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Poaching boom sees thousands of elephants killed in Gabon

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 02:31 PM

More than 11,000 elephants have been killed by ivory poachers in Gabon since 2004 according to new research. The country is home to over half of Africa's forest elephants who are highly valued because of the quality of their tusks. Campaigners say the situation in what was believed to be a safe haven for these elephants is "out of control." They blame the ongoing high demand for jewellery and other ivory products in Asia. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote If we do not turn the situation around quickly, the future of the elephant in Africa is doomed” Prof Lee White ANPN Gabon holds about 13% of the forests of Central Africa but it is home to around 40,000 forest elephants, a smaller species that are attractive to poachers because their ivory is tinged with pink and is very hard. The new research has been carried out by the Gabonese national parks agency (ANPN) alongside WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society

And it makes you wonder how much someone will pay for the last ivory of the last elephant when they are all destroyed.

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