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A Better Society

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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 07:24 AM
I recently posted about a thought I had about how I feel all evolving species will come to a milestone where they'll need to make a choice, first choice is to allow political tension and civil unrest to continue to mount unabashed...which will inevitably lead to mass destruction and a reset on the species evolution...causing it to lose centuries, if not millennias worth of evolutionary progress. The other option is the members of the species unifying themselves, against the apparent powers that govern them, and the ideas on how they should be governed.

I feel we're in the timezone when it's make or break for a species, and the decision will be made soon. This can account for all the buzz that this time period is getting; predictions of world ending, mass ufo reportings, the global economy on the decline, TPTBs setting up the pieces for an end game scenario. It all seems to be building up here.

The reason a choice needs to made is because if not, eventually a conflict will arise where bombs are dropped and the species will be devastated to near extinction levels.

So i thought, why not get the snowball rolling downhill, it needs to be us (the everyday citizens) that come up with the plan and fight for it, because we know that all the corrupt and powerful will not care to make a change for us, they are happy living off fruits of our labors.

So what will make a society better, this is your place to dream, what can a realistically evolving society look like:

I think the first step would be us coming together in realization, realization that we're not as big as we think we were, we are technology smart enough, and historically toughened enough to come to grips with how small we truly are. We float on a spec of dust, that sits in a small raindrop, that sits in a puddle, that is no where close to the ocean of the galaxy! We are tiny! And because of that, we need to realize that discoveries that we make and the technologies we design are for ALL OF US, EVERYTHING WE DO NEEDS TO BE FOR THE BENEFITS OF ALL OF US!!! All resources belong to all of us, and the fruits and labors of all discoveries and technologies need to be available to ALL OF US!!! Corporations are successful because the drive into their employees the importance of team work, we can be just as successful if we think about our society as our team. I believe this has to be a fundamental thought, this though can lead us to new heights, it's how we evolve.

Let me try to convey my thoughts on this, if we lived in a society where this is practiced to a tee, then this is how i see it being ran: A car company will build cars, they would put all the newest technologies in the vehicles, and they will work have access to all the newest innovations to the industry, because there will be no patent restrictions, we all share what we discover. This company can put in the newest innovations, everybody would have the opportunity to own the most luxuriously modern car, with all the safety innovations to boot! We would start to loose the parts on the vehicle that are wasteful, pollutant or just needs to be periodically replaced, remember we're no longer working towards individual goals, so it would be more likely that products would improve, we would come up with cleaner fuel (we've already had great innovations in water-ran engines get snuffed by big corporations who bought patents to keep these innovations off the market, clear example of a company NOT working for us). We would come up with tires that don't need replacing, we would eventually come up with vehicles that don't roll at all.

As the product is getting better, lets take a look at how the workers are organized and why they'll continue to work like this. If all workers are building cars, making them with all the newest and most innovated technologies, then they are contributing to the society, they get to reap the benefits of the society. They should have access to everything, if they want a new phone, they go get a new phone, if they want a new video game system, they go get it. The reason people work is to provide a living for themselves and their family, I say we can sustain the needs of every man, woman and child on this planet, and if the only contribution you need to do is work, then we will work. So you'll continue to have the workers, but you're also going to have the builders, these are the people who are passionate in cars (just staying in this field...but it covers all fields) they will be the ones that create the innovations. When passions involved, innovations are made.

The capitalist society takes passion away, oh it's there at first, when the first car was made, there was passion no doubt! but as soon as Henry Ford stuck it on an assembly line, it no longer had passion, it had one purpose, making that man a fortune! And that's what it did, that is what's wrong with capitalism, it built the necessary infrastructure, but now we are a self sustaining machine that no longer need to funnel the wealth of a nation up a few pipelines for a small percentage of the population to reap the benefits! We work, and we work hard, our whole lives, some people need two jobs to make ends meet, we get the "sloppy seconds" of the technologic discoveries, they're always enjoyed by the wealthy and powerful first.

Lets try to imagine a world where there is no money system, this might be the hardest challenge to overcome! But I believe as long as there's money, there's corruption. Money is what buys everything...even if you didn't earn the money yourself. Money has no allegiance, it just is...which gives people opportunities for corruption. Money's role in an evolved society needs to slim to nil. Money is wealth, this allows future generations to continue a dynasty that they did not build, it builds corporations and buys politicians, it's too dangerous to have money. I propose, as long as you contribute to society, you have no need to carry money. If you contribute to society, everything that the society discovers and creates should be available to you!

Knowledge and communications should both be available to the citizens. The infrastructure is there for this one, and I say this is the easiest to achieve today. There is no reason why we are continuing to pay high premiums for access to internet and cell phone towers. I see these as discoveries of the human race, we all deserve access to these commodities! When we go out and buy cars, we don't pay a monthly fee to access the roads do we?

What do y'all think ATS? What would an evolved society look like to you?


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