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Psycho-Spiritual Healing (A Beginner's Introduction)

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 01:01 PM
This topic is about a method of both temporarily and permanently healing various methods of psycho-induced illness or overall negative frequency induced mental affection.

For those who did not get that - it's an introductory guide on how to feel better from being sick.

How to tell if you have a psycho-induced illness?
Have you ever felt ill, sad or depressed for no real reason, even to the point of having stuffy nose or other cold-like symptoms... but at times during the day depending on a certain incident or occurence you would for 5 minutes or more.. FORGET that you were sick! And for that 5 minutes, move around and speak etc as tho u were in proper health and then when u sorta catch it u start feeling sick again?

Maybe you have seen it in a friend, who has been sick, but then something exciting happens and for a moment he/she seems all well again and as the moment subdues the sick feeling takes over them again. they may not even realize that for a while they were acting as tho they are not sick. for a while the sparkle returned to their eyes, and the colour to their face.

If you have, this is the best way i know to identify and deal with frequency induced depression, which can drag on in the form of any illness for days, months or more.

Let me give a silly example, as many of the reasons this may be induced is thru silly personal qualms known only to the person.

For example:
John has been feeling sick all week, down and depressed, or fatigued etc.. but then news comes in that he made the footbal team and he leaps off the bed and shouts in celebration. at this point two things can happen. John can ride with it and maybe maintain the atmosphere of positivity in a totally hypnotic state.. completely forgetting that he was sick and then simply remain not sick.. or he may have a brief moment of celebration before resuming the memory of feeling sick.. depending on the level of excitement about the news.

u may be hanging out with friends watching tv and one of them is not very well. but certain frames, thru laughter especially, could trigger that person to seem and feel healthy and well for moments during the get together. sometimes the person may leave at the end of the night just fine without realizing it, go to bed and wake up fine and in a day or two realize.. "hey.. im not sick anymore".

How can i make this information work for me? what do i have to do?
Recognizing this you would just need to know how this works. what is required is an entrancing or hypnotic state that can lull u over to a more positive frequency and stay there. the trigger must be strong enough to propel you on to be totally rid of the illness. Joy and Laughter are among the most powerful emotions to this tune for the reason that they are Natural Exciters of the Spirit. Where Spiritual power increases, negative frequencies are anulled. thus the length of time the spirit is excited is directly related to how long your feeling of well-being lasts.

As it is also said. "What is good for your spirit, Do that!" and "Laughter is good for the soul". laughter is an easy one. everyone can laugh and thus it is only really used as booster shots. because simply put, u cannot just keep laughing.

Acts of compassion in a life towards truth and stripping oneself of dogma and discrimination against others, acts as longterm storage units to your well being. doing them is recorded and add to the fibre of your soul. This fibre is gained in your strength of will!

Will - Something you will need if u want to go to the next step which will be utilizing my De-Natured Programming method (possible upcoming topic), to program yourself to feel better on the fly.

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