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Pennsylvania Republicans concoct new vote-rigging plan

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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by kozmo
Next, the Electoral College is the grandest FAILING of our political system. I did not vote for Obama. In fact, the district in which I reside overwhelmingly voted for Romney. However, the entirety of Ohio's Electoral College votes went to Obama. So, who was disenfranchised??? The votes of my district did not count toward the election.

Interesting point. I live in Texas and voted for Obama, yet Romney got all of our electoral votes. I wonder why the Texas State Legislature is not pushing for a change in the way our electoral votes are awarded? (rhetorical question, as we already know the answer).

If we are going to mess with the electoral process at all, I say we completely get rid of the electoral college and let the nationwide popular vote dictate the outcome of the election.
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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by LeatherNLace

And there you go - BUT, did your district vote for Obama? If your district voted for Obama then your Electoral College votes were disenfranchised. I agree... the whole thing needs to be reworked. Not just pockets here and there.

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 09:37 AM
I'm cool with state legislatures changing the way the electoral college votes are split, I'm not a big fan at all of getting rid of the EC. I think the EC is a brilliant. It allows states that don't have huge populations to be relevant in a Presidential election. If there were no electoral college, candidates for President would only focus on large urban population centers.

I think if some states changed the way they allocate EC votes it would really mix up the dynamics of a national election. Instead of tallying up your "owned" states your opponents "owned" states and then fighting over the close ones, you'd see money spent in places other than Florida, Ohio, and other swing states.

I don't think you'd ever see something like this in Florida or Ohio though. I'm sure the media in those states just loves the money both parties spend there every four years.

I've long been a proponent of splitting EC votes by congressional districts, with the statewide winner getting the two from the Senate, but I do realize that gerrymandering by both parties is problematic with that. I think I like the plan in the OP a little better now though. It makes sense to divide EC votes by percentage of popular vote and give the extra 2 to the one with the most votes. Either is much fairer than winner take all like is done in 48 states now.

I do love the hyperbole from the OP though. The title implies that the GOP is attempting to do something illegal, when the Constitution plainly states that how EC votes are allocated is the business of state legislatures. I think the reason neither party has really tried this before is that they are fully aware that the current leanings of a state may change. It would be funny if allocations like this cost a party a Presidential election ten years down the road.

posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 11:50 PM

Originally posted by Aloysius the Gaul
The last one foundered on internal opposition so they are getting more cnning by removing the link to congressional districts - defusing that previous problem.

the plan remains the same - "red" states will give all their electoral college votes to a single candidate, but "blue" states will be forced to split their vote so that the "red" candidate will get a subsdtantive portion of the electoral college votes from them.

All you anti-obamaites are worried about Obama's non-existent plans to sieze guns, sociailise medicine, and other fantasies should pay real attention to this -THIS is how your vote will be made meaningless - and it is not a fantasy!

If you think that both parties are the same, both controlled by the NWO, etc - think again - only 1 of them is ACTUALLY proposing anything that will disenfranchise you.

sorry about that.

Obama will be gone in 2016 - but the GOP's attempts to rule the country by fiat continue.

Funny that you always whine about the Republican party Gerrymandering electoral districts, because as a resident of California, I can tell you that our various state senatorial and congressional districts have been Gerrymandered to hell by the DEMOCRATS, to the point that, although conservatives outnumber liberals in this state, The Dems always keep a significant majority in both houses of our states congress. They did the exact same thing in Washington State, New York State, Minnesota, etc. BOTH parties Gerrymander, not just Republicans. And really, the fact of the matter is, internal American politics are no business of yours, and, FYI, president Obama and the Dems do not need some Euro leftist to defend them, the pro-Obama crowd and leftists who actually live here can do that fine enough. We all get it, you want America to follow Western Europe's socialist example, it would be nice if you could just grow a pair and actually admit as much, instead of constantly talking sh*t.

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