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Astral Projected to this similar place

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posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 12:08 PM

[align=center]this is about the closest representation
of that 'breathtaking' place...(the image above is tame by comparison) i once traveled to..

this 'creation vortice'
- a sustained NOVA like point in space-
was far beyond this Galaxy
even farther than this Galaxy Cluster
in our seen Universe

The 'winged' entities above
seem headed toward the Creation Light
...but my visitation saw the 'winged' entities

A Steady Stream of Material Creations Flowed
outward from this furnace of evolution
As I flew nearer the source
I witnessed angels & men & worlds & thoughts
even closer to the central sun
the smaller elements mice & scallops & blades of grass
aproaching closer I saw the germs & bacterias & molecules
closer and closer i flew
there swirled electrons & gluons & sub-atomic strings

I knew of witnessing the evolving
eternal creation event

this was the nearest to heaven i could concieve
so i came back home to my corpreal body

that Astral trip was several years (cycles) past
it is strange to run across a art work
showing that shared pschic place of being[/center]

^put in colors if you like^

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