you'd think they'd have a far more quicker ways of doing it or technology that would let them solve the problem in a different manner than just piping it across the entire planet which would take unimaginable resources to accomplish. The entire canal era was very 19th century minded in how it was portrayed and theorized.

I wouldn't connect the visual design of a tomb in a movie with the design of a tomb almost 100 years in the past either, the movie art team may have payed homage to Lowell by doing so but it doesnt mean anything beyond that (I havent seen the film myself so wouldnt be able to say, then again tombs are tombs, and dont forget Lowell died around the time John Carter stories were published so architectural fashion and artistic style of the day would have been similar for a persons tomb and the description of such a tomb invented for a story).

As for them being sand dunes, where talking about lines seen through a telescope, when compared to the surface area of mars those sand dunes would have to be the size of mountain chains and stretch across the entire planet to even remotely match or create the illusion of the canals people saw. So for me, they weren't and aren't sand dunes.

So no, the canals were an interesting folly of the day. A fun one though and a neat little twist thats over looked in the early history of UFO's and aliens, even if not really tied to the subject beyond the idea of martians.

But who knows... its a strange universe.

edit:- oh and if you liked the book I definitely recommend buying the Mysterious World series on DVD, kinda dated but has alot of good stuff on it... it was that show (and oddly the first one i ever saw as a kid was a rerun of UFO one which i tapped by accident one Sunday morning) that got me into the entire area of paranormal and supernatural stuff. Not sure about series 2 since it was more about the supernatural which doesn't interest me any where near as much as UFO's and monsters.
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posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by BigfootNZ

I have seen most of the Clarke Mysteries on Youtube already. I agree with pretty much everything you said. They did not draw dunes. And even if aliens placed lines underground, I do not know what purpose that would serve. Why have underground freeways if you can fly.

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by spiritualarchitect
reply to post by wmd_2008

That is the best photo of them being sand dunes that I have seen. I have read a lot about how they cannot be dunes because of their placement and such, but that sure looks like sand. Better photos/telescopes equals more accurate vision.

That's because Hoagland et al only use low res images. It's intellectual dishonesty on their parts because they know the clearer high rez photos would prove that what they are trying to make people believe is there, is a natural formation. Mars is amazing. There are many wonderful and strange things there, just like earth.

However, you never find high rez pictures of anomalies. They're always either low rez or super zoomed in. This is because the pixellation and blurring allow for intense paradoilia.(sp). You'll notice in most threads about anomalies, there's always a set of people who can see it, then there's a set who can't, then there's the ones who see sometime entirely different.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:01 PM
My answer is a self-translated quote from an Extra-Terrestrial (or at least supposedly) brother:

"The so-called channels of Mars are the planet's energy-, and water-distribution routes/pathways. Nowadays, however, the water flows inside pipelines under the ground, but previously the water has flowed on the surface of Mars in its channel-riverbeds (difficult to translate). All of these exist originally on the count of the Earth-born ancestors."

(About the last remark about the Earth-born ancestors; it's a long story, that's explained pretty well, but I can't go much into it right now. The jist of it is that because of a huge war caused a lot of radiation (you can still find notes about this war that happened about 30 000 years ago, in the Indian Veda-books), some of the survivors decided to risk it all and leave for Mars - it is said that six ship left but only five arrived - it's a very interesting story, even if it's not true.

But I have cause to be relatively confident that it's most likely mostly true, or at least it is the best and most logical account of true Earth history I have ever witnessed, as far as I can recall. It fits in with the facts of our solar system and the known Earth history perfectly, explains Atlantis, Ice Age, etc. with remarkable detail and logical progression of events, and basically has no 'plot holes' whatsoever (except a couple tiny, relatively irrelevant bits that I think the 'human factor' changed for 'political reasons' - only a perfect messenger can bring a perfect message, that's why Jesus had to be a divine being - but I digress) - and I usually find those naturally, as they annoy me a lot even in movies.

My point is, that it would have been a remarkable achievement for someone to be able to fake it this well, taking -every- little detail of everything into account - even moviemakers or scifi-authors rarely are not always able to perform such a feat.

(There's also the 'intuition'-factor, the 'feel', and all that - but it will probably get a bit too 'esoteric' for many readers if I continue about those things - I wanted to mention it just as a sidenote)

In any case, these Earth-ancestors did a lot of 'terraforming' in Mars before the terrible accident (of the planet exploding) that thinned the atmosphere so that they had to move underground -- like I said, it's a LONG story)

I tried to translate it as literally as I possibly could, with still keeping the english structure intact. Take it for whatever it is worth - I can offer no links nor can I offer any proof of any kind, as this was directly translated from a book, on-the-fly, right now, right here.

Still, I wouldn't advise anyone to believe anything I write. My advise is to just take things as possibilities, research and ponder, and let your soul find the answers or whatever. The Universe is more amazing than any of us can imagine, and a lot of 'denied' and 'debunked' things are actually not only possible, but actual reality.

So, don't deny, don't believe, just let things be, and research and ponder until you know either way.

A good thing to remember, though..

.. someone once said; a lot of the 'fantastic' things and 'myths' - the things that people think are fairy tales - are really true, while most of the mundane and boring things -the things people of this planet consider the most real- are based on lies and illusions.

It just seems the reverse when you live in the physical dimension with a certain attitude, after having blocked important parts in yourself from functioning properly, and desensitized yourself so that you don't see what you used to see, and you don't hear the call of the true life anymore.

There was a time when I couldn't even see auras or feel the energy fields of living (and even 'non-living') things. It's very easy to slip into that mode and forget that any other mode even exists, until you deliberately sensitize yourself again, and teach yourself to see the previously invisible again. When you start deliberately making energy fields between your palms (the Chinese have known the secrets of human energy systems for thousands of years), and when you deliberately question the 'official, mundane, nihilistic truth' that might actually be a lie..

That's when the true world starts opening up for you again, that's when you start realizing the wonder of life again. That's when you begin your voyage back to reality from the materialistic lie that 'they' want you to 'believe' in so you would be easier to control and manipulate.

Sorry for typing about 'offtopic' so much, but as one can easily see, everything has to do with everything - or at least, a lot of things have to do with so many other things, and so on.. and I have a lot to say about all of them.

(Hence these char limits always bug me)

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posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 09:02 PM

And even if aliens placed lines underground, I do not know what purpose that would serve. Why have underground freeways if you can fly.

I like your opening questions and the list of facts, which should make even some deniers ponder (but I know from experience that it won't), but this part seems a little bit odd to me.

So what you are saying, put to Earth environment sounds to me like.. "Why have electricity network and water pipes if you can drive a car?" (Or 'travel by automobile', if you want to be a free man on the land)

Surely you must realize the oddness of your question. What does flying have anything to do with how your energy and water supplies are arranged in your home planet?

Even if you are free to travel anywhere you want, surely it's good to have a home base somewhere, and since all planets of this solar system are inhabited and support intelligent life (though in ONE of them, there doesn't seem to be much intelligent life, but the planet still supports it..) in one form or another, why wouldn't there also be efficient networks of electricity and water for all? It's only common courtesy.

Yes, I said "all planets", not just "most planets", and I mean what I said. It's just that on some planets, the lifeforms are not very physical as we know it. Physical creatures could not live on Mercury, for example - and on the outer planets, physical creatures mostly utilize the underground bases and such (so in essence, they might just as well live in spaceships near the 'airspace' of the planet - or should that be 'vacuum-space' or 'space-space'?)

In any case, a good beginning, good questions, good information, good list - but this bit seemed a little bit odd to me, I hope you don't mind me showing my perspective to it to clarify how strange it looks to me for someone to ask such a question, and then finding out it's the respected thread-starter him/herself (I really wish english would also have a gender-neutral 'him/her'-word, like some other languages do).

Any time you feel like asking a question like that, perhaps you could try to use your imagination and find some answers - who knows, you may actually find the truth that way!
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posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 07:46 AM


I like your opening questions and the list of facts, which should make even some deniers ponder (but I know from experience that it won't),

Thank you for putting this on top - saves me the trouble of reading the rest of your post.

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