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Good Politicians. Some are doing good (with a few skeletons). Brag about your town Mayor thread

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 09:38 PM
Lets have some good news again,

Show your town, city, country's officials that you think are actually DOING SOME good.
(even if they have a few (legal) mistakes or family issues, hell we all do, no?)

1. Hazel (aka Hurricane Hazel McCallion) Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario.
(ooops sorry, dunno how to embed a vid here,I tried uhhg)
good: excellent mayor, 31+ yrs, city of 'Sauga deficit free/millions in future reserve
bad: issues with her son having some property management priority, *unfounded*

Naheed Nenshi - Mayor, Calgary, Alberta
good: lots, (as far as I know, but Albertans have to chime in).
bad: his (as is every mayor) bad decisions on the homeless

Ok, I have to admit, I am a Trudeau and a Harper fan. Yeah, even Prime Minister Chretien (hell, c'mon, the guy's RCMP bodyguards fell asleep and some guy with a knife got into their bedroom, not to mention he had to chokehold some guy in a crowd himself who came too close lol.
Chretien's Shawinigan Handshake, 1996:
Trudeau, John and Yoko:
the idiot Nixon and Trudeau:
(also find the Nixon tapes where he mentions that Trudeau is NOT part of the 'faggoty Bohemian Grove gang' as he calls it. The story about that is that Pierre and his wife Margaret had a lil bit of 'coke' then left the party together.
Trudeau and Castro:

Margaret Trudeau (she is BI-POLAR) on the importance of MENTAL HEALTH CARE:

Who are the politicians you know that you can brag about?? Are there any good ones? Don't we deserve to tell the world about the good ones??
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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 08:33 AM
Our current mayor was, many years ago, on a jury for a death penalty case. I don't know how he got elected after that trial. I think its that many people just forgot who he was.

Anyway, this guy killed a cop. Had no real reason to, either. He had just gotten out of the pen, and likely was just a life long screw up. Regardless, he killed a cop. So he gets convicted, and when the sentencing comes, our mayor refused to vote for the death penalty. He doesn't believe that the death penalty is moral, so he became the immovable object. The guy, instead, got life in prison.

I am a staunch opponent of the death penalty. To me, the above shows this mans character.

Having said that, if he would have had his way as mayor the economy of our city would be in peril. He opposed a HUGE renovation of a local building at just about every turn. Renovating this building is about the only way to move our city forward. It is so stinking big compared to those around it that it was a constant reminder of prior failures. With it renovated and open once again, there is an impetus to bring business back into our downtown area.

He also would have taken economic development money from being used solely to attract/retain businesses and instead put it into city infrastructure (basically, cover the gaps in poor management and budgeting).

The good, the bad, and the ugly about my mayor.

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