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9/11 Dollars

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 04:32 PM
Saw this on Facebook today....weird.

"If looked at closely, the five dollar bill represents the twin towers, the ten is after the planes collided, the twenty shows a building collapsing, the fifty is the dust and smoke, and the hundred is a new beginning. "

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 04:35 PM
if you need anymore proof that they are playing games with us and control everything that happens then you are an idiot and deserve everything that will come to you. its only a matter of time.

in fact on all US currency there are many hints of things, hidden pictures and messages.. what would be the purpose of putting these here.

if there is separation of church and state then why is in god we trust on all of our money

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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by dc4lifeskater

So not only did they plan this way back when they designed the money, they just knew how exactly the towers would fall and were able to make this scam so perfect?

This sort of thing must send you utterly loopy. It's soooo real!

man, like someone saying "The phone is about to ring."

and it rings...


posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 05:28 PM
Well I think this is Photoshop, sorry. Somebody wanted to make a point. And mythologically, it is well developed. The states of attack, falldown, up in smoke, then renewal - it is a nice sequence.
Or do you think this is actual money prints that came out before 911? I highly doubt that.
Even then, the planners know how myths operate in a healthy way...

posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 05:45 PM
Never tried it but haven't they redesigned the currency since 9/11???

Seems like they do every year now...

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