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Just a thought on all this gun control talk...

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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 03:58 AM
textTextThis is my first post on here so I apologize ahead of time if I don't have everything quite right.

I have been visiting this site for a while and would like to say first and foremost that i am happy their are still some sane people left in this world. I am 25 and very interested on what goes on with the little blue marble that we live on and as of late (and i think i speak for a large portion of America) things have become a concern to say the least. I cant remember the last time, and i check everyday, that there hasn't been a story on the news that hasn't been about a school shooting, gun control in some way shape or form and everything in between that has to do with it. It just seems like so much overload and over saturation to be just "random" events. You may believe different that i do and Ill respect your opinion like I hope that you would respect mine. But with all the killing that has gone on and don't get me wrong they are all tragic, why soo much exposure now. why haven't we talked about all the murders and shootings that are "less important" that only saw the light of day for the 30 news reel it was given. why is it that hunters and everyday americans that follow the legal channels are being demonized now as my personal favorite "terrorist". Why is it that there haven't been better discussion about getting the weapons that are causing all the problems out of the criminals hands that commit these terrible acts of violence. These people dont give a damn about politics or legislation.It's similar to drugs in that even with all the laws that have been put in place to stop them from getting here or being sold on the streets the criminals still get them here, still sell them and still could give a damn less about the laws trying to stop them. So i ask what the hell is stopping them from getting guns and ammo when you talk about any kind of legislation stopping the sale of assault rifles in stores or ammo rationing or smaller clips in you really think criminals buy theirs from a gun shop. They get it all anyway and instead of trying to come up with some kind of idea or plan what ever it may be, you make it harder for people that do care about the laws to protect themselves from the assholes that don't. so thanks in advanced when i get killed by the guy whose breaking into my house with an AK'47 with a 100 round drum on it to turn my family and i into swiss cheese. I sure am glad that your law was passed to let me own a 380 with a single shot clip so i dont go out and shoot a bus full of kids and that my background check was clean to make sure that i was a swell guy. My tombstone will say," I followed your brilliant regulations and look at the man i am today.At least im no terrorist". It is a terrible cliche but the saying "guns dont kill people, people do" is true. The person holding that gun has the choice of what to do with it. but when we are talking about people who don't care about taking the lives of countless people you really believe hes going to care about what you politicians do on your pedestal up in the place you call reality. We have to protect our rights and freedoms from the people we elect to make our way of life better than it has been.It shouldnt be this way. That's what the Federal government was really created for, to collectively put the people in that we need to best represent our voice and nation to make our country better. They have abused that power for too damn long and we need to make sure we don't get screwed even worse by not being able to protect ourselves from real life "terrorists". We need to be smarter as a whole to right the ship and get better as a nation not keep falling for the smoke and mirrors and slight of hand that we have been. "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" in this case that goes for us all. before i go i wanted to post this link that i found, its from 2009. it's a list from the CDC of the top 10 things that we in america die from every year. take a look. with all thats been going on the one thing missing is the biggest issue we are talking about. thanks.

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 04:34 AM
Fine thread.

I agree with you that legislating against it seems somewhat useless because of the widespread usage of guns in the US - personally I am not sure if it will/could have the intended effect, so I am still on the fence, however, looking in from the outside, it does look like the US has a problem with gun violence. But it is a complex subject.

You point out that the criminals are the problem, and I think you are correct that the majority of shootings are done by criminals. However I am not certain. BUT, I've gotten the impression that none, or at least very few of the people involved in mass shootings had a criminal record prior to the that. Please correct me if I am wrong, but that seems to indicate that it's not just a matter of criminals with guns. Some people commit their first crime using a gun.

So I think you are dealing with two seperate problems here.
1. That there are to many criminals with acess to guns.
2. That there seems to be an increasing amount of people, not criminals, who are able to justify the killing of innocent people, in a sense a form of vigilantiism, which in my oppinion doesn't belong in any civilized society.

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 04:54 AM
thanks for the reply, Ya i guess i could have expanded what i meant as far as criminals. i just used that as an example of the kind of minds that commit the sort of things that have been happening. I dont like using the term mentally ill, im sure there have been cases where a person that truly was ill did something. too many people are "mentally ill" now a days. i guess the vagueness of it is what bugs me. and i absolutely agree with the complexity of whats going on. like i said it was my first post so i just wanted to kinda get my thoughts on to paper so to speak.

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