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Is there a conspiracy to promote conspiracy theories?

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 10:16 AM
I've casually noticed that "fringe" theories and CS's seem to be getting more coverage in MSM as well as simple watercooler-talks.

I'm also thinking that this could be BY DESIGN so that sooner or later, they'll (not sure who exactly) will lower the boom on a particular theory which will then render ALL future theories/inquiries null and void - simply by proxy.

That's 1 way to stifle any dissent

posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by TXRabbit

that's a great point

posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by kdog1982
I am still faced with the ignorance.
There is more important "drama" I deal with day in and day out.

That is actually what is most important to pay attention to in my view as well, though there is a difference between "important" and "forced upon distraction". Up to you to decide.

From what I understand for example... the typical Greek "seeker" would first do all of their "civic" duties in a career, family, etc... and once the career is winding down, family is able to take care of itself... they then divert their attention to more "other wordly" matters.

Originally posted by kdog1982
I am curious about the metaphysical aspect you speak of.

In the end,does it really matter other then something to occupy our time?
Has anyone here made a difference concerning these theories?
I have tried,but my voice was not strong enough and I threw in the towel .

No difference but whatever difference is made to you. I don't believe anyone in the entire universe will ever come up with "the" metaphysical statement except "everything is one thing"... everything past that is differentiated perspectives of that one "thing". But even that's up for debate and is rarely of immediate use to most people still focused on day to day life frustrations and there is a seemingly (though not really) long bridge between "us" and "that one ALL" to cross for it to be meaningful to a lot of people in their day to day life and actions.

The only difference to "others" is occasionally seeing that light bulb go off where they finally "see" a way of looking at things that they had just never considered or "got" until then. Alan Watts is a good one for that for a lot of people getting going on a metaphysical/spiritual exploration. But that doesn't mean anyone was proven right... only a new way of looking has opened that will affect the way the person filters what they observe through.

The "mattering" in metaphysics is more about what you learn about yourself in relation to your environment and peers. At the most extreme: If you come to the conclusion (through whatever train of thought) that you are absolutely not going to die... every problem you face is transformed. If you think you are only here for a blip and that's all you get "forever"... that transforms every problem you face too.

It matters for understanding the motivations and decisions of other people... but here is the real rub on that one... ONLY if you truly go "believe as they believe" for a while. You can't understand a motivation unless you let yourself do your best to "believe" the world is as they believe it is and see what you see... what patterns pop out and which ones recede, etc. If you get really practiced at this you can actually find yourself in a situation where you can effectively argue for two opposing sides of an argument that hold beliefs you don't actually believe yourself... but you can see how *they* do.

This is a powerful tool in more ways than I can begin to describe.

Best to you!
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