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7-year-old playing an imaginary game at school gets suspended for real

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by Azjazzer8

You are not there to instill morals, regardless if there is a lack of. The teacher is there to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

This is the problem with society. Teachers, and others, have this flawed idea that you get to and are supposed to teach morals to students. You are not. They are not your child.

The school is not there to teach a child that guns are bad, that is up to the parent.
The school is not there to teach about homosexuality, that is up to the parent.
The school is not there to teach right from wrong in life, that is up tot he parent.

I am glad that my children will never come across you as a teacher. And, I make it a point to interview all of my kids teachers. If I don't like the crap they are teaching, I make it very apparent and my child is moved to anotehr teacher.

This is not a village raising a child, no matter how much you want it.
My kids......My morals.....

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