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Recycled DNA

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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 08:33 PM
Don't make this place your home
lest fire make it'self known

Welcome baby back to hell
Life is only that as far as i can tell

Only when you've learned your lessons well
Can you escape from hell

Recycled DNA
Not good enough
Not true enough
Not you enough

You can't leave yet
Your caught in this net
And you can bet
When you've learned your lessons
You wont have to return for another session

Lightning streaks across the sky
And dips before your very eye
Sucked in Sucked in
I hear you cry

Recycled DNA
Not good enough
Not pure enough
Not true enough
Not you enough

Run baby run and return baby
Your not pure you can't have the cure
Let the light illuminate thee
Only the truth will set you free

Secret symbols
You see em here
You see em there
Wake up Wake up
And see the flare

Recycled DNA
Not good enough
Not pure enough
Not true enough
Not you enough

Bolt and return
Red blood recycled
The sun is shining in your face
But you can't see the light
Some believe in UFOS
Who knows
They could be right
Sparks of light
Out of sight
Blind but with the second sight
Lightining gathers in the night

Sucked in Sucked in
Don't try to fight
Only when tour time is right
Will you really know your might
Only then you can take flight
And disappear into the night

Through the rock you go
Down the tube you flow
Three are there to see
Back again and you could be free
Light energy like you've never seen

Sucked in Sucked in
Recycled DNA
Run and return
Not good enough
Not pure enough
Not true enough
It's a bit rough
Aint life tough

Let the light illuminate thee
Stand not under the tree
Rise up rise up to be free

Recycled DNA
You don't wanna stay
Yes you pray and pray
Yes that's ok

Do you have a heavy heart
Does it feel like your at the start
Your caught and must take part
You really are a shooting star spark
Lighten your heavy heart
All that weight keeping you in the dark
See it really is a marvelous lark

Recycled DNA
Your not here to stay
But where do we go and play
To the stars run
And to dust return
Recycled DNA
Don't you wanna play


We all pay

If you read and respond to this, thanks, in advance for your time. 1%

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by my1percent

So true. You may be using these words for a song, yes? It is very good and I enjoyed it very much! I can picture the words to a rock tune of sorts. I have no talent in that area...just seems like the words would lend themselves well to matter what way it is planned to be used, it is awesome and thanx for sharing your talent! Very catchey...the words are staying in my mind. Well done! Blessings and hugs. ^j^

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by shrevegal

shrevegal , thanks so much , i thought i might have freaked people out

It does seem more of a song than poem.
I am having a go and will keep trying.

cheers 1%

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